Monday, June 11, 2012


And we are back for more perfume diving into the box of samples...


Photo credit: Esteban

Official olfactive notes: red pepper, green mandarin, davana, immortal, marigold, tolu balsam, vanilla, tonka.

I loved this fragrance and I loved the description in their website:

"Pepper red, mandarin green, immortal gold... Vibrant colours wedded with the dark, syrupy depths of the unguents, this chiaroscuro envelops you in a sugary plenitude combined with hints of exquisite gentleness".
This is a  very chic close to the skin kind of Oriental fragrance that was sent to me as a gift from Erik K. and I am so happy that he did. In fact he sent me many over these years and I can't thank him enough.

The opening is really surprisingly creative with the red pepper note - I have never seen this one before. Here is very well balanced. Different than Ormonde Jayne's Tolu perfume, which has a very herbaceous tone, but I must say, also brilliant.
Baume Tolu has a bit of a sticky syrupy chocolate note - a gourmandise that is driving me insane (I will end up licking it). You have a bit of a fruity nuance, like dried prunes or a tiny drop of strawberry?... I can't really say what it is...but it is absolutely gorgeous.
It is cozy, it is sexy, delicate and very discrete. I will be wearing this a lot.

Random thoughts of the day after: This fragrance was really surprisingly interesting. Its development on my skin revealed some alcoholic notes not perceived in the first moment. It gives the perfume a bit of a masculine aura, but still providing unisex quality.
Patchouli is not listed officially, but you will do encounter it as a final luxurious treat.

It is quite funny that the trio strawberry - chocolate - alcoholic beverage in culinary is quite obvious and very easy to perform, but transporting it to Perfumery, it is not always well accepted or well executed. Far from obvious, this perfume is in my list of purchases of the future.
I also remembered mentioning other fragrances with strawberry notes that are quite interesting: Shingl by Xerjoff, Moulin Rouge by HdP, Amanda Lepore

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