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The Christmas List - All kind of fragrances for men

Continuing to help with your Christmas list let's find the perfect gift for him.

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Classics are always a good choice when purchasing fragrances for men. If you wish to give a modern touch to them, there are plenty of options in the market:

Eau Sauvage EDT by Dior - a citrus aromatic, refined, clean, fresh fragrance that has been a best seller for many years now. For mature elegant men is a very good option.
One more option in the same fresh, elegant, mature genre is Vétiver EDT by Guerlain and Vetiver EDT by Creed. Both are excellent choices. 
Less classic and a great idea for someone that likes slightly edgy fragrances is Vetiver Dance EDP by Andy Tauer.

Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma - a classic citrus aromatic cologne with a slight sensual touch of pimento, ylang, patchouli, white moss and balms. Should bring hapiness also to more mature men. Colonia Essenza EDC by Acqua di Parma is also a great choice if you are looking for more intensity.

Cool Water EDT by Davidoff - a classic marine fragrance that has been around since 1988 and it is usually very appealing. Men who enjoy this fragrance may also enjoy the newest masculine launch by Chanel. Bleu EDT by Chanel is another option if you want to impress. after all, Chanel gives always the impression of being more expensive and more chic. You can also try Sel Marin EDT by Heely for a salty hip modern fragrance. This one will be more appealing to younger men.

No.88 Cologne by Czech and Speake - a little bit of rose and geraniums in a very masculine perfume. A british accent for elegance. For a younger public you could try Rose 31 EDP by Le Labo. Rose y, spicy and modern, brings more ambiguity to the fragrance.

If you wish to indulge him with nocturne sensual fragrances:

Encre Noir EDT by Lalique - Every man of taste should have one. It is elegant, complexed, deep and very very sensual.

Les Nombres D'Or Cuir EDP by Mona di Orio - rockandrollers, bikers, lawyers and gentlemen in tuxedos will all enjoy this leathery beauty. I strongly recommend this fragrance this X-mas!

1740 EDP by Histoires de Parfums - a patchouli-leather combo to die for!

A*Men EDT Pure Coffee (for a complete review, click HERE)/ A*Men Pure Malt EDT by Thierry Mugler - they are both rich fragrances with warm, sensual, distinguish touches of beverages. Very addictive.

For daily use fragrance gift for him:

Swiss Unlimited EDT by Vitorinox - great choice for a sportive fragrance with a sensual touch  and swiss charm.

Cedre Blanc EDP by Heely - hard to find EDP range for men, so once you find, go for it! British elegance with a woody soft touch.

Papyrus de Cyenne EDP by Parfumerie Generale - a green aromatic chypre, that has its feet both into classics and contemporary perfumery. Also great to wear at night.

Hindu Grass EDP by Nasomatto - (for a complete review click HERE) - close to the skin, very discrete and fabulously relaxing.

Just because it is fun:

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur - for a full review, click HERE - the circus fragrance.

Black to Black by Kilian -for a full review, click HERE - the Sherlock Holmes fragrance.

Bang EDT by Marc Jacobs - irony and irreverence is the motto of this fragrance. I am not promise any banging thou! But seems fun to me...

Wonderwood EDP by Comme de Garçons - click HERE for the complete review. The lumberjack fragrance.


Henrique said...

I'm gonna contribute with a few suggestions too :)

This year the commercial brands invested more in the masculine market. We may not have brilliant masculine creations, but there are solid launches that works and doesn't sound generic.

My recommendations to a christmas list with commercial fragrances launched are:

Le Male Terrible: this is for the man that find the original too much powdery, or too much sweet. It's a more balanced le male, more citrusy at the opening, more woodier at the background. It's not so loud as the original, and i think it's better this way. Seems sexy, but in a refined way.

Midnight in Paris Edp Van Cleef & Arpels - gorgeous leathery gourmand fragrance. If you have been wearing for years bvlgari black, the dreamer by versace, and want something new that follows a similar evolution, give a try at this one. A solid and well constructed fragrance, something so good that could even be a feminine fragrance (but it's for us guys! :) )

7 Loewe - by far my huge surprise of this year. When you see a blue bottle or a blue juice, you already expect a fresh, marine fragrance with some woods and spices. Something like the boring Bleu de Chanel. Well, it seems that Loewe decided to drop this cliche, because 7 doesn't smell anything like that. It's definitely for the guy that misses dry wood fragrances, that are something rare in the commercial aisle lately. 7 is for the one that loves dry, incensed fragrances. And this one has a lovely surprise hidden, a mouthwatering accord of spiced apple. Has a great longevity and sillage on skin.

To the guys that likes Eau Sauvage, my recommendation as christmas gift for summer is Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir. It keeps the same structure of Eau Sauvage but more transparent, with the opening more citrusy, the heart less flowery and with a discreet leather base.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Midnight in Paris is really good, I agree 100%!

Discount Perfumes said...

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