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Vamos para New York!!!

Queridos amigos e leitores, + Q Perfume Blog gostaria de convidar a todos para participarem do concurso da Sack's o qual eu também estou participando.
Entre no link indicado clicando AQUI e saiba como você irá para New York comigo!
Uma vez lá, clique onde o texto indica para se cadastrar.
Complete o cadastro e indique o blog + Q Perfume Blog com URL - http://www.maisqueperfume.blogspot.com
Após crie um texto bem bacana sobre a Sacks. Além de você concorrer a viagem, ganhará USD1000 para gastar em Nova York.
Votando em mim você também estará me incluindo como candidata a ganhar o prêmio como blog mais votado.
É uma oportunidade única de passar uma semaninha com tudo pago e mais mil dólares para gastar como quiser, inclusive comprando perfumes divinos!

The scent DJ

Extracted from Symrise - Always inspiring more - edited by + Q Perfume Blog
Aroma Jockey Odo7 - The scent of sounds


Aromas created from ethereal oils and natural essences:

When Erich Berghammer – stage name ODO7 – ‘lays on a show’ in a Club, the guests are plunged into a magical world, into a feast for the senses comprising a laser show, music and ODO7’s scented compositions. His smells fire the imagination, lift the mood. Berghammer dispatches his guests on wonderful journeys, whether to the algae clinging to mega-containerships in the Port of Hamburg, to the exotic spices of a bazaar in faraway Arabia or back to the aroma of grandma’s apple pie. This aroma jockey uses his scents to paint stores in the atmosphere, brings memories and images to life – playing in the process one our olfactory organ’s ability to remember in far more detail and with far more emotion than the eye.

Aroma jockey ODO7 in action.

A scented medicine chest

ODO7’s equipment includes no CDs, vinyl or turntables; what he requires is a cooker hotplate, plus his herbs, exotic roots, barks, moss or blossoms. Their scents unfold as they are warmed up; while other elements of the aroma, from oils and essences, for example, are blown directly through the room by ventilators. The first essential for ODO7 is that each of the over 2,000 substances that he carries in his traveler’s ‘medicine chest’ is of top quality – anything artificial is out. The art of scenting an event lies not simply in rendering the tones, lighting or other parameters of the show, but also in interpreting what are internationally very special scent preferences and dislikes. The French, so it is said, do not like the scent of cinnamon, Indians spurn roses and Russians reject exotic scents or vanilla. Berghammer is not aware of why different cultures have different scent preferences – yet again and again he succeeds in stunning his audience with the scents that they love.

No CDs, vinyl or turntables; what he requires is a cooker hotplate, plus his fragrance ingredients.

Experiences for all the senses

The idea of an aroma jockey occurred to former graphic designer Berghammer in a club in Austria: Berghammer was dancing, flirting and celebrating – this would have been a perfect party night, if it hadn’t been spoiled by one thing: the stench of cigarettes and boy odors. The idea came to him that night of enlivening the atmosphere in clubs and at other events with aromas. Berghammer aims to create a perfect symbiosis of hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing and smelling. Meanwhile, he is also achieving this far away from trendy clubs. He regularly scents film showings, trade fairs and other events. The feature film “Perfume” presented one of his stiffest challenges. While this was showing, he blew into the auditorium the sweet scent of the women that the lead murders in his lust for blood.

ODO7 enlivens the atmosphere in clubs and at other events with aromas.

Scent as a marketing instrument

To create a scent experience and thus to harness the potential of the nose’s ability to remember has long been a vision for both industry and the media. Hamburg- based skin and beauty specialist Beiersdorf or chewing gum giant Wrigley have already test run ‘scented’ cinema advertising – with a definitely mixed reaction from consumers. Erich Berghammer, by contrast, can be sure of the success of his appearances. As ODO7, he wafts his audience into a real scented trance. And it is an audience happy to come back again and again.

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A*Men Pure coffee EDT by Thierry Mugler


Lançamento como Edição Limitada:2008
Perfumer: Jacques Huclier/Christine Nagel
Perfumista: Jacques Huclier/Christine Nagel
Notes: Coffee, lavender, caramel, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver, cedar, musk, moss
Notas: café, lavanda, caramelo, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver, cedro, musk, musgo
Notes by + Q Perfume Blog: Sweet orange, violet leafs, coffee, lavender, caramel, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver, cedar, musk, moss
Notas por + Q Perfume Blog: laranja doce, folhas de violeta, café, lavanda, caramelo, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver, cedro, musk, musgo
Gender: Unisex
Sexo: Compartilhado
Olfactive family: Oriental
Família olfativa: Oriental
Sillage: medium
Silagem: mediana
Fixation: Good
Fixação: Boa
Technical Improvement: Use of CO2 supercritical extract, use of coffee notes in every aspec: top, middle and base notes.
Avanço técnico: Uso de café extraído com CO2 supercrítico e uso de notas de café em todos os aspctos: notas de saída, de coração e de base.
✪✪✪✪✪ - 100% Export blend Gourmet coffee/Melhor café exportação
✪✪✪✪ - I can't live without it!/ Não posso ficar sem!
✪✪✪ - Pour some milk, it will taste better/Coloque um pouco de leite que desce!
✪✪ - older filter coffee/ café de filtro velho
✪ - reheated coffee/ café requentado
You can find this fragrance at/Você pode encontrar essa fragrância em: Nordstrom,strawberrynet.
Pure Coffee came to add another perfume to the world of gourmet fragrances of Thierry Mugler. An addictive scent to coffee lovers, so if you cannot live without this amazing beverage, you will find very hard to turn your back to this luxurious treat.
The grand opening is a mix of sweet orange, aromatic notes of lavender and a delicious robust coffee accord, freshly brewed. This accord functions as an energetic injection of good mood and pure happiness.
photo credit: ilivechocolate.com
The fruity sweet note of orange is radiant and slightly flowery. A real juicy joy for the senses, blended in dark bitter coffee, syrupy, slightly currant and berry -ish, deep, dark brown edible note of coffee. The CO2 extraction of the coffee bean brought to the perfume the real robust roasted aroma of arabica that makes us close our eyes and smile every morning! So bitterness phenolic and syrupy sweetness is well balanced, with an added aromatic aura of lavender buds. Although nobody is mentioning (including the brand), I found notes of violet leafs hidden under the layers of gourmet nuances.
Photo/Image credit: Michale Kungl
The opening of this perfume is so magistral that I could waste on entire bottle, just to smell it over and over again. And once the orange notes fade away, the coffee blends into a new combination to cherish our uncontrollable gourmandise: caramel, chocolate and vanilla.
One needs to control the urge to lick the perfume from the skin. It is so edible, so rich, so intense that you actually picture those Austrian chocolate cakes with zesty oranges and deep brown creams!
Photo credit: art.com
This combination is not exactly new - you will find thousands of products, not only perfumes, mixing coffee with chocolate, caramel and vanilla. And this is exactly the point: it works just fine!!! There is some softness to these notes that it is absolutely outstanding. They are so velvety, so smooth and so cozy, that it feels like you are either having breakfast in bed or having a sip of a great coffee being hugged by someone you love.
Notes of patchouli ad vetiver bring some earthiness to this perfume.They take the perfume out of the pastry shop and bring a more mysterious shape to the fragrance. Remarkably elegant and very urban. With a art deco style. I guess it made me think of Michael Kungl's coffee illustrations: dense, chic and very, very real.
Photo/Image credit: Michael Kungl
For a + Q Perfume Blog - Overall review Thierry Mugler fragrances, click HERE)

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+ Q Perfume Blog na Casa & Jardim on line

+ Q Perfume Blog participou como consultora para a matéria Que cheiro tem - ou precisa ter - a sua casa, da revista Casa & Jardim (Editora Globo).
Convidada pelo querido Arthur de Andrade, jornalista da Editora Globo, prestou consultoria para o tema fragrâncias para ambientes, conjuntamente com a aromaterapeuta Sâmia Maluf.
A matéria super bem escrita ficou lindíssima. Clique AQUI para ler.
+ Q Perfume Blog is in the first page of House & Garden Magazine (version on -line).
Invited by our dearest journalist Artur de Andrade, we spoke about fragrances for Home.
Although it is in Portuguese you can take a look by clicking HERE.

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XPEC only the best!

+ Q Perfume Blog wants to thank XPEC for the wonderful samples!
Essential oils and aromatic natural compounds by Shirley Brody.

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Prends garde à toi EDP - Ego Facto review/Avaliação

Perfumer: Jean and Aurélien Guichard & Pierre Aulas
Perfumista:Jean and Aurélien Guichard & Pierre Aulas
Launch: 2009
Lançamento: 2009
Gender: feminine
Seguimento: feminino
Olfactive family: Floral - aromatic
Família Olfativa: Floral aromático
Olfactive notes: green notes, nettle oil, patchouli, artemisia, jasmine, lilly of the valley, hyacinth, warm mineral sand accord, wood notes.
Notas olfativas: notas verdes, óleo essencial de urtiga, patchouli, artemísia, jasmim, lírio-do-vale, jacinto, acorde mineral morno de areia, notas amadeiradas.
Other notes traced by others: marijuana, absinth, tomato leaf, anise, basil
Outras notas percebidas por outras pessoas: cânhamo, absinto, anis, basilicão
Description by the brand: A provocative aromatic floral
Descrição da marca: Um floral aromático provocativo
Inspiration: Carmen de Bizet
Inspiração: Carmen de Bizet
Silage: Come close to get addicted
Silagem: chegando perto vicia
Fixation: Great
Fixação: Ótima
Technical Improvement: None traceable
Inovação técnica: não encontrada
Where you can find this fragrance/onde você pode encontrar este perfume: Marionnaud (France)/ Luckyscent (USA)
Rating/Nota: ✿✿✿✿✿♥
✿✿✿✿✿ - I am totally addicted! I have to have more!/Estou totalmente viciada, preciso de mais!!
✿✿✿✿ - Deliciously flowery, feminine and creative/Deliciosamente floral, feminino e criativo
✿✿✿ - Flowery & feminine/Floral e feminino
✿✿ - Delirium/Delírio
✿ - Rehab quickly!/Clínica de reabilitação urgente!
Prends garde à toi EDP - Review/Avaliação
When I was very little, my friends and I loved to taste the nectar that was produced by Lantanas.
Quando eu era bem pequena, adorava provar o néctar de flores com meus amiguinhos. principalmente das Lantanas.
photo credit/crédito fotográfico: plantcare.com
Photo credit/crédito fotográfico :asparks306 - flickr
Latanas have a sweet, delicate, honey-ish syrupy, flowery and aromatic taste. Although this flower is not exactly edible, we used to taste it anyways. Hummingbirds and butterflies are crazy about them due to the vivid colors, the aromatic smell of the umbels, and their fruits (which are poisonous for humans). So it was really nice to feel like a hummingbird now and than.

Ego Facto's Prend Garde à Toi EDP smells just like this nectar, combined with the smell of the florets and a sprinkle of pollen. At the first whiff I travelled in time and I pictured myself tasting Lantanas. It also brought me memories of the stairs connecting the streets of Denia, in the Carmel Mountain, Haifa - Israel. During my morning walks, I used to walk down the flights of stairs, passing my hand on the top of the florets to release their lovely fragrant scent.
The opening of this perfume is slightly green and very aromatic. It does smell like Lantanas and this is the beauty of it. It smells like real flowers in nature. Probably the perfumers did not think of capturing this smell, but the result is absolutely divine!
The honey and pollen nectar notes of this fragrance (and found Lantanas flowers) are very delicate and lightly waxy. It is a soft mellow flowery scent that you can mesmerize yourself for hours. It is really addictive.
As Lantanas possuem um delicioso aroma doce, delicado, meloso, ligeiramente floral e aromático. E apesar desta flor não ser comestível, nós chupávamos o "melzinho" mesmo assim.
Beija-flores e borboletas são loucos por elas, devido as suas cores intensas, ao cheiro aromático de suas umbelas, e devido ao gosto de suas frutinhas (que são venenosas para os seres humanos).
Era bem gostoso fingir ser um beija-flor de vez em quando...
O perfume Prend Garde à Toi EDP, da marca Ego Facto, tem exatamente a fragrância deste néctar, combinado com o cheiro das flores e de pólen salpicado.
Na primeira borrifada do perfume sobre a minha pele, viajei no tempo e voltei para a minha infância. Vieram também memórias vivas do tempo em que eu fazia caminhadas pelo Monte Carmel, no meu bairro (Denia) em Haifa. As ruas deste bairro, que está sobre uma montanha, são muito íngremes e conectadas por escadas com muitos degraus. Paralelamente a elas, geralmente são plantados pequenos jardins. Muitos deles lotados de Lantanas. Eu adorava passar a mão nelas, enquanto eu descia as escadas, liberando entre os meus dedos, o cheiro das flores.
A abertura deste perfume é ligeiramente verde, fresca e aromática. Cheira a Lantanas. E essa é a beleza do perfume, que tem o cheiro verdadeiro das flores encontradas na Natureza. Não acredito que esta era a intenção dos perfumistas. Mas o resultado é absolutamente divino!
As notas de mel e pólen encontradas neste perfume são doces, muito delicadas e com toques de aroma de cêra. É uma fragrância leve, gentil e floral que pode te envolver por muito tempo. É realmente viciante!
The main note in this perfume is nettle. Once you read the word nettle you are probably itching and stretching your skin. Yes, nettle does have stinging hairs. But there is much more to it than that! Nettle is good for hair growth, to reduce arthritis and uric acid. It stimulates the immune system and it can be used as oil, extract, cooked to eat, to drink, in shampoos, in creams, to make textiles, etc... So after all, it is a good plant!
The green notes are blended with artemisia and nettle. Very original, very narcotic.
A nota principal desta fragrância é a urtiga. Aposto que você já começou a se coçar não é? Realmente urtiga possui pêlos que picam e causam alergia. As vezes até inflamações. Mas ela oferece muitas outras coisas: melhora o sistema imunológico, combate a calvície, reduz a artrite e o ácido úrico, etc...
Pode ser bebida, comida, adicionada em cremes, xampús, loções e muito mais. Afinal ela é uma planta boa!
Notas verdes são misturadas com artemísia e urtiga. Muito original, muito narcótica.
Some have mentioned that this perfume is a disturbing fragrance, oddly attractive, dissonant, ... to me it is all that and more... it is extremely delicate, yellow-ish, uplifting and very sensual.
Somehow the combination of patchouli, mineral notes, artemisia and flowers brings a rather kinky facet to this perfume. Something fleshy-warm-sweet. At some point it brings the sensation of touching skin, of sex, but not something lustful, sinful, but something rather chemical - the chemistry of attraction. Maybe this is the disturbing stimuli, the odd sensation this perfume might raise to some people who have tried it. But it is rather too complex to describe.
Algumas pessoas mencionaram que este perfurme perturba, que ele atrai de uma forma esquisita, que ele é dissonante, sem harmonia....para mim ele é tudo isso e muito mais...é extremamente delicado, energizante, muito sensual e amarelo (sim, ele traz a aura da cor amarela).
De alguma forma a combinação do patchouli, com as notas minerais, artemísia e as flores dá um toque meio safado para perfume. Algo morno, doce, com toque de pele. A um certo ponto de desenvolvimento do perfume ele traz uma sensação de estar tocando na pele, de sexo. Mas nada pecaminoso, luxurioso e sim uma coisa de química mesmo, a química da atração. Talvez foi esse elemento que perturbou algumas pessoas, este estímulo inesperado. Meio complexo para explicar...
Somehow I understand where the dissonant impression comes from: the fact is that this fragrance is warm, provocative and instigating. And yet, it brings an aura of happiness and the sensation of getting ready for a nice ride to the country side or to the beach. Very distinguished ideas in one bottle. How can something be slightly carnal and yet, take you to a spring/summer trip to the blooming coasts? Well Ego Facto mastered that!
The notes of jasmine, lilly of the valley and hyacinth are very romantic, very sensual and very feminine. I could not find the woody touch the brand mentions in the site thou.I also have no idea where the marijuana, absinth or anise notes came from. I did not find them at all!! Maybe because drugs were never a part of my life, at least not to a point to trace it even when well hidden...
De alguma forma eu consigo entender de onde vem a idéia de que o perfume é dissonante. Talvez seja pelo fato de ser morna, provocativa e instigante, mas ao mesmo tempo, traz uma aura de felicidade, e uma sensação de estarmos nos preparando para um passeio agradável pelo campo ou até a praia. São duas idéias totalmente diferentes em um mesmo frasco. Como uma fragrância pode ser carnal, e ao mesmo tempo te levar para um passeio primaveril pela costa? Ego Facto conseguiu fazê-lo com muita criatividade e muita técnica.
Now, I have a crazy confession to make: I could not help it and I tasted the perfume on my skin. Do not ever do that under any circumstance! I repeat, NEVER! Perfumes are not edible, nor produced to be drunk. And nobody should do what I did. But my obsession led me to try it, and BINGO, it tastes/smells very similar to Lantanas. What can I say. I had the crazy idea and it did work as an experiment.
Bom, eu tenho uma confissão bem louca pra fazer: Eu não pude me conter e resolvi provar o perfume. Dei uma lambidinha na minha pele. JAMAIS FAÇA ISSO SOB QUALQUER QUE SEJAM AS CIRCUNSTÂNCIAS!! Repito: nunca!! Perfumes não são comestíveis e nem foram produzidos para serem bebidos. Mas a minha obssessão ultrapassou os limites e eu lambi mesmo assim. Adivinhem? tem gosto/cheiro de Lantanas. O que eu posso deizer? Loucura minha, mas serviu como experiência. Mas não façam o mesmo por favor.

When I wear this perfume I fell like wearing a vaporous flowery dress, a hat, sandals (which I may say, I never do)..take the car and drive to the shore. Stop to smell the blooming flowers and hay. Watch the birds and butterflies drink nectars, listen to happy lightheaded songs, make corny picnics. Find Lantanas to taste its nectar; dream of hummingbirds and pretty yellow fragrances!
Quando eu uso este perfume eu fico com vontade de colocar um vestido florido bem vaporoso, um chapéu, sandálias (coisa que eu nunca visto)...pegar o carro e dirigir até a orla marítima. Parar para apreciar as flores desabrochando e o feno crescendo. observar os pássaros e as borboletas sugarem o néctar das flores, ouvir músicas leves e bobas, fazer piqueniques cafonas. Achar Lantanas e chupar seu mel, sonhar com beija-flores e fargrâncias amarelas e fofas!
and to listen to pretty songs/para ouvir uma música com essa aura....click/clique HERE

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Baudalaire EDP by Byredo review

To M.F med mycket kyssar!!!!
Baudalaire EDP by Byredo review
Launch: 2009
Perfumer: Jerome Phillipe
Gender: masculine
Olfactive notes: juniper berries, black pepper, caraway, incense, hyacinth, leather, papyrus, patchouli, black amber
Description by the brand: ". . . a lazy isle to which nature has given singular trees, savory fruits, men with bodies vigorous and slender, and women in whose eyes shines a startling candor..."
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: RETRO, CLASSY, SPICY-LEATHERY
Where you can find this fragrance: Byredo shop on line, for the price of USD195.00
♕♕♕♕♕ - Worth a poem
♕♕♕♕ - Suits my goal - a fragrance for men to wear at work
♕♕♕ - too 80's/70's
♕♕ - Maybe Vikings would have a better use for it
♕ - Let's dump it in the heavy snows of Sweden!
So we all know about Baudelaire and Les Fleurs du Mal. So we all know that some people has been criticizing Byredo fragrances saying they are over priced, boring or copying others. That is what is really boring to me! Why to waste time to speak about something you didn't like? Well, my readers already know my style. + Q Perfume Blog fill these pages with fragrances that are, in her opinion, worth a whiff. If you will agree with me later...that is another thing. But I would never keep my readers here to end up wasting precious time on something that it is not even worth trying. That said, Baudalaire is in my opinion, a nice perfume.
The opening notes of juniper berries are fresh, herbal and slightly woody, with a touch of bay. Very Swedish! Very discreet, very refreshing. It has a Nordic touch, a touch of Swedish forests. Lovely. Slightly retro, with an aura of the 80's/70's. Combined with a delicious black pepper note it becomes a nice accord to start the day!
Caraway, or Kümmel as all Jewish people know and love, is a delicious spice and it is giving here a sweet, spicy, fennel-ish touch. Very fresh, very herbaceous, carvone. Kümmel is found in many Jewish and Hungarian dishes and to me is a delicious way to remind me of my grandmother and our family dinners. I think this is why this fragrance somehow gives me a sense of security, of coziness.
The death of Hyacinthos by Jean Broc 1801
The flowery greeny touch of Hyacinth is very subtle, a real underline note. It is delicate and it gives the perfume an extra aura of coziness and freshness.
The Greek Mythology brings Hyacinth as a beautiful youth who was loved by Apollo. They used to play the discus together and once the wind took another direction and Hyacinthus got hit and died. Hyacinth's blood spilled and Apollo turned it into flowers. It is a classic symbol of death and the rebirth of nature. I found this painting made by Jean Broc portraying this Myth, which is, in my opinion, amazingly beautiful. In this painting, Apollo is holding his love with such a tenderness. The same tenderness I found in this perfume.
The leather note is not dense or predominant. It is smooth and warming. Sprinkled with incense notes, the perfume that started very herbal and fresh, receives a total different spectrum and becomes involving, velvety and classy. Swedes in suedes - fantastic!
Fleshy, masculine... I cannot think of a better image than Beiron Andersson taking a good shower, getting dressed in a fine suit, smelling Baudalaire EDP all over. Clean, tidy, handsome and smiling.I would bring him to dinner and frankly, my grandmother would not even ask if he comes from a good Jewish family...LOL!
Papyrus and patchouli blend in a very distinguish note. Patchouli here is more aromatic, camphorated, with a green identity rather than woody and earthy. Amber is added and brings sweetness and roundness to this perfume.
Say whatever you have to say, throw a stone and curse the price, but this fragrance is today a great option for ALL BUSINESSMEN*. Un uplifting fragrance that will change during the hours, and bring you the velvety coziness and classy aura once you have reached the office and began to work. The image of a serious trustful man comes out of the bottle of this fragrance.
Very flexible, you can whiff again before living the office if you are heading to a happy hours with colleagues or friends.
And I don't need to mention how crazy I am about Scandinavian design, so this bottle is not an exception of simple but good taste. I love it!!!
* Also by clever Swedish doctors wishing to have a great night out :-)
OBS: Sample kindly provided by the brand per my request.
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