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Technique Indiscrete is an international niche perfumery brand, owned by Belgian perfumer Louison Libertin, and founded in Paris, where he moved after graduating from Beaux -Arts and where he finished his studies to become a perfumer. Gathering experience at Charabot, he became a master perfumer.
Influenced by his travels and his experiences in the places where he had lived, he decided to launch his own fragrances to embody, to incorporate his creations.
Today Technique Indiscrete has also traveled far, being sold in countries such as Russia, Japan, Australia, United States. And places not that far, such as England, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Germany and also in his home country - Belgium.
Louison Libertin is the only perfumer of the brand, and he is creating perfumes, eaux de colognes, candles and scented teas.
I received the samples of his fragrances, so I am sharing here my impressions with you:

Photo credit: Technique Indiscrete website

(Launched in 2008)

I decided to start with this fragrance because there is a bit of a challenge here for me: the cumin note. Not my favorite. Besides, I have trauma of receiving my car from the valet service stinking of onions and cumin...but here Libertin has surprised me. Top notes are refreshing and well balanced. Cumin is combined with green mandarines and bergamots. It is fresh and a bit masculine. Jasmine and Lotus bring a deliciously delicate aura to this fragrance. The gourmand note of apple cake is there, but in very small doses.
I must confess that I am 100% chypre lady, so it was not hard to fall for this perfume. The contrast of fresh, cellophanic-citrusy notes on top, the flowery feminine jasmine in the middle, and the mossy base is really a nice treat. 

Photo credit: Technique Indiscrete blog

Libertin promised a reinterpretation of chypre perfumes, and this is what he delivers. A gentler, softer chypre. Less dense, less mossy, but still capturing the essence of chypre. As the fragrance develops, a creamier facet arise and the perfume becomes even softer. Red Apples combined with a creamy filling note is now present, and somehow blending in a very interesting way with cumin. 

Three on a Match - 1932

I would even dare to say that it could be paired to Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Although this fragrance is presented by their website as a semi-oriental, we all understand it as a floral-chypre. My favorite fragrance I must add. So, here I am enjoying a chypre that it is less sweet than Coco Mademoiselle; drier and closer to the skin.

In a few words, Paname Paname has 3 personas like the 3 friends in Three on a Match: 1.The tomboy Mary (played by Jan Blondell) 
2.The beautiful feminine Ruth (played by Betty Davis) 
3.The rich and extravagant Vivian (played by Ann Dvorak) 

You will find this fragrance in niche perfume apothecaries and multi-label boutiques. you can also purchase straight from the website: TECHNIQUE INDISCRETE

I will continue to review the fragrances, so stick around!


DJ Ron said...

Are you able to contact this company? I placed an order back in November 2011 and never received it. They do not respond to emails, facebook messages, tweets or phone calls.

+Q Perfume Blog said...

Yes I do actually! Can you please send me all the details of your purchase including your full name and address? Send me to my private e-mail shitrit5050@yahoo.com. Thank you and I will see if I can help you ok? XX

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