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Official notes: vetiver, sandalwood, cypress, juniper, pink pepper.

Could a vetiver sprinkled with grapefruit drops be a feminine option for a woody fragrance?
Chanel thinks so. This vetiver was launched in 2008 for women who were looking for a different type of fragrance. I must admit, I loved the fragrance, but I would never wear it. Although it does contain a sweetness undertone that is deliciously gentle, I prefer to enjoy this perfume on my husband.
It has two opposites that are fantastically bonded. It contains a heavy woody smokiness (almost burned), dense aura and a juxtaposition of freshness and lightness of green grassy notes. Can something be light and heavy, clean and earthy at the same time? Sycomore is a positive answer.

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It is certainly better than Vetiver Dance by Andy Tauer, less salty than Sel de Vetiver by TDC, and hard to choose when Mona di Orio's Vétyver is around.
There are many options of vetiver masculine fragrances in the market (Carven's, Creed's, Lanvin's, Givenchy's, Guerlain's, Dior's, Prada's, etc etc etc...). If you like a luxurious sweet vetiver, that is your fragrance. If you want a genius vetiver - Mona di Orio is your choice! What makes Mona's vetiver more special its dryness; a different approach, when most vetivers are kinda moist - muddy.

Being a woman, and choosing Sycomore to be your fragrance signature will be like walking on a string - if your persona can hold it you won't fall. If not, I think it will be very hard to keep the balance and you will go down!

And of course, if you are looking for romance, don't wear this fragrance. Men won't turn their heads when you pass.

Random thoughts about the fragrance 2 days later: Once upon a time someone created a pepper-citrus-vetiver combo. Since that day perfumers are reinventing it. Besides Encre Noir by Lalique, have you seen anything, anything at all that you can say it is exquisite, when Vetiver is the main note???

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