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Traveling to the beach means to me to be able to reboot my senses. Away from the city I can finally breath fresher air, enjoy the green view and listen to the amazing sound of the forest, of the waves breaking on the shore, and taste for a few days how simplicity brings happiness. The city behind us, the landscape changing from gray to green, the road that seems never to end, and the thoughts in my head just flying away like the white seagulls in the horizon.

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As we travel through the Atlantic moist forest, the humidity gets denser and denser. There are more than 20,000 species of plants in the Atlantic forest and some are really breathtaking. The smells of the mangroves, the fluvial plains, the beaches, and the vegetation of the rocky coast  worth spending almost three hours driving through the Serra do Mar. 

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I find it very relaxing to sit near the sea and watch the waves come and go, making every time a new pattern on the sand. The smell of the wet sand and drifted wood, warming up with the heat coming from the sun is also very unique, and combined with the salty cabbage smell of sea made me think of my salty fragrances reviews.

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It is not a secret I have a weakness for this type of fragrances. I have already reviewed Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris (click here for the review), Acqua di Sale by Profumum Roma (click here for the review). Two fragrances that are simple divine! I have also made a quick review on Coté D'Amour by L'Artisan Parfumeur (click here for this review). So it is time to add more fragrances to this library. 


Launch: 2006

Perfumer: Celine Ellena

Origin: France

Olfactive Family: Marine

Gender: Both genders can wear it.

Olfactive Notes: Grapefruit, Haitian Vetiver, patchouli, cardamom, geranium, ylang ylang, iris, liveche.

Description by the Brand: "For her second signature-scent Céline Ellena gave her interpretation of salt, an imaginary material in the creator’s palette, and worked with a wild and mesmerizing Vetiver to create this mysterious and intriguing scent, a bewildering combination of luminous crystals and the burning and wild character of Haitian Vetiver. Our createur-parfumeur worked with two types of vetiver of different extractions to keep only the lightest and most transparent notes of vetiver. The zest of grapefruit is stronger and the woody note is goldier. A puzzling and fleeting composition with salty and fresh notes coming from the grape-fruit and liveche, sweetened by the warm and sensual notes of geranium, ylang ylang and iris resinoide".

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Inspiration: “scent of salt drying on the skin after bathing in the sea”


Silage: Good
Fixation: Good
When to wear: Very versatile, can be a fragrance for every occasion and season. I love to wear it mostly to create a holiday sensation, or to trick my mood (uplift) during the rainy season.
Could pair with: Terre d'Iris by Miller Harris.

You can find Sel de Vetiver EDP and all The Different Company fragrances at Essenza Nobile by clicking on the links.

Sel de Vetiver has always interested me, even before trying the fragrance. I have read about it in Jean Claude Ellena's book (Céline's father and my favorite of all perfumers).
According to the book, Céline has been invited for a dinner where her friends served water with roots of vetiver, an Ethiopian costume. From this earthy drink she developed the idea of making a fragrance that would capture the salty idea of salt crystals being formed on skin, when salty water is heated with sun rays.
It starts with a sunny note of grapefruit, slightly sweet and very citrusy - very uplifting and diffuse. The salty notes of vetiver comes with the grapefruit which is surprising, because the idea of the perfume is not developed from start to the end, but already at the very first accord, with top notes of the fragrance. As you open the lid, you a inhale "beach", "body resting and drying on the sand from a dive in the sea", "sexy summer holidays" perfume. 

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Liveche, or Lovage is a medieval name for parsley. This herbaceous plant is native of the Mediterranean region. The leaves are used as herbs, the seeds as  spice, and the plant as a vegetable. According to the brand's website, it brings the saltiness of the fragrance.
From there, only beauty comes along: Patchouli is combined to round the perfume and give a sensual 70's style. Cardamom brings a minty touch of freshness, and also a soapy touch, when combined with iris and geranium. Salty freshness with a touch of dirtiness; earthy tones is combined with a sensual flowery powdery accord. 
It is a pretty linear fragrance. Some notes are enhanced at times, but the overall idea stays till the very end. Vetiver mellows down, tuning down the earthy accent, but it is present till dry down. Geranium here is very powdery. Iris is very buttery. Ylang brings a warmer touch to the flowery bouquet, and contributes to the idea of a warm feeling on the skin.


This fragrance reminds me very much of the beach I travel to (Juréia), located at the north seashore of São Paulo, in São Sebastião (Saint Sebastian). I think it is due to the fact that around the beach, there is a forest and the mangroves. The smell coming from the forest is very earthy, very root-y. A combination of dirt and dead leafs. Siting next to the river and watching the landscape you can smell the combination of the fresh sweet dark muddy water and the salty breeze. 


Sel de Vetiver has a crispy mineral note of salt, a tenderness of the powdery and buttery notes of the flowers, the uplifting sensation of grapefruit and the mysterious and sensual notes of patchouli, vetiver and ylang.

Although you can wear a year round and in every occasion, be aware of its power to seduce. It is after all a very sexy fragrance (sexy chic, not slutty).

For a nice experience click on the link:
Sound of the sea

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