Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mister Marvelous EDP by Byredo - fragrance review

Photo credit: Christian Houtenbos

Swedish House Byredo has recently launched another masculine fragrance - Mister Marvelous. Artistic Director and owner Ben Gorman chose Dutch hairdresser Christian Houtenbos to be the face of his newest project. according to the NYT, Ben wanted to tell the story of a person that he has been admiring for a long time, and whose talent could be seen on the head of many famous people from the fashion world, such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Versace and Calvin Klein, to the music industry like Madonna and Grace Jones and Debbie Harry.
The funny thing about the hole deal is that the fragrance has the style of a classic cologne with a modern twist, but it was inspired by a coiffing star who created the punk half shaved - long top hairstyle or Grace Jones' flat top.
Well ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Houtenbos is today a man in his 60's  and no longer the rebel he was during the 70's/80's! One more thing about him - he certainly has adopted the classic lifestyle: he is married to the same woman since he was 19!!!
So it seems contradictable, it seems unexplainable, but in fact it does make sense. At least to me it does.

Photo credit: Byredo

So, what is Mister Marvelous? 
No doubt that it has a classic cologne style with notes of mandarine, neroli, green lavender, bamboo, black amber and white cedarwood, but the concentration is EDP, which is a hard thing to find in masculine fragrances, but not in this Swedish house. 
No doubt that it follows a green gardens, slightly flowery fragrance trend of the moment with refreshing notes of bamboo combined with neroli bloomings, but it also has a delicate tarty facet from the combination of neroli, amber and cedarwood.
But how to define it? How to describe it in a way that, someone who is not smelling the fragrance, could get the picture?
Well ...picture another Ben. Ben Barnes playing Dorian Gray.

Ben Barnes

Dorian Gray

This English actor is the very modern definition of Mister Marvelous! Nominated one of the best dressed British men by GQ Magazine, the actor is also a rock n' roller. He has been even compared to fashionista/music icon Brien Ferry when it comes to styling.
So here it is my readers: Mister Marvelous EDP is "a kind of a Dorian Gray" - a man so beautiful and so impeccably dressed, that you will excuse all his flaws. His perfectly shaved face and the perfect tie with a diamond or ruby pin will hide his mundane thoughts.
He is Ben Barnes. With a white t-shirt, a black scarf, and a body to die for! He is masculine, but somehow he has delicate lines that is also a bit feminine. He is head spinning. A fresh look that brings tarty desires to the mind!! He my Mister Marvelous!

You can find Byredo Mister Marvelous EDP in 02 sizes - 100ml ($220) and 50ml (145). You can also find this fragrance at Essenza Nobile's website.

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Juraj said...

Great great fragrance! It's logn lastin...different from a Fantastic Man. It has something..but Baudelaire is better to me! ;)



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