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L'Air de Rien EDP by Miller Harris - A different Review

She was the first to reveal pubic hair in the history of mainstream cinema.  She is the most famous heavy breather of all times. She was photographed (at least a thousand times) carrying  a bag that was more suitable for shopping in a street market, but Hermés created a fantastic leather bag just for her - The Birkin Bag. Although she doesn't even like perfumes, Lyn Harris (of English Niche perfume brand Miller Harris) created a scent just for her! Meet Jane Birkin at + Q Perfume Blog, the British lady that inspired so many with so little.

Photo credit: Colin Florence Gamma for Mail

In times where celebrity scents seem to be every brand's day dream of closing the next quarter with a reason to celebrate, the gimmick has also arrived to the noble houses of Niche Brands. 
It took me a lot of thinking to understand why British Niche Brand Miller Harris chose a celebrity from the sixties to be the inspiration of a fragrance. According to the British Journal The Independent, Jane Birkin and Lyn Harris had a common friend named Gabrielle Crowford, who decided to introduce Jane to the perfumer, just for the fact that Jane never really found a fragrance for herself. She used to wear Chanel while her beloved French husband Serge Gainsbourg wore Guerlain, but she never felt that the fragrance belonged to her. Also according to the journal, Jane's brother was involved in the production of the movie Perfume The Story of a Murderer, so she thought of making one with everything she liked. Great explanations for PRs to publish in magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue, but not very convincing if you ask me.

I went deeper into Jane's biography. Ok, the girl was quite wild, photographed naked, filmed naked, sang naked, loved her husband in public (so did Yoko Ono but you haven't seen a perfume named after her right?)... and oh yes! She was the first one to show her British pubic bush in public. Pretty historical huh? She also recorded orgasmic breathing with Serge in the most famous song (and most played in cheap motel rooms song) Je T'aime Moi Non Plus. Ok, she also got the golden medal for the most famous heavy breather in the world!

Many records made, more than 70 performances in films both in England and France, many other naked pictures taken... still not the reason to make that fragrance!

Than it stroke me: Carla Bruni!

Both pretty ladies with L'Air de Rien and no voice married ugly famous men and boosted her celebrity sparkles. Carla is the current French president Nicolas Sarkozy's first lady.   In her "brilliant carrier as a singer" she has also recorded her version of Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus! OMG, What a coincidence!

She has also appeared naked in the media. Really? No way! What a coincidence!
Now, one cannot make a perfume inspired by France's first lady touchie today, but one can bring one Jane Birkin's pubic hair back to the spotlight 40 years later, right? 
Batman & Robin, Serge-Birkin, Sarco-Bruni...
Anyways, L'Air de Rien (translated as nothing to English) is a funny name for a fragrance that was supposed to have TOUT (everything) that Jane Birkin loves, such as her brother's hair, her father's pipes, the Paris subway stench, Serge's dirty underwear and many other weird stuff she could possibly think of... Sound as funny as the Bruni Bag! ( I am kidding again, there is no such a thing as the Bruni bag...but Hermés can if they wish to, there is a Kelly bag, so why not ?...)

So, the lady that showed her pubic hair in public so her lover would not look to Bardot's sexy lips and breast, who was the sound track of many hand jobs in the 60's got a fragrance of her own!
L'Air de Rien EDP by Miller Harris (launched in 2006) is to be said to have the following olfactive notes: French oakmoss, Tunisian neroli, sweet musk, amber and vanilla.
It is an unisex fragrance that resembles a chewed leather purse and French dirty armpit hair, with a little whiff of flower, a little whiff of skunky glands and pretty much like a sexual intercourse. It is sexy in a funny way. It is a Jane Birkin thing, I guess.

Serge & Jane

The truth is, L'Air de Rien must have been named by the way she behaved in the 60's.  Doing NOTHING and getting famous for it. Having most of all -  that L'Air de Rien dans la tete kind of personality.

You will find L'Air de Rien EDP by MIller Harris -  this 5 star rated perfume (By Famous Luca Turin) -  at Essenza Nobile, the guys who provided this interesting perfume for me to give a huge laugh the day I sprayed on my wrist!

I recommend you to spray the fragrance, look at Jane & Serge and listen to Jane's sexual moans at the same time - must be a olfactive - audio - visual porno experience... at least curious... I am kidding again... (no I am not!) It is a nice fragrance if you like oakmoss and leather!


*jen said...

"...a chewed leather purse and French dirty armpit hair, with a little whiff of flower, a little whiff of skunky glands and pretty much like a sexual intercourse."

Yum. :)

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Henrique said...
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+ Q Perfume Blog said...

I gave it some credit and reapplied a few times. I found it very odd in the first application too. But it is growing on me...

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