Monday, November 28, 2011

Mona di Orio Parfums - PART II

The Best was saved for last!
Continuing to explore Les Nombres D'Or.
Mona's classy fragrances.

Photo credit: Mona di Orio

Les Nombres D'Or Vanille - You will find 100s of Vanilla perfumes in the market, with all sorts of combination. From heavy orientals such as Shalimar, to pastries, tart-y gourmet vanillas. Combined with chocolate, with coffee, with milk, caramels, leather, tonka, benzoin, patchoulis, ambers, etc etc etc... If there are so many, why Mona's? Because it is not a sweet vanilla. Enhanced with rum, vetiver Bourbon and guaiac wood, it starts with a dry mineral/earthy/boozy dark vanilla, to blossom into a beautiful ylang ylang. The fragrance will last for hours and you will enjoy every phase. I loved this vanilla because it does not feel like spending an afternoon baking with Martha Stewart.
Notes provided in the internet are: Brazilian Orange, Indonesian cloves, petit grain, run extract, vetiver Bourbon, ylang ylang, Indian Sandalwood, guaiac wood, vanilla Absolute from Madagascar, amber and tonka. 

Les Nombres D'Or Musc - Musk was never my thing till I tried this one - I think the combination of neroli, angelica and rose is a very delicate and very tranquilizing. It has a rather acid citrusy opening. A beautiful neroli indeed. Once this acidity soothes, the angelica and rose bring a springy bloom to this perfume. From all the perfumes of this collection (so far), Musc is the most gentle and softer one. It contains sprinkles of powdery prettiness, a touch of furriness. The perfume caresses the skin, like a fury cat  passing through our legs.
It also brings the same warm sensation you get from a cashmere glove in a snowy freezing day... 

In my opinion, for the last two years Mona di Orio has been creating beautiful fragrances, and it is fair to say that she must be also blooming as a woman. I have seen many pictures of her in many occasions...and one thing catches my attention (besides the fact that she looks like a Modigliani painting), she has this special glow on her face... While many are lacking of creativity and are repeating themselves, or even disappointing us badly, Mona is  improving bottle by bottle.  


Tara C said...

Love the Mona di Orio new collection! So far I only have the Oud, but want the Vanilla and the Cuir. :-) And I bought those maple leaf mittens in Montreal last year! So cute.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

After trying them all, I find it really hard to choose one - if I had to choose...LOLOL

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