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Eau de Fröhliche EDP by Das Aromatisches Blog - Erik Kormann

Erik driving a bathtub!
3 years ago I was looking for blogs about fragrances and grooming. I had the great fortune to find a very well written German blog called Aromatisches Blog. I became a fan right away and also a constant visitor. The exchange of comments went back and forth, and during the years Erik Kormann (the blogger) and I became virtual friends (we never actually met, but we get along amazingly).

Obs.: I hope he will stick with his English classes because mein Deutsch ist nicht gut (my German is not good)! But we manage to understand each other LOL!

About Erik - a charming German young man who knows where the wind & the nose can take him. When he is not blogging, or working at 1000 & 1 Seife, or windsurfing, or traveling around the globe... he is creating amazing fragrant products. 

(I had the great pleasure of experiencing a chocolate bath back in Jan 2009. I was writing pieces on chocolate scents so  Erik was a doll to send me him Schokobade Bar (for a review  click here - Portuguese speakers only, sorry...). Schokobade did impress me very much - first because of the vintage photo on the package and secondly, because it smells heavenly! Elegant notes of oranges and vanilla are blended with a very rich chocolate note. The result is a warm, soft gourmet fragrance is a fizzy - cacao butter experience.)

From that moment I knew the man knows how to indulge!
From his minimalistic fragrances 7, 8 and 9 I had the pleasure to try two - number 7 - Vetiver+ Figs+ Grapefruit - a very nice perfume that gives me a sense of being close to the Holy Land - due to the fantastic fresh grapefruit notes. Number 8 (Iso E Super + mandarin) was more to my mom's taste (she is picky when fragrances are concerned) but also nice.
This last Christmas he surprised me with his newest fragrance Eau de Fröhliche. (Eau of Merry). I could not try when it arrived because I was already abroad. But I was excited about the fact that a new exquisite Erik perfume was waiting for me at home. I was previously following its development in his blog, so I knew just from the articles that I would love it.


Brand: Das Aromatisches Blog
Origin: Germany
Perfumer: Erik Kormann
Launch: 2010
Gender: Unisex
Range: EDP
Olfactive family: Gourmet -chocolate iris
Olfactive notes: Frankincense, rosewood, coriander, Frambione, musk, patchouli, iris concrete, cardamom, vanilla, tolu balm, coumarin.
Description by the brand: "Cute and Cuddly. An incense perfume that smells a bit like chocolate".
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: FESTIVE, RICH, ELEGANT, GOURMET, urban chic, cuddling.
Silage: Very nice!
Fixation: Good
When to wear: Any time, any day - but it is indeed a happy pill - so if you are down...
Could pair with:
Rating: ✮✮✮✮
✮✮✮✮✮ - Merry Delight
✮✮✮✮ - Giggling, singing and tap dancing.
✮✮✮ - A nice elegant smile.
✮✮ - I see a smirk there!
✮ - I am not smiling at all!

Some reasons to smile according to Mark Stibich, PhD: 

Smile is a fun way to live longer.
Smile improves your health, your stress level, and your attractiveness.
Smile is a great way to make you stand out.
Smiling changes our mood.
Smiling lifts your face and makes you look younger.
People are drawn to people who smile.

That you need more reasons to buy Eau de Fröhliche??? 
A hint of cacao, a hint of iris, a hint of cardamom freshness and you are smiling my dears! Eau de Fröhliche will make you look younger without turning you into a teenager. It will change your mood to a better one because it has a sweetness that is rich, without being boring. It will make you more attractive because it has a tenacious and a vivid spirit all the way till dry down.

From the first whiff you get a delicious chocolate scented cloud all over you. I wish I could find more saltiness to it. It would than, be perfect. I tried Lindt dark chocolate with salt crystals in Tel Aviv, and it is an exquisite combination that I wished to find in this perfume. Maybe Erik will listen to my dreams and make them become true...

The thing with this perfume is that a lot is going on there...I smell coriander and iris and cacao. A revolution of scents on my skin. How can I describe it? It feels as if the notes were little children and in that case, they would be giggling and  dancing together around a pole. The pole would be the incense note.

I also fell caressed. This perfume is very furry - buttery. I found a beautiful photo of Naomi Campbell that in my opinion, describes this sensation/fragrance in one shot: Classy, Urban chic, very elegant and very sensual.

The chocolate note, according to Erik, was made with patchouli, tonka, vanilla and tolu. To my merry happiness the vanilla does not smell like pastry. It is a very velvety rich accord. Very grown-up.

Photo credit: Gilles Schneider

The fruit note comes from a combination of rosewood, Frambione and ketones. It is a very subliminally hint of acid freshness, but it is there. It makes the fragrance more MERRY. A joy that you feel but you don't know where it is coming from. Just like an spontaneous smile: BEAUTIFUL!
Dry down is musky furry. I would love to have seen some darkness there. Something more hard core, more mushroomy... or a hint of vetiver or even elemi.  But than, would it continue to be fröhlich-y?


Just to finish - I wrote the review and went upstairs to finally go to bed. I spread a fantastic body lotion that I bought in Israel - YES to carrots on my arms and hands. Than it stroke me: Eau de Fröhliche EDP has also that carrot oil scent! By comparison and just empirically I found a note that was not really capturing my olfactive memory files. BINGO!

I think this perfume would be a great option for Pessach and Easter instead of chocolates!!
I will certainly wear it to celebrate!
Thank you once again Erik for being such a sweet person as yourself!

P.S.: The fragrance bottle image is currently being redefined....I loved this one...pity pity.

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