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PUREDISTANCE - The best niche perfumery brand according to + Q Perfume Blog

As I have already started my annually count down to the grand finale of one more blogging year, I think that it is about time that to publish the articles that bring the best of this year for you. I would like to give a special attention to a niche brand that I fell in love with recently. In my opinion it is not only what we can call a real NICHE PERFUMERY BRAND, but THE BEST NICHE BRAND there is in the market today.

Puredistance is a high end perfume brand founded by Jan Ewoud Wos, who had the concept idea in his mind since 2002. Finally, in 2008 he launched his first fragrance Puredistance I. At that time Mr. Jan E. Wos took a serious risk by opening an exclusive luxury business, when Europe was hit with a serious financial crisis. In 2010 he added 02 more fragrances to his master collection, Antonia and M. Since the beginning he has been successfully acquiring many clients and fans worldwide due to one simple reason: he offers genuine niche perfumes, with timeless and impeccable elegance, and distinguished quality.

Their perfumes were created by two master perfumers - Annie Buzantian* (in NYC) and Roja Dove** (in London) and they are available in the concentrations of Perfume Extract, with 25 - 32% of perfume oil. The collection today offers 03 different fragrances - two feminines and one masculine, but in my opinion Puredistance M is a unissex fragrance, and it smells lovely on me!. All 03 vials contain 17,5ml of the fragrance and they cost USD198, not including the accessories.
They all have something in common: they are very discreet and perfectly crafted. By unfurling petals; peeling citrusy fruits; unveiling magnificent ambers, musks and patchoulis; and by bringing earthy roots and mossy notes to the sunlight, you will find beauty in a way never presented before. 
I will publish the fragrance reviews in articles soon to come, therefore you found only a tiny drop of them here :-).

It is not a secret that when it comes to the notion of what is chic and hip, this blogger has exhaustedly repeated that "less is more". Although I love Art Nouveau and many other aesthetic styles, I tend to feel more connect to the minimalistic ones. The sharp clean lines of Puredistance flacons reveal what is the most important concept of the scents kept inside of them: understated elegance and beauty.
Once interviewing Della Chuang, a designer who has created one of the perfume bottles that I love the most (White Patchouli EDP by Tom Ford) said something that I will never forget: Simplicity seems natural, almost obvious in its final form, but getting there takes experience, talent, and patience. Design for simplicity cannot be successful unless it is supported by perfect execution. Simplicity isn’t simple.”
I couldn't agree more to her, and that is exactly what I have found in Mr. Jan E. Wos' brand. It took him years to transform an idea into reality, and patience led him to perfection.

Puredistance presents their fragrances in 03 different perfume sprays.

Puredistance I is presented in a classic white box and a white satin bed. The juice comes in a transparent flacon and it has a beautiful caramelized brown color, that looks simply  glorious in the white background. Puredistance Antonia comes in a classic white box and a green satin bed. The juice is also presented in a transparent flacon and it has a soft brighter color. Finally, Puredistance M comes with a gray box and black satin bed. The flacon is made of polished metal. All 03 caps are metallic, changing from gold coating to a silvery one depending on the fragrance.
The idea of a perfume spray that can be placed into different fragrance columns is absolutely fantastic. Puredistance perfumes can be purchased to be sheltered and presented by many  accessories.  

Columns? Yes, they are beautifully crafted acessories to keep the fragrance sprays inside. The perfume spray fits perfectly into the crystalline accessory, highly polished and exclusively produced by Swarosvski. Two objects that once brought together, result into a gorgeous piece of art complexly exectuted. The perfume vessel just stands there. A capsule of liquid beauty surrounded by transparency. 
Since this crystal column is handmade in limited editions, it is also numbered and engraved.

Inspired by Japanese minimalistic design, it comes with two versions - A black crystal, highly polished and also exclusively crafted by Swarosvski, with warm golden detail or modern steel. This is also a limited accessory, therefore it is also numbered and engraved. No need to mention that it has captured my heart - you all know I am crazy about Japanese design!

For those who like to carry the perfume spray with them or even to take the perfume during a trip,  Puredistance offers  03 different stylish cases in cognac, olive green and black leathers.

They also have 2 types of holders - a single holder for just one fragrance, and one for the entire collection, which is also very nicely crafted, with a black solid base and golden coated metal holder. Fragrances acquire the looks of vials of a chemistry lab. Practical, interesting, modern.

Once you begin this fantastic journey into the world of Puredistance, you will find out that everything was perfectly executed, from product to services provided.
The headquarters is in the Netherlands (a building mixing modern Dutch design with an Art Deco influence), but the brand also holds a showroom in Austria. It is called Puredistance Perfume Lounge in Vienna. Needless to say that it is designed with the finest taste for furniture.
Their website provides a PDF with all the information one needs to learn about the brand and the perfumes. There is also a blog with 1000s of pictures and where you can also follow the brand's path through these years. It is very interesting to read.
I have been being in touch with many brands over these years. They are all nice and very professional, but Puredistance took the relationship with customers and fragrance writers to an entire new level. Polished as their crystal columns are. Elegant, with simplicity. 

The brand offers a miniature collection of the fragrances in a black gift set, containing 03 mini boxes and 1ml of each perfume.

So my dear readers, I think I have presented you many reasons why I chose Puredistance as the best niche brand there is in the market today.
I have been saying over these years that in my opinion, perfume is not only a product. It is art in liquid form, executed by more than one hand, with 03 elements: the fragrance, the bottle and the package. Puredistance has brought to me perfumes that not only smell divine, but are presented in objects of art, beautifully designed and well packed. The owner of the brand, the brains behind this project is a man with a refined impeccable taste and sensibility. (Did I mention that he is good looking too? No? Of course he is! When I mean perfect in every detail, I really meant it!).

About the perfumers:
*Quick BIO - Puredistance I and Puredistance Antonia - Although Romanian, Annie has been living in the USA since the 70's. In 2003 she was granted from The American Society of Perfumers a Life Achievement Award for the body of her work. Her mentor was Mr. Elie Roger (who has passed away in Nov, 2010). Her portfolio is long, including names such as Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and many others. 
** Quick Bio - Puredistance M - Born in England, has worked for 20 yrs with Maison Guerlain and then moved to found his own company called Rojan Parfums. Specialized in luxury brands, Roja has also worked with Clive Christian and Houbigant. Rojan is also engaged in many off - the - bottle projects.

Photo credits: all images belong to Puredistance brand and were authorized to be uploaded in this blog.


NikosP said...

Very good article, you got my full attention. Looking forward to yr reviews!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Thank you Niko, I am also looking forward writing them :-)
Puredistance really capture my heart!

Undina said...

What a great presentation! If I hadn't been enchanted by this brand already I would have fallen for it after reading your post.
I really hope Puredistance will do well: I think they deserve it.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dear Undina, yes they are really special. I am amazed by the interest in thinking of every tiny detail.
Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Francesca said...

I was very taken by the different presentations of these perfumes, a scenario that my heart follows. Great writing Simone, bringing us into the products with your poetry! Thank you!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Thank you Francesca for your compliments :-)

Samual James said...

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