Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Holiday Season is around the corner!

Despite all the macroeconomic pressure of the global economy recession, not only Christmas shopping started earlier this year, but according to a survey from Citigroup, shoppers in the USA will actually spend 2 to 4% more than they did last year.
Although combat shopping (LOL) hasn't started yet, at least not here in Brazil, the malls are already full. The bells are already jiggling, the X-mas carols are already everywhere, and people are already counting days to leave for the summer holidays. Where are you going this year? Do you have plans for new years Eve? We are still in the first half of November, but Brazilians are already packing their bags.
What is the big rush? Shops are pushing consumers to start to buy early to guarantee that they will succeed to sell all their stock, exactly because we are in a recession. The earlier you start, the longest the opportunity to sell what you have.
I also decided to start posting my Holidays specials earlier this year. I think there will be some need to strategizing x-mas shopping in order not to avoid this crazy X-mas frenzy and compulsiveness for shopping that seems to spreads like some epidemic disease as the holidays are approaching.

So here it is my dear readers, let the fun begin when the Jingle bell starts to rock!


Tara C said...

We will be going to Hawaii this December, to enjoy the sun and the beach! :-)

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

That is great!!! Hope it will be super fun!!
I have no plans yet....unlikely most Brazilians :-)

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