Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Milk & Cookies

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud de Pacifique - Intense note of cocoa, softened by vanilla pod and star fruit, with a cheeful pinch of orange.

Matin Calm by Comptoir Sud de Pacifique - Podery notes of vanilla sugar, heliotrop, vanillas absolute and an amazing delicious note of milk. A warm, embracing fragrance.

Tommy Girl 10 by Tommy Hilfiger - notes of tart Nantucket cranberry, luscious Marion pear, sweet Pixie tangerine and Indian River grapefruit; a heart of Mississippi magnolia, California honeysuckle and Virginia water lily, and a drydown of Vermont cream, butterscotch and Rocky Mountain birch
The memories of our childhood most of the times makes us smile.
The smell of cookies and vanilla are known for bringing confort and to have the cocooning effect on humans.
If you want to go back to times where you would sit in front of the tv and drink milk with cookie or hot coco with cookies or experience a soft and conforting feeling, try these 03 fragrances together.
I don´t mean here to spray the 3 of them on the skin, but to have 3 paper strips with each of them and smell them at the same time. It is like a time machine that takes you back to the age of 4-5. The smell of cookies and milk is simply a treat!!!
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