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Photo credit: Etat Libre D'Orange

Official olfactive notes: Mandarine, pink pepper, pimiento leafs, orchid, prune, incense, camphor, benzoin, patchouli musk.
Ground breaking tech: Mane's Jungle Essence Technology℗

Bubblegummy, sexy, creamy, happy...exquisite. I loved it!
Although the inspiration is an address of the flagship store in Paris - Marais, 69 rue des Archives - it still contains the naughtiness and luxury that the brand is nowadays trying to avoid or even hide. The description mentions "She is masculine/feminine, succubus and incubus and she can be dangerous, but only to those who willingly resist the confines of safety".
Although Archives 69 smells totally different, it reminds me of the concept of JPG's 2008 Ma Dame (Fruity- juicy, with a touch of musk and cedar. A pink happy pill). JPG created back then a fragrance for rebellious, androgynous young ladies. 
I think that both fragrances are targeting the young ladies who were following the "The L Word", and at the age of 16-17 decided to give the best friend a french kiss to see what happens next. Or Katy Perry younger fans maybe...

Photo credit: Etat Libre D'Orange

The special touch here is the combination of notes of pink pepper, incense and camphor. It is indeed kinda masculine. That is what really makes me smile when sampling this fragrance - it contains both feminine and masculine elements, and they are connected in such a way that it is hard to break them apart.


The day after: I smell the same accord used in Secretions Magnifiques  - a mix of lemon tart and male sexual fluids - I called once the crazy baker who gave himself a treat in a tart and served it warm - a porn scene taken from movies like Poky's, American pie etc etc etc...but back to the perfume - here the accord was tuned down to a more pleasant or more bearable secretion.

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