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The Christmas List - All kind of fragrances for young ladies & teens

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This year I reviewed some fragrances that I called Pretty Perfumes
Some were unpretentious pretty & witty, sweet perfumes, some were more complexed and also enjoyed by mature women:

Miss Charming EDP by Juliette Has a Gun (click HERE for the review); 

Love EDP By Kilian (click HERE for the review); 

John Varvatos EDP by Varvatos (click HERE for the review);

Nuda EDP by Nasomatto (click HERE for the review); and

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel (click HERE for the review)

and also in 2009:

PooPoo Pidoo EDP by Ego Facto (click HERE for the review)

The fact is... they will be great ideas for Christmas gift for younger ladies who enjoy wearing perfumes. 
Due to the fact that they are either niche brands or Chanel ($$$), they may cost more or can be sometimes more difficult to find. So,in order to be very democratic, lets search in the market for more pretty Pinkish perfumes that these ladies love so much:

Born Wild EDP for Women by Ed Hardy - fruity-floral - dewberry, cassis, peach
Parlez Moi d'Amour EDP by John Galliano - fruity-floral - bergamot, blueberry
Royal Desire EDP by Cristina Aguilera - fruity-floral - yuzu, blackcurrant + marshmellow
Peace, Love and Juicy Couture EDP by JC - fruity-floral - black currant, apple, lemon blossom
Guilty by Gucci EDP - oriental-floral - mandarine, pink pepper, peach
Boss Orange Sunset EDP by Hugo Boss - fruity-floral - grenadilla, orange blossom
Poppy EDP by Coach - fruity-floral - mandarin, creme brulée, marshmallow, vanilla
Pink Sparkle EDP by Kylie Minogue - fruity-floral - grapefruit, peach, champagne
Nina L'Elixir EDP by Nina Ricci - fruity-floral - berries, apple, caramel
Pretty Eau de Cologne Splash - Elizabeth Arden - fruity-floral - peach, watermelon, apple

...the list can continue kilometers from the starting long that it caught the attention of Basenotes site, in an article written by Judith Brockless, who criticizes pinky aura fragrances. (I think she was never young...poor Judith! Did you always have a refined mature taste?)

So, not to fall into the category of pinkish-dumb fragrance, I strongly recommend for your young/teen lady 02 fragrances that are simply radiant nice:

Petite Chérie EDP by Annick Goutal - for a full review click HERE

Tommy Girl EDP by Tommy Hilfiger - an amazing fruity-floral fragrance with notes of apple tree, camellias, mandarin, blackcurrant, mint, honeysuckle, rose, lily, magnolia, sandal and cedar. Not new (it has been around since 1996), but excellent fragrance. Luca Turin is very fond of it, and I totally understand why!


Henrique said...

I'm not a woman, but i'd really fall in love if someone gave me Love by Kilian.
The girls here have already received their xmas fragrant gifts. Opium EDP for my mom (she loves it) and Flower by Kenzo Winter for my sister.
Simone, have you noticed the huge amound of powdered patchouli at Flower Winter? In one of our conversations you told me that patchouli could be a note used to form a powdery aura, and i notice it clearly in Flower Winter. I prefer it, i think it's more balanced than the regular version.

Anonymous said...

you have to check the patchouli I brought from Takasago!!! Wowowowowowow!
I have stories to tell you!
Love by Kilian smells like apple nargilla molasses. rich, thick and luxurious. me like it!

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