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Calvin Klein - ck One strikes again!

Calvin Klein is an extremely gifted person with a vision. A vision of the market and a skill to introduce the right product at the right time.
In 1994 he revolutionized the market for fragrances, by launching ck One, an unisex fragrance, targeting both men and women at the same time. It was a response to the changes in the society: women were looking for an alternative to traditional feminine fragrances and men were identifying with a more sensitive male side that was emerging. In addition, the perfume had great appeal with gays and lesbians.
The word one was connected to the idea that men and women were connected into one gender or one indeterminable category.
He joined 3 movements in one, men's liberation of feelings, women's liberation and modernity and gay and lesbians acceptance and alternative sex preferences.
He made history also because of the design of the perfume bottle - simple, almost plain and resembling a military bottle of water, and the models used in the campaign: models that looked like ordinary people, wearing ordinary clothes, jeans, white t-shirts and boots. It was a response to the luxurious fragrances and the famous models in beautiful dresses.
He brought fragrances to a popular level, he shook the market. Perfume for democracies!
The photos were in black and white, with an urban touch instead of glamour.
The new campaign WE ARE ONE, is a response to what is going on in the world today.
It is an optimistic vision of the world, where everyone is the same no matter who he or she is.
It is the spirit of unity, all ages, genders and ethnic roots gather together with the same message that we are all equal, coming together as one.
Since music is a global way of connecting, this campaign brings a song to inspire.
It follows the campaign of Barack Obama for presidency. And again Calvin Klein proved that he is aware of the changes in our society and that he delivers exactly what people are looking for.
People today are more involved, wanting to be a part of the solutions for all the problems surrounding our world.
The campaign was launched at presidential inauguration day.
Bravo, you did it again Mr. Klein!!!!
To check more about ck One by Calvin Klein click here. You will find all the campaigns, the backstage of the films and photo shoots, the bio of the models and much more.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prêmio FiFi/FiFi Awards Nominations

A Fragrance Foundation organiza anualmente, uma cerimônia de premiação pelas realizações da indústria, chamada de FiFi Awards. O "Oscar" da perfumaria foi desenvolvido por duas empresas: Pochet e Qualipac e a sua entrega estea prevista na cerimônia que será realizada em 27 de maio de 2009 em Nova York.
Lembrando que o + Q Perfume Blog é o único blog sobre perfumes brasileiro que possui o apoio da Fragrance Foundation e do Sense of Smell Institute, e junto com Osmoz é também um dos únicos blogs internacionais com apoio da FF.
Marquei em azul minha opcão para ganhadores. Divida comigo sua preferência. Comente aqui!!!
Para ver todas as categorias, entrem no site da FF, clicando aqui.
The Fragrance Foundation organizes annually a ceremony to honor and give an achievement prize for the best of the fragrance industry, called Fifi Awards. The award was designed by Pochet and Qualipac companies and winners will be announced in May 27 in New York City.
Remembering that + Q Perfume Blog is the only Brazilian Blog that has the support of the Fragrance Foundation and The Sense of Smell Institute, and one of the only international blogs with their support.
I colored in blue my guess for winners. Share your opinion with me, comment here your choice!!!
To learn all the categories and nominees click here.
Na categoria luxo masculina concorrem:
Luxe women's cathegory:
Absolutely Irrésistible GivenchyParfums Givenchy
Burberry The BeatP&G Prestige Products, Inc.
Chanel No. 5 Eau PremiereChanel
elle Yves Saint LaurentYSL Beaute
Fairy Dust by Paris HiltonParlux Fragrances, Inc.
Fancy Jessica SimpsonParlux Fragrances, Inc.
Gucci by Gucci EDTP&G Prestige Products, Inc.
Guess by MarcianoParlux Fragrances, Inc.
Harajuku Lovers Fragrances - Love, Lil' Angel, Music, Baby, "G"Coty Prestige
John Varvatos Eau de ParfumBeauté Prestige International
Lilly Pulitzer - Wink, Beachy, SqueezeGary Farn Ltd.
MA DAME - Jean Paul GaultierBeauté Prestige International
Ralph Lauren NotoriousRalph Lauren Fragrances
SensuousEstée Lauder
Shiseido ZenShiseido Cosmetics America
Vera Wang LookCoty Prestige
Viva la Juicy from Juicy CoutureElizabeth Arden
Na categoria luxo masculina concorrem:
Luxe men's cathegory:
212 Sexy Men by Carolina HerreraPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
9IX RocawearElizabeth Arden
Boss PureP&G Prestige Products, Inc.
Chanel Allure Homme Edition BlancheChanel
Deseo for Men by Jennifer LopezCoty Prestige
Dior Homme SportChristian Dior Parfums
Dirty English from Juicy CoutureElizabeth Arden
Dolce & Gabbana the one for MenP&G Prestige Products, Inc.
DY by Daddy YankeeFalic Fashion Group
Emporio Armani Diamonds for MenGiorgio Armani Parfums
Gucci by Gucci Pour HommeP&G Prestige Products, Inc.
Guerlain HommeGuerlain
I Am King - Sean JohnSean John Fragrances
IZODGemini Cosmetics
Perry Ellis MenFalic Fashion Group
Pi NeoParfums Givenchy
Polo Modern ReserveRalph Lauren Fragrances
Prada Infusion D'HommePuig USA, Inc.
Versace Pour HommeEuroItaly Inc.
Zirh IkonZirh Holdings, LLC
Credits: The Fragrance Foundation
check also/veja também -

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Olfactives news & surprises/May

London´s Regents Park
Fleurs de Bois is the new fragrance from Miller Harris launching world-wide in May. According to the brand, the fragrance is inspired by the secret garden in London's Regents Park.
Click here to be the first to sample this exquisite scent, a complimentary sample will be placed in all online orders throughout April.
click here to get to know London´s Regent Park.
Credits: Miller Harris for + Q Perfume Blog & LRP
Please respect the brand and this blog, picture of the fragrance can be used only with previous consent!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tip of the month - Breath your Cocktail!

In the UK you can have a very interesting olfactive experience: a walk-in gin and tonic cocktail. Escorted by the inventors, Harry Parr and Sam Bompas dressed in plastic jumpsuits you will enter to a room where you can smell a mist of gin tonic and with sounds mixed by D.J. Douglas Murphy, of liquid poured over ice.According to the inventors, the alcohol goes straigth to the blood stream, without damaging the liver and 40 minutes breathing the mist equals one cocktail.

Check details at: Bompas & Parr

Image of the Month/Imagem do mês

Wet n' Wild
Perry Ellis campaign for 360º Blue
Campanha publicitária de perry Ellis para 360º Blue
teaser: what is your idea of fun? Visit Disneyland or Wet n' Wild?
O que você prefere? Um passeio no Hopihari ou no Wet n' Wild?
Crédito de Imagem/Image credits: Perry Ellis/Images de Parfums

Colônias de Hermès

Para Carla Moro:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ol - facts - Fabrics and fragrances!

Textile in style
Last March I presented a company that joined two concepts, paper design and soaps ( The Soap & Paper Factory). Click here if you haven't read or wish to remember.
Today I found something very interesting in the french TV channel: a french fabric designer that created a line of fragrances - Manuel Canovas.
Manuel Canovas was founded in 1963 where he produced fabrics and wall-coverings.
After traveling to different exotic countries he got inspired to create fragrances. Olfactive translations of his visual art.
All the colors, luxe and textures are there, in the packages and the accords of the perfumes.
Manuel Canovas canvas
Inspired by Capri, in the Mediterranean, magnolias where printed in a beautiful fabric from the 2006 collection is the theme for the fragrance called L'Ile Bleue.
A cirtrusy bouquet mixing italian notes of sicilian lemon and mandarines, with Calabrian bergamot and florida oranges, enchanted by muguet, peaches, Apricos and roses, in a mossy bed of sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin and ambar.
Katsura yellow irises was a fabric design created with oriental inspiration of Japanese watercolors, and gave birth to Route Mandarine, a fragrance full of spices and exotic flowers such as jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Rasberry kisses and chivette notes are also components of this exotic and symbolic fragrance.
Saint Tropez, 1970's - fresh, vibrant colors, geometric forms and a very successful era of Canovas design was the inspiration to create Pink Riviera. A sparkling and sensual fragrance with notes of grapefruit, wild mint, white musk, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, citron, mandarine and bergamot.
Mythology, café au lait, french romantic design was the inspiration for Ballade Verte, with notes of violet leafs, galbanum, agarwood, tree sap, ginger and Gurjum Balm.
Anse Turquoise, presented here in the picture, is an olfactive expression of canovas beachwear collections. Saint barth's turquoise sea, red corals and shells are the motive of the fabric and package. Cripy notes of citric fruits are mixed withs pices and strong flowers touched by caramel notes and vanillic experiences.
Smelling luxurious holidays at Saint Barth's beaches
The fabrics are vibrant beautifully deigned with a delicious French stroke.
The fragrances are niche high end.
To check Canovas style click here
photo credits: Manuel canovas

Dzing! The circus has arrived/O circo chegou Dzing!

Vintage poster from
Poster vintage de
The Circus was born in Ancient Rome.
But the circus as we know - a traveling group of artists, with equestrian, acrobatic, magic performers, clowns, trained animal, exotic and weird people, giving performances under a huge tent, with a circular arena is from the 18th century. From that century the most famous Circus from Europe belonged to Philip Astley and Antonio Franconi's.
I loved when my parents would gather a group of friends and their children to take me and my youngest sisters to the Circus.
O circo foi inventado na antiga Roma. Mas o circo como conhecemos - um grupo de artistas que viajam de cidade em cidade, apresentando performances com palhaços, malabaristas, domandores de animais e pessoas esquisitas foi inventado na Europa do séc. XVIII. E os mais famosos deles foram os c ircos de Philip Astley e de Antonio Franconi.
Eu adorava ir ao circo quando era pequena. Meus pais formavam grupos de amigos com filhos e todos neos íamos ao circo de domingo.
The smells of the animals, cotton candy, popcorn, wet soil...every Circus had the same odors and smells. Every year we went to a Russian or French Circus performance, stuffed ourselves with sweets and sodas, got scarred when the tiger or the lion jumped from the cage, laughed with the clowns and wished to be ballerinas...
Today's Circuses are very sophisticated, like Cirque de Soleil, with amazing performances and the most advanced technology available in the market.
The shows are fantastic, but the typical Circus smells are gone forever, locked inside our childhood memories with a smile. That was true to me till I opened a bottle of Dzing!
O cheiro de animais, algodão doce, pipoca, poeira molhada...todo circo tinha os mesmos odores e cheiros. todo ano neos íamos ao circo russo ou francês, entupíamos a barriga de doces e coca-cola, morríamos de medo das feras saindo das jaulas e sonhávamos em ser a bailarina que recebia flores do palhaço ou do mágico.
Hoje os circos são tecnológicos e sofisticados como o Cirque de Soleil. Apesar de serem espetáculos magníficos, com o melhor que existe no mercado em termos de tecnologia e profissionais circenses, o cheiro do circo desapareceu, ficou nas nossas memórias.
Isso era verdade até eu abrir um frasco do perfume Dzing!
L'Artisan Parfumeur - Dzing!
A fantastic fragrance created by L'Artisan Parfumeur, by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti.
Combination of notes of musk, toffee, leather, Iris and Saffron produced an animalistic, leathery gourmet effect that indeed reminds of Circus.
When I closed my eyes in Olfattorio and smelled my "cup" of Dzing! I could not think of anything else but leather shinny black boots, horses, caramelized popcorn, ballerinas being loved and receiving flowers from a sad clown, tigers, elephants and little monkeys jumping around hopes.
It was really amazing how this fragrance has vibrant sounds and colors. Colors of pink, red, blue and orange balloons, sounds of loud laughs, animals and Circus music.
And yet it is a very sophisticated, masculine soft perfume. Once you spray on the skin, the image of Circus goes back to the old trunk of memories, and it gives place to a very chic fragrance. A soft Iris bouquet, not flowery but a green-ish touch, with Saffron sprinkles bringing a sour-spicy touch, and the leather note, rich and involving and well rounded with toffee sugars. A subtle dusty sawdust note brings a creative olfactive experience.
Dzing! is a fragrance for mature man with a young spirit!
I found Dzing! a concept fragrance that not only is wearable but it is actually a very creative, artistic and one of a kind perfume.
Dzing! é um perfume fantástico criado por Olivia Giacobetti para L'Artisan Parfumeur.
Uma combinação de notas de musk, toffee, couro, íris e açafrão, produzindo um efeito animalístico, gourmet e com cheirinho de couro que nos faz lembrar o circo.
Quando fechei os meus olhos, na loja Olfattorio, em Roma, e pude apreciar o perfume que fora aplicado em um dos copinhos, não pude pensar em nada mais do que botas de couro, pretas e bem brilhantes dos apresentadores de circo, em cavalos enfeitados, pipoca doce, tigres, elefantes, mágicos, palhaços e macaquinhos saltitantes.
É realmente impressionante a vibração das cores e sons deste perfume. Cores vermelha, azuil, rosa e laranja de balões coloridos, e o som de risadas, músicas de circo e rugidos de animais estão lá, impressas no líquido.
E mais surpreendente é o fato de ser um perfume sofisticado, com um buquê de íris de notas verdes, com um toque amargo e especiado de açafrão. As notas de couro, combinadas com notas açucaradas de toffee são simplesmente fascinantes. Deixam o perfume arredondado e delicioso.
Muito criativa, a perfumista ainda usou notas de poeira e serragem.
Dzing! É um perfume conceito para ser usado. É para o homem maduro com espírito jovem.
If you wish to have other experiences of cotton candy and sawdust you can also try Demeter's fun colognes! They have a fantastic library of smells and scents.
Se você quizer conferir outras experiências olfativas de algodão doce e serragem, confira as colônias divertidas da marca Demeter. Eles possuem bibliotecas olfativas de cheiros e sabores.
Credits of images: L'Artisan Parfumeur, Demeter and
Crédito de imagens: L'Artisan Parfumeur, Demeter e

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ayala Moriel - Hanami

Smelly Blog - Ayala's Blog
Le Aylala haiafa:
Ayala, the founder of Ayala Moriel Perfumes is a woman of many charms and many fragrances.
I have been following her blog for quite a while and I am always impressed by her warm sense of friendship and family relations.
She is sophisticated, open minded and a very creative perfumer.
Although she lives in Canada, she was raise in and deeply influenced by the Mediterranean way of life.
Her last creation caught my attention because of its inspiration: Hanami.
If you are a +Q Perfume Blog follower you will remember when I wrote about cherry blossom in Japan, back in August 9, 2008 - Fragrances of the far east (click here to read).
So Hanami is a fragrance according to Ayala that has an urban, metallic note with a delicate flowery bouquet:
“The challenge was to create the feel of concrete, asphalt and metallic surroundings using natural aromatics only”, says Ms. Sender, who used Haitian vetiver, cabreuva oil, French Cassie and Oleander to create the feel of metal, wet wood and concrete. These serve as a backdrop for the cheerful lightweight floral notes of sakura, mimosa and magnolia, creating a perfume that is ever changing, ranging from “sweet floral notes in the sunshine to cool dampness of concrete and steel”.
Today Ayala is receiving guests at Blunda, to present her new fragrance experience with chocolate truffles and tea!
She will be delighted to share with all of you this fantastic afternoon.
I wish I could go but I am drowning in piles of documents from work, here in SAO.
For all of you in US, this can be a promising idea for a great afternoon this weekend!!!
Natural Botanical Perfumery Exhibition #2: Hanami by Ayala Moriel When: Saturday, April 18th, 1-5pm Ayala Sender will speak at 2pm Where: Blunda Los Angeles 304 South Edinburgh Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90048 RSVP: (323) 658-7507 or email: Following the exhibition, Hanami perfume will be available exclusively through Blunda and Ayala Moriel’s studio @ #314-1230 Haro Street in Vancouver, and the online boutique For media inquiries contact: Ayala Sender (778) 863-0806
All credits to Ayala Moriel Perfums

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dia do beijo

E já que hoje é o dia do beijo... Conheçam o perfume Kiss da franquia Sex In the City.
Outros beijos perfumados:
Tendre Kiss de Lalique
Le Baiser de Lalique
Escada Island Kiss da Escada
Heavenly Kiss de Miranda Kerr
Kiss of the Dragon de Cartier
Halloween Kiss de J del Pozo
Samba French Kiss de Perfumer's workshop
Winter Kiss de Naomi Campbell

Olfattorio Bar a parfums

Vitrine da loja vista de fora
Via di Ripetta 34

Andando pela maravilhosa Via di Ripetta em Roma, encontrei uma idéia olfativa muito original: a loja Olfattorio. Uma loja de perfumaria niche, que além de oferecer fragrâncias das mais diversificadas marcas, oferece um bar de perfumes. Nele podemos degustar 200 fragrâncias diferenciadas como degustamos uma taça de Champagne.
Ao invés de tiras de papel cartão, a loja oferece tacinhas de papel, com o logo da marca. Nelas são aplicados os perfumes que escolhemos, e após anotação do nome da fragrância, o copinho é encaixado em um mini pedestal de acrílico.
Assim, o perfume fica a nossa disposição para avaliação do desenvolvimento das notas e para comparação com outros perfumes.
Passei horas lá dentro, avaliando e apreciando verdadeiras obras de arte das marcas diptyque, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, The Different Company, Les Parfums de Rosine, L'Artisan Parfumeur entre outros.

O mini Bar

Conferi os perfumes especiados de L'Artisan Parfumeur: Poivre Piquant, Safran Troublant e Piment Brulant. Delicosos, exóticos e criativos.
Conheci finalmente a obra prima Dzing! Um circo em forma de líquido. Fantástico!
Finalmente pude tocar e sentir de perto Sel de Vetiver de Céline Ellena (The Different Company) e por incrível que pareça, a fragrância era exatamente o que eu imaginava. Merecedora de um artigo a parte (por vir).
Me deliciei com as fragrâncias de diptyque e me encantei com suas estórias.
A loja possui bolas e velas aromatizadas que são de deixar qualquer pessoa enloquecida. A quantidade de produtos oferecidos para aromatização de ambiente é simplesmente um show a parte.
Saí de lá embriagada, andando nas nuvens.
É o lugar perfeito para uma aula prática de perfumaria ou para um encontro perfumístico.

Copos com delícias olfativas

Olfattorio é mais do que uma loja, é amor pela arte da perfumaria.

Para entrar no mundo de Olfattorio clique aqui.

Crédito das fotos: Olfattorio e + Q Perfume Blog

Acqua di Sale Sex on the beach fantasy

Acqua di Sale is one of the most sensual fragrances of PRO FVMVM ROMA. If not the most sensual I have ever had the chance to experience.

As Felice, the owner of the brand, described it to me, it brings the experience of being barefooted on the sand of in a beach of the Italian Island of Sardinia.
To feel the Mediterranean sea breeze on the face and the sun shinning and warming the skin.
It is the mixture of the morning salty breeze and feeling of liberty of walking barefooted on the sand.
The salt notes of Acqua di Sale are very intense, very provocative.Once you feel the fragrance invading your nose, you feel the desire to touch skin.You smell the salty skin coming close to you, inviting to be caressed.
The notes of mirtle reminds us that we are in Italy, slightly sweet, slightly dry.
Cedarwood and marine algae were notes also mentioned by Felice.

Dead sea salts
It is salty fragrance but it also contains a pinch of sweetness. A perfumed salty bouquet with woody subnotes that makes you desire.
To me Acqua di Sale is not a walk on the beach. That would be too obvious. To go with the brand's definitions and marketing appeal.
Acqua di Sale is an invitation to explore the male Italian body. To touch, to smell and to lick the skin. To desire and succumb to passions.
My vision while smelling the fragrance was Cuban male model Ruben Cortada.
Although he is Cuban, he has been modeling for many Italian designers, specially to Italian underwear brand Julipet. So the relation between Cortada and Italy comes to me as fast as a flashlight.

Ruben Cortada 1 - Julipet catalog

Ruben Cortada 2
The photo of Ruben, naked, standing on a wall made of wood is my visual image of the fragrance. Hot, woody, fleshy, salty & sweaty, profound penetrating eyes, thick beard almost hurting the skin of my face.
Ruben Cortada 3
Acqua di Sale is my Italian fantasy of a man. A sweet and intense kiss of a salty and sweaty Italian man who has sparkles in the eyes.
Some women fantasizes with men in uniform, others with doctors, rich men in a shinning tux, Holywood stars, filthy and dirty truck drivers or mechanics, lifeguards ...
But we all agree, there is nothing more sexual, more intense than Italian men!
P.S.: Acqua di sale is Felice's personal fragrance.
Photo credits: PRO FVMVM ROMA, model.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Milk & Cookies

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud de Pacifique - Intense note of cocoa, softened by vanilla pod and star fruit, with a cheeful pinch of orange.

Matin Calm by Comptoir Sud de Pacifique - Podery notes of vanilla sugar, heliotrop, vanillas absolute and an amazing delicious note of milk. A warm, embracing fragrance.

Tommy Girl 10 by Tommy Hilfiger - notes of tart Nantucket cranberry, luscious Marion pear, sweet Pixie tangerine and Indian River grapefruit; a heart of Mississippi magnolia, California honeysuckle and Virginia water lily, and a drydown of Vermont cream, butterscotch and Rocky Mountain birch
The memories of our childhood most of the times makes us smile.
The smell of cookies and vanilla are known for bringing confort and to have the cocooning effect on humans.
If you want to go back to times where you would sit in front of the tv and drink milk with cookie or hot coco with cookies or experience a soft and conforting feeling, try these 03 fragrances together.
I don´t mean here to spray the 3 of them on the skin, but to have 3 paper strips with each of them and smell them at the same time. It is like a time machine that takes you back to the age of 4-5. The smell of cookies and milk is simply a treat!!!
Irises of my garden/Íris do meu jardim
Iris on my skin/Íris na minha pele


This blogger invites all her friends and reader to express today one minute of silence, as a gesture of respect and mourning for all the victims of the Earthquake in L'Aquila - Italy. Easter will be very hard on the families who lost their beloved ones. So everyone is invited to post a conforting message here to the Italian people. Esta blogger convida a todos amigos e leitores a fazer um minuto de silêncio hoje em respeito e memoria das vítimas do terremoto em L'Aquila, na Itália. Esta Páscoa será muito difícil para as famílias que perderam entes queridos. Convido a todos a deixar uma mensagem de conforto para o povo italiano.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Profumi d'Italia Part I/Perfumes of Italy Part I

store entrance at Via di Ripetta

Have you ever wondered where we are going after we die?
How heaven looks like, and if there is one?
Well, I can assure you that not only heaven exits, but actually, I can give you the address:

PRO FVMVM ROMA store at Via Di Ripetta,10
Rome - Italy

Via Di Ripetta is one of the streets in Rome where you can experience many olfactory indulgements.
The gray stone path lead us to a road of delicious cafés and trattorias, wine degustation and amazing perfumes.

As I sat down near the fountain I realized that the street was crowded with young people, mostly art students. It was freezing cold and the shades of gray amazed me, as gray is one of my favorite colors. I am a winter kind of person, so sitting on the creamy marble to take my time, feel the cold breeze on my cheeks, smell the chilly air, the sandwiches and quick lunches of the Italians, and than with a twist of wind, be caught by the delicious aroma of brewed coffee and cappuccinos from the café on the corner (where students gather to chat and flirt) before I continue in the search of PRO FVMVM ROMA store, was really a must.

Café Ripetta

As I continued to walk Via Di Ripetta narrowed, and I passed in front of many trattorias, getting ready to serve lunch, such as La Buca di Ripetta. The smell of the antipasti and pasta al profumo di mare coming from the restaurant was simply divine! An Italian treat that all lovers of fine cucina italiana deserve.
Since I was not sure if the owner of the fragrance shop understood that I was coming, I decided to continue to walk in the direction of Piazza del Popolo and leave the tasty meal for later.

Via Di Ripetta left and right sides

I passed many interesting buildings, including the Intituto di Belle Arti and Liceo Artistico and finally I got to number 10. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but as soon as stepped in front of the store I knew I was in my own private heaven.
To start with, I was amazed that the shop had the color combination that I love the most: gray burned cement with deep coffee brown wood, creamy marble and thick glass.
Fantastic design! It is modern and clean without loosing the cozy atmosphere.
The store has special corners such as the one dedicated to perfumers, to other brands and to beautiful perfume bottles made of fine Italian glass.

Perfumer's corner

Perfume bottles' corner

I looked around a closed my eyes to smell the fragrance spread in the air and listen to the a beautiful electronic jazzy lounge sound track, that later I learned it is an audio concept of olfactory notes and experiences, produced and recorded just for the brand, called Blue Essence and sold in the shop.
At this point, the 2 hours walk from the hotel was totally worthwhile! I was welcomed by Felice, one of the 4 members of the Durante family, owner of the brand. A passionate for fragrances who loves his family history, his traditions and perfume making.


We spend at least two more hours talking about fragrances, concepts, inspirations and design.
Felice believes that the olfactory memories are the most evocative of all senses, and fragrances brings sensations, emotions and desires. They also create specific atmospheres and bring well being. And this is what PRO FVMVM ROMA is all about: it take us to different journeys, make us feel different sensations, evokes moods.
The fragrances are seductive. They involve, they caress the skin, they penetrate the soul.
Felice reflects all the brand concepts: he is a gentle and warm person, with a sincere smile and class. He involves everyone around him with the passion that he has for his fragrances and for the enthusiasm he has for life.
He presented me each one of his fragrances and products, and even chose what he thought it was my fragrance, which I happen to agree with him 100%. He understood what I am all about. I was a little bit reluctant at first because Iris usually doe not develop on my skin as beautifully as it can on others, but this was a marvelous exception!
Finally I can wear an Iris fragrance that develops beautifully, lusty, round, fleshy and sexy on my skin!!!

to be continued...

(I intend to post reviews of all PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances and bring much more pictures I took in Rome and links related to the brand)

Click on the name to read more about PRO FVMVM ROMA

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