Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ol - facts - Fabrics and fragrances!

Textile in style
Last March I presented a company that joined two concepts, paper design and soaps ( The Soap & Paper Factory). Click here if you haven't read or wish to remember.
Today I found something very interesting in the french TV channel: a french fabric designer that created a line of fragrances - Manuel Canovas.
Manuel Canovas was founded in 1963 where he produced fabrics and wall-coverings.
After traveling to different exotic countries he got inspired to create fragrances. Olfactive translations of his visual art.
All the colors, luxe and textures are there, in the packages and the accords of the perfumes.
Manuel Canovas canvas
Inspired by Capri, in the Mediterranean, magnolias where printed in a beautiful fabric from the 2006 collection is the theme for the fragrance called L'Ile Bleue.
A cirtrusy bouquet mixing italian notes of sicilian lemon and mandarines, with Calabrian bergamot and florida oranges, enchanted by muguet, peaches, Apricos and roses, in a mossy bed of sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin and ambar.
Katsura yellow irises was a fabric design created with oriental inspiration of Japanese watercolors, and gave birth to Route Mandarine, a fragrance full of spices and exotic flowers such as jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Rasberry kisses and chivette notes are also components of this exotic and symbolic fragrance.
Saint Tropez, 1970's - fresh, vibrant colors, geometric forms and a very successful era of Canovas design was the inspiration to create Pink Riviera. A sparkling and sensual fragrance with notes of grapefruit, wild mint, white musk, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, citron, mandarine and bergamot.
Mythology, café au lait, french romantic design was the inspiration for Ballade Verte, with notes of violet leafs, galbanum, agarwood, tree sap, ginger and Gurjum Balm.
Anse Turquoise, presented here in the picture, is an olfactive expression of canovas beachwear collections. Saint barth's turquoise sea, red corals and shells are the motive of the fabric and package. Cripy notes of citric fruits are mixed withs pices and strong flowers touched by caramel notes and vanillic experiences.
Smelling luxurious holidays at Saint Barth's beaches
The fabrics are vibrant beautifully deigned with a delicious French stroke.
The fragrances are niche high end.
To check Canovas style click here
photo credits: Manuel canovas


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