Monday, March 9, 2009

The Soap & Paper Factory

The Soap & Paper Factory is a merger of two different companies - Dewey Howard Paper and Brickhouse Soap, created by 3 young ladies: Lisa Devo, Shannon Burch and Elisabeth Grubaugh.
They met in a trade show and after a while both studios were in the same building. They started with small projects together such as wrapping soaps with exquisite papers. One thing led to another and today the company produces soaps, creams, solid perfumes, candles, fizzing bath powder, scented drawer papers, stationary and thank you notes.
Two different companies with values in common, such as to produce beautiful, functional and handmade products preserving nature and using American products joined their personal tastes and their joie de vivre and created high quality, luxurious and beautifully wrapped products.
They started with two lines, the fig and the green tea lines and soon expanded the brand launching Verbena, Orange Blossom, Rosewood and Cinammom Clove lines.
The candles are made with bee wax, melted slowly during all day not to overheat. The color is natural gold and the fragrances are combined with the natural scent of bee wax.
The company makes 280 soaps at a time, hand stirred and cut the next day. Than they rest to dry 3-4 weeks and wrapped with beautifully designed papers.
Verbena - this fragrance brings balance, relieving anxiety, stimulating the senses and uplifting the mood.
It has woody - citrusy -floral notes.
Orange Blossom - an exotic fragrance that brings peace and serenity. Soothing, alluring and passionate.
Rosewood - sexy and seductive, this fragrance is earthy - citrusy.
Green Tea - clean, sweet and provocative, this fragrance is enjoyed by both sexes. Detox and uplifting.
Fig - sensual, modern and sweet. Gourmet.
Cinnamon Clove - warm, cozy and comforting. Spicy with a dash of orange sweetness.
Scented drawer papers


erik said...

This soaps looks sooooo nice. My favorite is the Currant Marine. I like blue.

Gruesse aus berlin!!! Erik

+ Q Perfume said...

Liebe Erik,
I missed exchanging information with you these past weeks!
But work is needed...

happy that you are here with me!!!

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