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Baudalaire EDP by Byredo review

To M.F med mycket kyssar!!!!
Baudalaire EDP by Byredo review
Launch: 2009
Perfumer: Jerome Phillipe
Gender: masculine
Olfactive notes: juniper berries, black pepper, caraway, incense, hyacinth, leather, papyrus, patchouli, black amber
Description by the brand: ". . . a lazy isle to which nature has given singular trees, savory fruits, men with bodies vigorous and slender, and women in whose eyes shines a startling candor..."
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: RETRO, CLASSY, SPICY-LEATHERY
Where you can find this fragrance: Byredo shop on line, for the price of USD195.00
♕♕♕♕♕ - Worth a poem
♕♕♕♕ - Suits my goal - a fragrance for men to wear at work
♕♕♕ - too 80's/70's
♕♕ - Maybe Vikings would have a better use for it
♕ - Let's dump it in the heavy snows of Sweden!
So we all know about Baudelaire and Les Fleurs du Mal. So we all know that some people has been criticizing Byredo fragrances saying they are over priced, boring or copying others. That is what is really boring to me! Why to waste time to speak about something you didn't like? Well, my readers already know my style. + Q Perfume Blog fill these pages with fragrances that are, in her opinion, worth a whiff. If you will agree with me later...that is another thing. But I would never keep my readers here to end up wasting precious time on something that it is not even worth trying. That said, Baudalaire is in my opinion, a nice perfume.
The opening notes of juniper berries are fresh, herbal and slightly woody, with a touch of bay. Very Swedish! Very discreet, very refreshing. It has a Nordic touch, a touch of Swedish forests. Lovely. Slightly retro, with an aura of the 80's/70's. Combined with a delicious black pepper note it becomes a nice accord to start the day!
Caraway, or Kümmel as all Jewish people know and love, is a delicious spice and it is giving here a sweet, spicy, fennel-ish touch. Very fresh, very herbaceous, carvone. Kümmel is found in many Jewish and Hungarian dishes and to me is a delicious way to remind me of my grandmother and our family dinners. I think this is why this fragrance somehow gives me a sense of security, of coziness.
The death of Hyacinthos by Jean Broc 1801
The flowery greeny touch of Hyacinth is very subtle, a real underline note. It is delicate and it gives the perfume an extra aura of coziness and freshness.
The Greek Mythology brings Hyacinth as a beautiful youth who was loved by Apollo. They used to play the discus together and once the wind took another direction and Hyacinthus got hit and died. Hyacinth's blood spilled and Apollo turned it into flowers. It is a classic symbol of death and the rebirth of nature. I found this painting made by Jean Broc portraying this Myth, which is, in my opinion, amazingly beautiful. In this painting, Apollo is holding his love with such a tenderness. The same tenderness I found in this perfume.
The leather note is not dense or predominant. It is smooth and warming. Sprinkled with incense notes, the perfume that started very herbal and fresh, receives a total different spectrum and becomes involving, velvety and classy. Swedes in suedes - fantastic!
Fleshy, masculine... I cannot think of a better image than Beiron Andersson taking a good shower, getting dressed in a fine suit, smelling Baudalaire EDP all over. Clean, tidy, handsome and smiling.I would bring him to dinner and frankly, my grandmother would not even ask if he comes from a good Jewish family...LOL!
Papyrus and patchouli blend in a very distinguish note. Patchouli here is more aromatic, camphorated, with a green identity rather than woody and earthy. Amber is added and brings sweetness and roundness to this perfume.
Say whatever you have to say, throw a stone and curse the price, but this fragrance is today a great option for ALL BUSINESSMEN*. Un uplifting fragrance that will change during the hours, and bring you the velvety coziness and classy aura once you have reached the office and began to work. The image of a serious trustful man comes out of the bottle of this fragrance.
Very flexible, you can whiff again before living the office if you are heading to a happy hours with colleagues or friends.
And I don't need to mention how crazy I am about Scandinavian design, so this bottle is not an exception of simple but good taste. I love it!!!
* Also by clever Swedish doctors wishing to have a great night out :-)
OBS: Sample kindly provided by the brand per my request.

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