Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Financial Crisis - Consumers behavior - PART II - fragrances launches for men

In our society, power to provide also means power to seduce, power to conquer and power to attract beauty. It is obvious that if you are ugly as hell and you are surrounded by models, either you are a Hollywood producer or a heir. Believe me, your wonderful personality will not do you any good, unless it comes with large sums of money. I am not saying here that all women are potential trophy wives or gold diggers. But the amazing women with long legs and shinny hair & smiles, the ones that look like top models showing in perfume-fashion-tv advertising, the ones that men usually turn their radar to do not value personality.
I have also mentioned that the loss of financial power did scratch men's self esteem. And when you don't trust your own power to seduce what is exactly that you do? You look for fragrances that come with this promise. Why? Because the guys in the advertising business did their homework!

As we continue our analysis of the launches of male fragrances for the last 2 years, we will find many relying on the fact that men are trying to recover their power to seduce. Find some of these launches here and regain your Casanova personna in one whiff!


For the advertising video where Vicent is spreading sensuality all over women, click HERE.

L'Eau de Issey pour Homme - Absolu Noir (2010) - "The sensuality of the black color"

La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum EDT by YSL (2009) - "Pure sensuality" of Vicent Cassel for you - bottled!

Salvador EDT by Salvador Dali (2010) - "Elegant, original, seductive as the dandy seductive Spanish painter"

Platinum Label EDT by Perry Ellis (2010) - "Completely addictive and endlessly seductive."

Patrick Dempsey II EDT by Avon (2010) - “This scent evokes the feeling of strength and intimacy you experience with the person you love”

VIP EDT by Usher (2010) - "VIP is a state of mind where smart is sexy and intelligence rules the day". "The fragrance exudes the confidence of a gentleman at easy in his skin."

Ambre Nuit Eau de Cologne by Dior (2010) - "Nocturnal seduction."

Elixir Azzaro pour Homme EDT (2009) - "Flaunts a message of intensity ans sensuality."

For Him Musc Collection EDP by Narciso Rodriguez (2009) - "A fragrance that balances sensuality, gentleness and sophistication."

Hot Water EDT by Davidoff (2009) - "A sensual water." " The fragrance of passion and magnetic charisma."

Attitude Extreme EDt by Armani (2009) - "A one hundred sensual perfume for men."
L'Essence de Cerruti EDP by Cerruti (2009) - "It is the echo of sensuality touched by elegance.'

Hilfiger EDT by Hilfiger (2009) - "A scent that is confident and playfully sexy."

Play Eau Intense EDT by Givenchy (2008) - "For men searching for sensuality and charisma".

Deseo for Men EDT by JLO (2008) - "My desire takes hold of me, I want her to want me, she is onto my scent. Lets desire lead you."

One Million EDT by Paco Rabanne(20080 - "Paco Rabanne is betting one million on the return of male seduction."

Amour pour Homme Temptation EDT by Cacharel (2008) - " A masculine alchemy for temptation".

Versace pour Homme EDt by Versace (2008) - "Mediterranean sensuality for the self confident man."

and the list could go on...but I think we have already enough to make a point, don't we?


Anyways, sexuality, the sex appeal, the power to seduce was always explored by the industry. Sex was always a tool for advertising and publicity(You can read the article about sex and perfumes I posted this year by clicking HERE), but these last two years it has been more intense due to the post crisis psychological and financial effects on men.

I must agree that when a man is smelling good (to my own subject opinion of what is good), I tend to think that he is "better looking", or that at least he has more sex appeal towards me. BUT, if I will see Nir Lavi in person and he will be sweaty and smelly... I can assure he will not look less gorgeous. In fact, I will not mind help him freshen up (LOL).
What I mean to say is, that crisis or no crisis, perfume will help the less fortuned. So why not to explore this fact when they have no money to offer as an alternative for the good looks they lack?

For Casanova 2005 movie with sensual Heath Ledger and beautiful Sienna Miller, click HERE


Henrique said...

Another interesting example of how the world context end influenciating the perfumery. What i haven't noticed is that even niche segmentation sometimes velve into this matter of self-esteem desires translated in fragrance - the example is the Ambre Nuit from Dior on the list. But my impression is that in general niche segment end being more successful in transforming the concepts into fragrances, not only into marketing, as some massmarket fragrances unfortunately do.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Hi rick, go to my article perfume are not about sex?? and see that even niche rely on sex appeal to sell.

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