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Harmonizing Fragrances & Food

For the last 10 years we have seen quite a while the increasing interest in learning about wines. Today workshops and courses about winery and trips to vineyards is no longer something for the wealthy and noble. Today everyone thinks of himself a sommelier, stirring glasses, smelling and giving an opinion either is good to serve or not.
Thinking of how close perfumery evaluation and wine evaluation are close, I decided to bring some fun to the + Q Perfume Blog and provoke your senses in a creative way. I propose to harmonize fragrances with meals, just like we usually do with wine. Find the right fragrance to create a certain atmosphere while eating a special meal.
I am presenting here a small list of my own experiences hoping to inspire you to make your own and share with us here.
The idea is not to get a perfume inspired in India and harmonize it with Indian food!! Check the notes, check the aura it is irradiating and see if it goes well with the ingredients of the food prepared.
Harmonized with Indian Food:
Hindu Grass by Nasomatto - notes of grass, green notes, tobacco and patchouli. For a complete review click HERE. The patchouli in this perfume is greener and leafy. The tobacco is very silky and honey-ish. It harmonizes well with chutneys, lamb dishes and yogurt dips. The powdery notes of the perfume blends well with cardamom sweets and Lassi drinks. vetiver notes harmonizes well with Paneer recipes.
Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur - notes of green mango, pink pepper, cardamom, karo karounde flower, patchouli, vetiver, myrrh and smoke incense of papyrus wood.
Mango and peppers goes with chutneys. Patchouly and incense make the atmosphere very Indian. Cardamom goes with Lassis & Paneers.
They are both very interesting and similar in some ways, that is why I think both goes well with Indian food.
Harmonized with Japanese food:
Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur - notes of peony, cardamom, spices, white tea, vetiver, incense, cedar, leather, iris and papyrus.
This fragrance starts with a very delicate powdery note of spiced peony and liquified with white tea that somehow harmonizes very well sushis. It has a Japanese delicate aura of bonsais, origamis, kimonos and sushis, and because it is also slightly woody, it goes very well with Japanese futon & bamboo rooms. The incense, the papyrus and the powdery aura brings Japan to life. The fragrances has a strong kick in the beginning and it is fun with the spicy Wasabi.
Harmonized with French Bistro:
Le6 EDP by Ida Delam - Notes of Almonds, Star Anise (badiane), Aldehydes, Myrrh, iris, violets, musk, vanilla, white amber. For a complete review click HERE.
Le 6 Eau de Parfum goes very well with the French bohemian aura of French cafés and bistros at night. It extends the atmosphere of any place serving French food with a jazzy art deco or vintage style. Croque Monsieur, quiche, steak poivre, green salads with Mediterranean olive oil dressing, grilled bread with goat cheese and spices...they are all served with great wines and liqueurs, and they smell wonderful with a touch of vintage sensuality of Le6 EDP.
The strong coffee in the end is a must to blend with the chocolate - amber- vanilla notes of the perfume. Find a place were you can stay to listen to music, chat and eat for more than 2 hours!
Harmonized with sea food specially mussels and clams:
Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris - notes of red thyme, coriander, angelica, rosemary, sage, iris, narcissus, rose, ambrette, bark, vetiver, moss and leather. For a complete review click HERE.
The salty fragrance of this perfume is like a jump into the sea. It brings the aura of the sea shore and holidays. It is a way to complete the experience once eating fish or sea food. If you will close your eyes, and taste the food, you will swear you travelled to Bartz sur la Mer or any cute town near the sea. The notes of rosemary, sage and coriander will spice up the food you are eating and bring aromas and fragrances into a live moving picture of Van Gogh's Arles.
Harmonized with branch & coffee shop cakes:
New York by Bond N9 - notes of bergamot, osmanthus, mirabelle plum, coffee expresso, patchouli, warm milk, lilly of the valley, peony, precious woods, tonka beans, cocoa powder, musk. For a complete review, click HERE.
The fragrance itself is a journey to a coffee shop. Cakes, coffees, pancakes, breads, cheesecakes, coffee, teas, hot chocolates, strong expressos. It is all there just to enhance the aromas of a bakery shop or a nice brunch with family or friends in the weekend.
Harmonized with Turkish kebabs & arab food:
Love by Kilian - notes of neroli, bergamot, pink pepper, coriander. Absolutes of vanille, ciste labdanum, jasmine, iris and orange flower & water. Rose, rose concrete, honeysuckle, caramelized sugar, civet and white musk. For a complete review click HERE.
It blends well just because of the Nargila fragrance this perfume has. Nothing more, nothing less.
Harmonized with tea at 5 o' clock:
Petit Chérrie by Annick Goutal - notes of pear, peach, rose, cut grass, musk and vanilla. For a complete review click HERE.
The fruity nuances of this perfume harmonizes pretty well with fruit cakes, fruits salads, juices and teas. The aura is prettiness and naivité. Nothing more fit than tea at 5 o'clock. Slightly flowery, slightly powdery, fruity but not mouth watering, it has a royal aura, you will feel like a queen having tea in England. Or Antoniette having breakfast.
Chemical Bonding by Ineke - notes of citrus cocktail, tea, blackberry, peony, vetiver, amber and musk.
This fragrance is a whiff of citruses and tea. It will only extend the idea of drinking tea. It will take you to a tea house, maybe in Chine. Fruity teas, citrusy teas, rosy can have all of them in one bottle.
Harmonized with Fondue:
Elixir de Merveilles by Hermés - notes of orange, orange pulp, chocolate, tonka, vanilla, vanilla sugar, cream, sandalwood, balm, cedar, frankincense, ambergris, patchouli.
The opening is an orange blast with alcoholic beverage. It blends well with cheeses and bread. It gives an special cozy atmosphere, and it extends the idea of eating fondue in front of the fire. the sugary notes and vanilla and tonka also fits chocolate fondues and some how it harmonizes well with the saltiness of the cheeses. It is a winter fragrance for winter gatherings such as fondue, raclette or cheese and wine parties.
This first list is rather short because this is something that I just started to experiment. Come here for more because I am sure they will be much more to list!


M said...

Simone, I love that you chose Timbuktu for part of your review here. I LOVE that fragrance, just like I love the L'Artisan Parfumeur shop in the Marais, which I'll be visiting later this week. And actually, I can imagine Timbuktu matching the wonderful Moroccan couscous restaurants in Paris that I love so much. I'll have to try it out. I've been wearing a lot of Bois d'Argent the past several weeks, which matches Paris so well, but I'll have to make room for Timbuktu for the odd evening meal in Paris. You really do have the best taste! (Just saw your "tea" post; is that Miller Harris "Thé Fumé" truly recommendable? I would love to find a new brilliant masculine tea scent; any recommendations?

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Last week I sprayed Timbuktu and went tracking with my husband in a forest near my home. The smell of the fragrance & the wet mossy scent of the trees and the wet dirty was soooo nice.
I am a couscous pro - Shitrit is a Moroccan name. My husband's family came migrated from Morocco to Israel. I will send you some recipes so you can make at home and have a special evening.
I suggest you buy a sample first of any of the perfumes I mention because taste is very subjective.
I just love tea notes. But nothing beat Black Bvlgari - to my taste. :-)

I am so happy you are/was in Paris.


pheromone cologne said...

harmonize fragrances with meals? that was interesting good that you shared this. :)


pheromones said...

Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur? I will have to try this scent while eating Indian food! I love how you elaborated and mixed in taste with an aroma of perfume. Thanks.

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