Sunday, June 3, 2012



Photo credits: Carl Zeiss

Official ingredients: Sambac jasmine concrete, Grandiflorum jasmine concrete, jasmine flowers infusion, Sambac/Grandiflorum/Nocturnum jasmine essencial oils, Israeli jojoba oil and patchouli.

OMG, I died and went to heaven! 
Nature was capture in full bloom and beauty. Jasmine grandiflorum has a fruity-flowery rich note, combined with notes of Sambac, it becomes greener and darker, and when enriched by a narcotic nocturnum (also a night blooming flower), the result is a combination of many aspects of the same flower - Ane Walsh simply created a new natural botanic reality. This soliflower fragrance is delicate (yet narcotic),  ultra feminine, very sensual and absolutely divine!!!!! I simply feel that I am surrounded by jasmine flowers in a warm spring night. This is by far the best natural solid perfume I ever tried. Also by far the best jasmine perfume ever!!! And I can't believe I have this beauty right here in front of me! 
My batch is newer, from 2011 and today it smells even better than last year when I first opened it.

As per readers request: You can purchase any product by Ane Wash by clicking on her name ANE WALSH. The link will redirect you to her website :-)

OBS.: I once read that researchers fund out that jasmine is a natural substitute to valium. Its narcotic scent can lower anxiety, excitement and why I am so euphoric that I have this amazing scent??!! (Have you noticed how many exclamation marks I used in one single text?)

Smelling this fragrance I remembered the last time I felt this was when my mom brought me one entire suitcase full of Snoopy & Woodstock stuff from England when I was 9 or 11 yrs old...LOL!

Photocredit: Schultz & Hallmark


Anonymous said...

Would you direct us to where to purchase this dream-scent? I cannot find it by googling,
thanks so much.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

OK, I just added the link for her website :-) sorry...

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