Saturday, November 26, 2011

Royal Rose Aoud EDP by M. Micallef - a pretty pink fragrance review

Photo credit: M.Micallef

As I am facing challenges in the end of my blogging year, Oud had to be approached. I have been giving my back to it for quite a while now, pretending Oud fragrances were not there. I guess it is the rebel in me or my quest for uniqueness, making me turn away and walk to the other side. So many launches with many reviews...
But than I found a huge challenge - A Rose & Oud perfume...rose, a note that I love in chypre combinations. A note that I long to have in many bouquets...but if you ask me if I love a rose won't be getting a nod. Yeap, although I have written about them, I find it very hard to love a real ROSE-THEMED perfume.

Photo credit: M.Micallef

So, here I have a ROSE and OUD oriental perfume in my hands. 
Royal Rose Aoud EDp by M. Micallef has a very sweet start. A rose crystalized in a sugar crust that melted slowly with the heat of my skin. 
If you look at the pretty pyramid designed by the brand, one might think this is a heavy fragrance with Gaïc, patchoulis, sandalwood, vanillas, musks and most of all, a superlative flower bouquet of rose and jasmines. Sounds pretty hypnotic, huh? Well...not at all. It is in fact a very pretty pink perfume, with a sheering luxurious aura, and a white chocolate note that makes you almost wish it was edible. Makes you think of pink macaroons... and trips to Paris. Nothing Middle Eastern or woody. Just a cloud of pink gourmandise.

Photo credit: 6Bittersweets

In times of restlessness, of global financial crises and political instability, isn't it nice to be able to fly away in a cloud of pinkish Oud? To a place where you can lie on a blanket of rose petals and jasmine flowers... Where rosy macaroons are served in a silver plate with flutes of champagne... bewitched or beclouded...

Photo credit: Bella Pilar

Notes from the Editor: + Q Perfume Blog has been posting articles about Pretty in Pink perfumes since 2009.
To read the previous articles, click on their names: Love by Kilian, Miss Charming, John Varvatos, Moulin Rouge 1889, Nuda by Nasomatto, Chance Eau TendrePooPoo Pidoo, La Chasse Aux Papillons.

As per uniqueness...well...hard to find these days...some people just like to copy others!


Tara C said...

Love Micallef Rose oud! It is so sweet and jammy, not dark and heavy at all. Very different character from Kilian Rose Oud, which I also love, but is for a different mood.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

I also loved this rose, very transparent and gourmet :-)

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