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The Christmas List - All kind of fragrances for women

We are almost in the middle of December, so it is time to sit and organize the list of presents one must buy to his/her love ones. You will have to face a major traffic jam to get to your nearest mall. You will have to face 1000 of stressed people doing the same thing you are, that is, shopping for X-mas. You will get punched, kicked, elbows on your chest, your feet will be pierced by other womens' heels etc etc etc... and in the end of the day, when you are safe at home, you will find out that you forgot to buy poor aunt Anna a gift!!! OMG!!! BUT, it is just once a year, and it can be fun if you see the full half of the glass. Choosing fragrance gifts can be very pleasant. If you love perfumes, not only you will enjoy thinking of the fragrances to match each person you want to surprise, but you will also enjoy buying them. If you are afraid of the crowds, you can order them via website or via on line shops Essenza Nobile for sure!) I prefer to go personally to the shop, and have a great time smelling these beauties (but this is me). Perfumery shops are not necessarily located inside malls. The streets are crowded with perfumery/beauty shops. Meet a friend for lunch, go together for a shopping tour in a nice neighborhood. Walk, breath the magic air of the holidays, enjoy. We don't need to be torture! Have fun!

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I decided to bring here some fragrances to help you get inspired. Some were reviewed here during the year, some were not:

Le 6 EDP by Ida Delam - very sexy, very warm, very chic. It is a delicious oriental. I recommend it to your wife or girlfriend. (click here for the complete review). A perfect gift for women above her 30's

1889 Moulin Rouge EDP by Histoires de Parfums - very feminine, fun and fluffy and very Parisian. It is an amazing powdery-flowery perfume with a pinkish musical aura. To any woman with a cheerful personality, at any age. (click here for a full review).

Idylle EDT by Guerlain - an exuberant Chypre for a feminine, glamorous and elegant woman. A fresher and more luminous edition of the EDP. It is simply beautiful! Any woman will love to receive this gift!! ladies from 25 up will certainly know how to appreciate.

Bois d'Iris EDP by Van Cleef & Arpels - a minimalistic woody-powdery iris perfume. Very creamy and milky and at the same time very feminine and calming. It is a woody perfume but with a very feminine delicate aura. It will be wonderful for this winter. (for a full review, click here). Women above her 30's will enjoy the most.

Magnolia Nobile EDP by Acqua di Parma - gardenias at full bloom. Velvety, elegant and sensual. Could be a nice gift for your wife, your mom, your aunt or any special woman above her 30's.

Tubéreuse 02 Virginale EDP by Histoires de Parfums - cheerful, gentle, sweet and very smooth flowery perfume. The buttery notes of tuberose, involved in cherries, white flowers and a beautiful woody creamy base.  Chic and hip, girlfriends will love this perfume. Young ladies will smile, including in her 20's.

Miss Charming EDP by Juliette has a Gun - a fruity floral fragrance that is very gracious and uncomplicated. Sparkling and charming, it will enchant young ladies from 15 yrs old to 30's. (click here for a full review)

If your lady friend is into glamour, allure and luxurious fragrances: Tiare EDP by OJ (check my last post); Pêche Noir EDP by Shelley Waddington; La Prairie's Life Threads GOLD EDP; J'Adore Absolu by Dior and Shiseido's Zen Gold EDP are also a great perfumes.

If she is into comforting fragrances: Eau de Delices Essence Orange EDT by Cartier; Coromandel EDP by Chanel (Les Exclusifs); Nirmal EDP by Laboratorio Olfattivo; Tolu EDP by Ormonde Jayne; Chanel Nº5 EDP Eau Premiere by Chanel; and Amber EDP by Mona Orio.

A lady fond of fruity syrupy fragrances will enjoy: John Varvatos for Her EDP;  Euphoria EDT by Calvin Klein, Amethyst EDP by Lalique; Acqua e Zucchero EDP by Profumum Roma; Petit Chérie EDP by Annick Goutal; and Miss Dior Chérie by Dior.

A woman who has a thing for dry, dusty, powdery, woody or tomboy fragrances will enjoy: Escale a Portofino EDT by Dior; Figuier EDP by Heeley; Premiere Figuier EDT by L'Artisan Parfumeur, Black Bulgari EDP by Bulgari; Mandragore EDP by Annick Goutal and Diptyque L'Eau des Hesperides EDC.

To be continued...


M said...

Simone, how well-chosen your fragrances are, especially your "comforting" category. (Coromandel! A dream. Add Cuir de Russie to that list -- a scent of pure comfort to me.)
Big kiss,

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Lots of kisses dearest!

Henrique said...

I second Michael recommendation. Cuir de Russie is a gorgeous gift to a woman (or a man too :) )

Simone, i discovered that i have a more mature woman taste hihihi I want Idylle Edt and I love Bois d'Iris from Van Cleef & Arpels. Their Orchide Vanille is also a wonderful vanilla fragrance, more flowery and delicate than the general pudding vanillas. When you can, get a sample of it, you won't regret

fragrance for women said...

Generally womens are not so much fan of using perfume in compare to man. But I have some womens using so much perfumes and they also like to use strong perfumes. I like some kind of fragrances from the whole list that you have made over here.

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I want to know what smells good to them and what is popular.
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fragrance for women said...

The list of fragrances that you have shared over here is really nice and interesting as well. It is good to know about so many fragrances.

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