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Photo credit: courtesy of Diego Comi Ph.

Official olfactive notes: Galbanum, Hyacinth, Cypress blend, Moss, Citrus blend, Magnolia grandiflora, White Magnolia Champaca and Jasmine.

I picked this fragrance from the mail box in the beginning of the week, sent by Isella's press office (THANK YOU!!!), so I included in random picks, since I had no idea what was inside the huge UPS envelope.

The brand is celebrating its 5th anniversary (CONGRATULATIONS!) and therefore launching a new addition to the its incredible perfume collection.
Needless to say, Vero Kern always offers fragrances that are challenging to brands following trends. So, you won't find another OUD in Mito, but remember I already wrote an article about the GREEN TREND?. Actually it is a green-jasmine-magnolia scent, with a powdery accent. A classic perfume with a modern approach to it.

As she poetically describes the perfume:

“The warm air is pervaded by a pleasant sensation of white flowers, jasmine and newly blooming magnolias, garlands of moist moss, aromatic leaves and proud cypresses. Slowly the fragrance rises. Up, up, higher and higher still, to join, all of a sudden, the crystalline jets gushing in the fountains and resting on the mirrors of water in the garden. Millions of miniscule water particles intertwine to create a shining, perfumed veil that rests on the cold marble shoulders of countless statues: gods, nymphs, fauns, dragons and mermaids. Time has stood still in the garden: yesterday is today is tomorrow. For a moment the perfume fills our desire, satisfies our need for lightness and our yearning for better times. The myth of a timeless eternity.”

In the press release, Vero also mentions that the scent contains an androgenous personality which I agree as top notes are concearned. It is very Italian citrusy-green. reminding of Untitled by Margiela and Anick Goutal Ninfeo Mio. It is the galbanum - presented in the 3 scents. The smell of fresh cut grass. Not my favorite I must say. But I am glad that citruses and cypress take over the green accord and the grass fades quickly.
Since Vero kern loves classic perfume brands, such as Guerlain, Chanel and Caron, Mito has exactly this classic powdery quality that we love about them.
This perfume is rich, very chic and also very refreshing.
If she wanted us to take a walk in an Italian garden, this is exactly where the fragrance has taken me.

Villa D'Este - Tivoli

.mito. is formed from the olfactive reworking of the elements, from nature and architecture, classicism and modernity, which intersect at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli.
“I love Villa d’Este,” the perfume creator says. “I was struck by its architecture, the splendor of the park where classical statues and fountains spring up out of the blue. In a sense it takes me back to my childhood, to the garden full of people and little statues where I daydreamed as a child. But what impressed me most of all was the delicate scent of the orange flowers, whose flowers are found scattered everywhere in large vases. And the scent of the water in the basins, of the white flowers, the grass, the moistness. The air is pervaded with elegance, mythology and an almost androgynous beauty that is both masculine and feminine at the same time. This garden smells of the Mediterranean and of Italy, of ancient and modern history, of echoes of a past not necessarily better than the present or the future. It fills me with calm and energy at the same time. That is why I am dedicating a perfume to it.” 

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