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Official olfactive notes: angelica seed, ambrette, iris absolute, violet, carrot seed, grey amber, white cedar.

Ahhh...I am lucky: continuing to plunge inside my boxes of sample, I fished today what I can a marvelous iris fragrance. A relief because I simply hate to give perfumes bad reviews!

Heeley mastered a very soft, delicate, airy iris. Combined with notes of cypress it offers a woody green facet that is very uplifting and comforting at the same time. Some people might relate to the smell of white paint, and twist the nose a bit. But since I also enjoyed M/Mink by Byredo (that smells of ink), I don't mind some eccentric/conceptual notes in my perfume. To me it gives a milky kind of texture to the fragrance, which I frankly enjoy a lot.

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This is a very versatile fragrance, that not only can be enjoyed by both genders, but also whiffed a year round. It can be very modern and urban if you wear the right look.
The plus is the amazing violet that slowly becomes stronger than Irises and finally explodes in a beautiful bouquet.
What can I say...I am crazy about milky - purple-ish fragrances...

Many irises to pursuit: Iris fragrances

Random thoughts: I simply love James Heeley.
                          I also need to review Shelley Waddington's new violet-watery fragrance!

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