Sunday, April 26, 2009

Calvin Klein - ck One strikes again!

Calvin Klein is an extremely gifted person with a vision. A vision of the market and a skill to introduce the right product at the right time.
In 1994 he revolutionized the market for fragrances, by launching ck One, an unisex fragrance, targeting both men and women at the same time. It was a response to the changes in the society: women were looking for an alternative to traditional feminine fragrances and men were identifying with a more sensitive male side that was emerging. In addition, the perfume had great appeal with gays and lesbians.
The word one was connected to the idea that men and women were connected into one gender or one indeterminable category.
He joined 3 movements in one, men's liberation of feelings, women's liberation and modernity and gay and lesbians acceptance and alternative sex preferences.
He made history also because of the design of the perfume bottle - simple, almost plain and resembling a military bottle of water, and the models used in the campaign: models that looked like ordinary people, wearing ordinary clothes, jeans, white t-shirts and boots. It was a response to the luxurious fragrances and the famous models in beautiful dresses.
He brought fragrances to a popular level, he shook the market. Perfume for democracies!
The photos were in black and white, with an urban touch instead of glamour.
The new campaign WE ARE ONE, is a response to what is going on in the world today.
It is an optimistic vision of the world, where everyone is the same no matter who he or she is.
It is the spirit of unity, all ages, genders and ethnic roots gather together with the same message that we are all equal, coming together as one.
Since music is a global way of connecting, this campaign brings a song to inspire.
It follows the campaign of Barack Obama for presidency. And again Calvin Klein proved that he is aware of the changes in our society and that he delivers exactly what people are looking for.
People today are more involved, wanting to be a part of the solutions for all the problems surrounding our world.
The campaign was launched at presidential inauguration day.
Bravo, you did it again Mr. Klein!!!!
To check more about ck One by Calvin Klein click here. You will find all the campaigns, the backstage of the films and photo shoots, the bio of the models and much more.


erik said...

August met Brazil?
Let me know!
I sent it three weeks ago.

1000 Gruess aus Berlin,

+ Q Perfume said...

DeaErik, arrived today!!!
I´m so happy!!!

Divina said...

How are you dear Simone? Just dropping in to blow you some kisses!

Erik said...

Now I`m so happy too. Let me know, what you think about it. Kisses, Erik

Perfumeshrine said...

Hi Simone!
Thanks for the visuals and the analysis! I like the black and white shots, although I realise that CK is more respected internationally (like us) than on US soil. It's an interesting phenomenon, eh?

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

yes, ck one is really an interesting marketing case to study and also a nice way t make a behavior analisys.
Indeed it is loved every where.
kisses Simone.

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