Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pepper sprays! / Pimenta nos olhos dos outros é colírio!

Brazilians have a proverb that goes: "Pepper in the eyes of somebody else is eye drops". Which means that we should not do to others what we don't wish others to do to us. So, thinking of this ancient saying, I brought here fragrances that contain a very high percentage of pepper. Maybe eye drops to some...maybe pure pepper spray to others!

Pimenta nos olhos dos outros é colírio! Assim diz o velho provérbio. E nos perfumes?
Siga o índice de picância e descubra os perfumes mais apimentados do mercado!

Bang! EDT by Marc Jacobs - EXTRA HOT - 03 peppers: black, pink and white.
Picância: Extra Forte - notas de pimenta preta, branca e rosa.

Orris Noir EDP by Ormonde Jayne - VERY STRONG notes of Pink peppers Pimento Berries at the very first whiff. Usually Ormonde Jayne works fantastically with pepper notes (my favorites), here was a bit too much for me!
Picância: Muito forte para notas de saída - notas de pimenta rosa e pimento.

Piment Brûlant EDT de L'Artisan Parfumeur - STRONG notes of Green Jalapenos with cocoa. Click HERE for a full review.
Picância: Forte nota de jalapenos verdes combinada com chocolate. Clique AQUI para uma avaliação completa.

Greyland EDP by Montale - FORTE - dangerous notes of Sri Lankan Pepper according to Sandrina Raicevic Petrovic from FRAGRANTICA.
Picância: Forte - notas perigosas de pimenta do Sri Lanka.


Henrique said...

When i saw the title, i thought that you're posting about people that overapply fragrances hahaha
Love peppers, but the pepper on Bang didn't surprised me. It's not so strong, it disappears on skin after the first 15 minutes. Bang is very shy for me, quite easy to wear but you have to apply a lot.
Have you tried French Lover from Frederic Malle? It's very peppery, a little bit salty, and woody. Excellent masculine choice.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

aha! To me Bang is a bang on the head...what can I say, I sneezed all day!
I don´t know French Lover but you got me curious!!! :-)

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