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Vamp à NY EDP - Honoré de Prés - Fragrance Review for the Holidays

Dear friends and readers, as December is approaching it is time to start thinking of X-mas & Hanukah gifts and fragrances for the Holidays. This blog has received and researched many fragrances this year. Some have touched and enchanted my heart and soul. Unfortunately I wasn't able to review all of them, but every year near the Holidays I bring fragrances that have either different styles, different moods, or different approaches, so from now on you will be able to find at least one that will be a perfect gift for a special person in your life. It is one more chance to review those beauties on my desk in front of me!
Obs.: The ones that I have already reviewed and that I feel are a must this season, I will bring in a separate list. (One cannot re-review perfumes).

Last April I brought Les parfums Bio, and the brand that stood out for its quality and creativity was Honoré de Prés (click here for the article):

The best was saved for Last!
X-mas recommended fragrance!

A Fragrance for a sophisticated, voluptuous, urban diva!

Honoré de Prés is a French Niche Bio Perfume Brand creating natural perfumes with a chic aura. By the hands of famous perfumer Olivia Giacobetti (creator of many perfumes for big brands such as L'Artisan Parfumeur, Diptyque, Guerlain, Hermès, Costes, and the executer of the amazing Idole for Lubin), naturals received a chic status of haute parfumerie. You will not find that Hippie - Woodstock - Indie patchouli-sandalwood smell in her perfumes. 
As artistic director of the brand Christian David explained to extraittv, Honoré de Prés has been developing fragrances with the perfumer Olivia Giacobetti who has moved to new York City, and its new collection of the brand, the "Eau de Parfum LOVE", has moved to New York with Olivia to explore the city, its alter egos, its ambiances and philosophies. The result of this relocation is a series of 03 fragrances called I love les carottes, Love coco and Vamp à NY. In fact, he oddly explained that they did not develop a concept, but the fragrances are rather a result of the fact that the brand flies back and forth to NY to work with the perfumer. Their monthly routine became a collection.
The fragrances are placed in a paper bag and presented inside a paper cup, style "coffee to go", an iconic object of the New Yorkers. According to Christian David they decided to put Honoré de Prés' fragrances in a very emotional place" for New Yorkers. The bottle is made of a thick heavy glass, with rounded shapes evoking a sensuality at touch.

Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog

Photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog

Fragrance Review
Fragrance: Vamp à NY 
Range: EDP
Origin: France
Launch: 2010
Perfumer: Olivia Giacobetti
Gender: F
Type: Niche - BIO
Olfactive Family: Floral Tuberose - Vanilla
Olfactive Notes: Rum, Tuberose, Bourbon Vanilla, Benzoin, Peru and Tolu Balms. 
Brand's description: "Picks an entire field of nature, all the beautiful balms, all the heady ones as well as all the fragile and extend of New York voluptuous atmosphere...not a fake Vamp at all!"
+ Q Perfume Blog Description: WARM, SWEET, SENSUAL, PUSSYCAT DOLLS
Silage: Good
Fixation: Better than other Naturals
★★★★★ - Most voluptuous Tuberose.
★★★★ - Naturally Sensual.
★★ - Sensual butter!
★ - Blood sucking bad perfume!
★ - Vamp but tramp!

Obs: Samples were kindly provided by the brand upon my request.

You can find Vamp à NY at: their WEBSITE /Collete/ Bon Marché. 
Could pair with: Songes by Annick Goutal

Rum -  dark, mysterious, thick, inebriating, a touch of Spanish sensuality. Very alcoholic with a molasses aroma, melting with another Spanish origin raw material - The Vanilla. Slightly salty, slightly sweet, syrupy, almond y-woody notes of Vanilla. I call it the Latino (Hispanic Americans) presence accord in a New York fragrance. Very unusual, rather unexpected and very dark, it brings the sensuality of Latino divas such as Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez etc...


Olivia has previously explored the beauty of rum notes in Idole, for Lubin (check HERE for my review), combining it with bitter oranges peel and spices, and creating a warm round woody accord. Here the rum is also warm, but salty. More drinkable than edible, it brings an inebriating Rumba note of love encounters on the dance floor. 

Photo credit:

Tuberose Absolute follows the swing of the hips, with a buttery sweet delicate Rumba move. Syrup gets thicker and more feminine with Tuberose. Hypnotic, sensual and voluptuous, Tuberose will bring more curves to the fragrance. It will lead you to a narcotic addictive trail of feminine allure. There is a sub note of Polynesian flowers. A trace of Tiare notes that will bring the aura of paradisiac islands of Tahiti. It is delicate gracious note of scented Tiare flower crowns.
The fragrance becomes a little bit more fluid and temporarily watery, but that perception of fluidity lasts very briefly. A caress of contrast with the deepness and thickness of the start. A whiff of lightness, a delicate touch of unfurling petals on the skin. But again, there is a undertone of coconut scent that bring us back to the latino soul.

Melissa Plastic Dreams

Curiously, Vamp à NY EDP will bring to all Brazilians, images of Melissa plastic shoes. The funky sweety hip note of tutti frutti bubble gum and jelly beans. It is a very urban conceptual plastic shoes that fit not only New Yorkers', but every fashionista. It is the catwalk of new York's fashion shows touch. Also known by Brazilians, curcuma (turmeric) spice note is present. (I explain: As we don't have the real saffron growing in Brazil, we use curcuma in our dishes). As previously compared with Idole for Lubin, Olivia also added a notes of saffron there. But in Idole, saffron added a very carrot like note. Here it gives a trace of earthiness with a delicate note of carrot, almost imperceptible. One has to smell this fragrance many times to capture this note. 

From syrupy alcoholic notes, to graceful fluidity, jumping to hip chic plastics, and back to the syrupiness balms of Tolu, Peru and Benzoin, this perfume has many textures combined. A fragrance that is a natural collage of many snap shots, of the many facets of one city. It is also a great fragrance for women wishing to have the diva aura. Women with determined personalities, high stilettos, cleavage and sexy contours. 
Sensual like the Latino American ladies, funky and sexy like the Pussycat Dolls.

For the Pussycat Dolls video, click here. 


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