Monday, April 5, 2010

Fleur du Male EDT- JPG - quick review/avaliação relâmpago!

Quick review: Fleur du Male EDT - Jean Paul Gaultier - 2007
Description: White seduction.
In a nutshell: Fresh, citrusy, soapy, unisex - to homossexual
Notes: Petit grain, Orange Blossom, fern accord, coumarin
Opinion: If you are straight with self confidence go for it!
If you are GLS - it is a statement.
I do like it, specially on men, it is very sexy!!
Avaliação relâmpago: Fler du Male EDT - Jean Paul Gaultier - 2007
Descrição: Sedução branca!
Resumindo: fresco, cítrico, saponáceo, unisex - para homossexual.
Notas: petit grain, flor de laranjeira, acorde de feno e cumarina
Avaliação relâmpago:
Opinião - se você for hétero com auto-confiança - vá em frente!
Se você é GLS - é uma confirmação
Eu adoro, especialmente nos homens!!
The packaging - White Tin
A embalagem - Lata de metal branca
Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog personal files
Crédito fotográfico + Q Perfume Blog
Name pressed on metal - Tin detail
Detalhe da embalagem - Nome prensado em relevo no metal
Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog personal files
Crédito fotográfico + Q Perfume Blog
Perfume bottle - Men's torso
Frasco do Perfume - Torso masculino
Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog personal files
Crédito fotográfico + Q Perfume Blog
The model
O modelo


M said...

Hi Simone,
I remember when this came out a few years ago and really wanting to like it. (I mean, look at that model in that bathtub!) I ended up liking it, but found it too blossomy for a guy; I think it'd work better on a woman. But having said that: I think if a really, really masculine guy wore it, it'd work, too; a guy like that could get away with it.
Beautiful arrangement of visuals you've put together here, by the way, but then that's nothing new.
Have a good post-Easter week!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Let me tell you this - I tried to wear it because I do like it, and I felt it was too masculine for me.
My husband wears it, and my sisters tell him is too feminine for him. I like it on him, so he wears it.
I bought my husband D&G sunglasses and guys were flirting with him because of it. Than a gay friend told us it is usually a brand that homosexuals wear ( in Brazil), it is a trendy brand for Gs.
Having that explained, he continued to wear and didn't give a damn if guys were flirting with him or not. Same with the perfume. His lady (me) likes it, so he feels very secure to wear D&G and JPG.
BUT, it is really hard to put a gender on this one.
YES, the model is an inspiration. You look at the picture and you want to buy the fragrance. Never happened to me before, I am not usually influenced by marketing, except in this case, I guess :-)
Have a wonderful one you too!
have you seen the post on B to B by Kilian? I wrote it for you darling :-)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Eric, please stop making links in your comments to profit from my blog.
Your comments are welcomed but I am kindly asking you to stop doing this or I will have to block you!

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