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Furry, Leathery, Cozy, Warm Fragrances for rainy days - part 02

After reading the comments of my dearest readers & friends, I understood that my article was incomplete. So I decided to add one more additional part to it. Enjoy!! It is raining to day, so it is the perfect time to get inspired :-). Wool, fur, flannel and plastic (of raincoats) are our choices today. (To read part one, click HERE)

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Fur is non human hair, usually from mammals (although some men are so hairy that I do think they have fur, not human hair... too much testosterone I guess...). It is also one of the most primitive discoveries of man kind to protect themselves agains cold. The Neanderthal hominoids already used them as a source of clothing.
The most used animals for furs are mink, seals, chinchillas, rabbits, bears, foxes and beavers. I am totally against it, besides the rabbits' fur, if it is a sub product of the meat commercialization (they are cute, but I am not a vegan). Fur should not be a polemic issue here, as we all assume that I will be talking only about faux furs and faux musks. The touch of fur is soft, cozy, sometimes it tickles, sometimes it arouses sexual fantasies, it fondles, caresses... it is kinda kinky, kinda primitive...fur is fursational! It gives always a purrr...meaow...kitkat kind of mood, so of course we need to think of a perfume that translate this feline, primitive, sensual touch.
My liquid fur is definitely Sienna Musk by Sonoma Scent Studio.

Photo credit: Sonoma

What can I say about this fragrance? That I simply have a fur in my closet that smells exactly like it?! The fur I have is not faux (I don't wear it, because I think it is not proper for modern women - but It was my grams', so it has a sentimental value to me, therefore I keep it). It has a skin, carnal - animal appeal of furs and musks, but not that strong so you will think of a huge faux-chemical perfume. It smell a bit "human", fleshy. 
The spiciness of the fragrance is also delicate, which reminds me the implied subliminal idea of the kinkiness of furs. If you are a bit naughtier you will think of sensual fantasies; if not, it is just warming the skin, fondling you.
I am not very drawn to musky fragrances, but Laurie's Sienna Musk made me rethink my taste for perfumes. It is slightly gourmet, but not the sweet touch kind of fragrances we are used to call gourmet. (it is a mix of mandarines and spices, and that is what she translates as gourmet)
Notes are mandarin, clove, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, sandalwood, musks, cedar and cypress.

It is not creamy nor powdery - it contains a bit of these aspects but the overall idea is really FUR!

Photo credit : Fantastic Man

Flannel is traced back to the 16th century in Wales and it is a woven soft fabric made of carded wool or worsted yarn. Some relate to lumberjacks or rednecks (right Ane Walsh?), some relate to the grunge garage rock and roll look of Nirvana ...rock n' rollers, and some to very elegant classy men (me). Of course I will be very obvious in my choice here by bringing Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene.

Photo credit:

An oriental fragrance for men developed by Andre Fromentin in 1975, that is loved by many till today. Grey flannel is just like the fabric, reliable, comfy. 
Notes of galbanum, neroli, petit grain, bergamot, lemon, mimosa, orris, violet, sage, rose, geranium, narcissus, tonka, almond, oak moss, vetiver and cedar. Since I have already wrote about this fragrance, in another context thou(click HERE to read), I will not extend myself more than I should, after all the fragrance is in the market for 36 years!

Photo credit: Moncler - Popeye mag

Wool is a textile fabric obtained from ship and other animals like goats, mohair, rabbits, camels etc...
It is funny to look for a liquid form of wool, when wool is also a fabric that you smell to reboot your nose (like smelling coffee). But even so, let's face the challenge. Wool has large quantities of lanolin oil that is washed out in a process called scouring. Lanolin is found in many body creams, and I know that smell pretty well. So wool, basically has the scent of the skin of the animal, its fur, the traces of lanolin and detergent.  But let's leave the greasy wet dog ideas, and I bring you this proposal to you: NIRMAL EDP by Laboratorio Olfattivo.

 Photo credit: Laboratorio Olfattivo

I have already reviewed this fragrance in a full detailed article, so click HERE to read about this winter treat. I think what brings me the idea of wool is the "dirt" implied by carrots and iris roots. Wool has some dirty smell in it. Also the cuddling touch of the Nirval experience.

Photo credit:

I know I know... you all expected gabardine, Burberry luxurious trench and rain coats... but + Q Perfume Blog is about the unexpected, not just the obvious! So here I bring the most synthetic experience of wearing a plastic raincoat. Feeling a bit Blade Runner for a change instead of Maxwell Smart, Inspector Clouseau or Belle de Jour. Yeah...the vintage futuristic idea of the future...
So plastic closes this chapter and there is nothing more plastic like some violets and some jasmine notes.

Photo credit: Nasomatto

I can bring you Amethyst EDP by Lalique that has a great plastic violet note going on, OR Nuda EDP by Nasomatto - the most plastic doll hair smell I have ever encounter in my life!!! Both would do the trick here. Or even the Melissa Perfume - that it is plastic, fruity and very very kinky-cheap-fruit-pinup perfume - but this last one does not worth a try.
Lalique's has notes of blackcurrant, blueberry, peony, pepper, ylang ylang, violets, musk and bourbon vanilla.
Nuda has an entire evaluation from me already - click HERE.

But if you are not happy with the plastic cheap product, we could choose Black Bulgari EDP by Bulgari, since I have already chosen it to be the most "spy choice" for a scent. Click HERE to read again. you can also think of trench/rain coats, hats and sunglasses.
As per no clothes at all and a trench coat to be a Belle de Jour - I have only one fragrance for you : Chanel Nº5!


Ane* Walsh - biocosméticos said...

Oh, Lumberjacks...
Checked flanel shirts, big kerchiefs round the (red)neck...

+ Q Perfume Blog said...


Carrie Meredith said...

Is the Melissa Perfume from the same company that makes the plastic shoes? I love those shoes, I have several pairs. Will skip the perfume, however. :)

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

yes, Melissa launched a fragrance that is sold in their stores.

it does not have the same scent of the shoes thou ...

Tara C said...

Great choices! My first boyfriend wore Grey Flannel, and I just bought Nasomatto Nudo last month.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Grey Flannel is a fragrance that all boyfriends wore once LOLOL

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