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The scent DJ

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Aroma Jockey Odo7 - The scent of sounds


Aromas created from ethereal oils and natural essences:

When Erich Berghammer – stage name ODO7 – ‘lays on a show’ in a Club, the guests are plunged into a magical world, into a feast for the senses comprising a laser show, music and ODO7’s scented compositions. His smells fire the imagination, lift the mood. Berghammer dispatches his guests on wonderful journeys, whether to the algae clinging to mega-containerships in the Port of Hamburg, to the exotic spices of a bazaar in faraway Arabia or back to the aroma of grandma’s apple pie. This aroma jockey uses his scents to paint stores in the atmosphere, brings memories and images to life – playing in the process one our olfactory organ’s ability to remember in far more detail and with far more emotion than the eye.

Aroma jockey ODO7 in action.

A scented medicine chest

ODO7’s equipment includes no CDs, vinyl or turntables; what he requires is a cooker hotplate, plus his herbs, exotic roots, barks, moss or blossoms. Their scents unfold as they are warmed up; while other elements of the aroma, from oils and essences, for example, are blown directly through the room by ventilators. The first essential for ODO7 is that each of the over 2,000 substances that he carries in his traveler’s ‘medicine chest’ is of top quality – anything artificial is out. The art of scenting an event lies not simply in rendering the tones, lighting or other parameters of the show, but also in interpreting what are internationally very special scent preferences and dislikes. The French, so it is said, do not like the scent of cinnamon, Indians spurn roses and Russians reject exotic scents or vanilla. Berghammer is not aware of why different cultures have different scent preferences – yet again and again he succeeds in stunning his audience with the scents that they love.

No CDs, vinyl or turntables; what he requires is a cooker hotplate, plus his fragrance ingredients.

Experiences for all the senses

The idea of an aroma jockey occurred to former graphic designer Berghammer in a club in Austria: Berghammer was dancing, flirting and celebrating – this would have been a perfect party night, if it hadn’t been spoiled by one thing: the stench of cigarettes and boy odors. The idea came to him that night of enlivening the atmosphere in clubs and at other events with aromas. Berghammer aims to create a perfect symbiosis of hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing and smelling. Meanwhile, he is also achieving this far away from trendy clubs. He regularly scents film showings, trade fairs and other events. The feature film “Perfume” presented one of his stiffest challenges. While this was showing, he blew into the auditorium the sweet scent of the women that the lead murders in his lust for blood.

ODO7 enlivens the atmosphere in clubs and at other events with aromas.

Scent as a marketing instrument

To create a scent experience and thus to harness the potential of the nose’s ability to remember has long been a vision for both industry and the media. Hamburg- based skin and beauty specialist Beiersdorf or chewing gum giant Wrigley have already test run ‘scented’ cinema advertising – with a definitely mixed reaction from consumers. Erich Berghammer, by contrast, can be sure of the success of his appearances. As ODO7, he wafts his audience into a real scented trance. And it is an audience happy to come back again and again.

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