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John Varvatos EDP - Pretty perfumes 03 review

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Launch: 2008
Perfumer: Rodrigo Flores-Roux/John Varvatos
Inspiration: She’s an uptown sophisticate and a downtown bohemian, but she is far from being all things to all people – she is ever herself. She loves socializing in the comfort o home, going out with friends to understated gallery openings, films, concerts and reading. She mixes high and low effortlessly – shopping at flea markets, vintage stores, jewelry auctions, and the hippest boutiques to create her confident, individual and uniquely chic style. This style extends beyond her wardrobe and is ever present in her home and her surroundings. She is a natural beauty with a quiet intensity born of intelligence and accomplishment. Unmistakably sexy, she exudes a soft sensuality that is universally appealing./some say he was inspired by his wife Joyce.
Olfactive Family: chypre- floral with ambery fruity nuances.
Olfactives notes of: coriander flower, georgian apricot, damascus plum, golden mandarin from Sicily, aromatic Grappa, rumbrum lilies, rose attar from Turkey, mango blossom from India, jasmine grandiflorum concrete from Egypt, high altitude narcissus absolute from France, Tolu balsam, Adriatic oak moss, styrax from Laos, patchouli extra pure, wild honey from venezuela, hibiscus seed from Ecuador.
Description by the brand: multilayered, feminine, sensual, elegant, modern.
Sillage: good
Fixation: reasonable
Technical improvement: not noticed by + Q perfume Blog
✪✪✪✪✪ - Absolute gourmet treat!
✪✪✪✪ - So pretty delicious!
✪✪✪ - pretty digestible
✪✪ - Anti acid tabs quickly!!!
✪ - leftover indeed!
Grappa di Nebbiolo
photo credit:
Grappa is a fragrant grape-based pomace brandy from Italy, mostly made from the sterns, seeds and skin of grape - the "leftovers' of winemaking after pressing. Commonly served after dinner to aid the digestion, here in John Varvatos EDP it is served right in the beginning, with the top notes. It is also the inspiration for the design of the flacon.
The Grappa accord will come with mandarine rinds and dilute plums and apricots, with a delicate round of coriander flower bouquets. So pretty, so delicate and so chic that makes you kiss Mr. Varvatos on the cheek, and tell him that he must think very highly of us women. He sorta like the Valentino (fashion designer) of the fragrances. He know just the perfect way to make women become fabulous!
The top notes are cheerful, fruity and slightly acid. I am not a big fan of fruit salads, and once I understood I would get apricots, plums, mangos, mandarines and honey, I thought it would be one of those cheap sweety fragrances, that smells like you would eat for dessert. To my happiness John Varvatos EDP is very elegant, very urban, and far from resembling summer desserts.
If one day Chanel would become an American brand, I think this is the accord they would look for to make an American fragrance. It has a Chanel je ne sais quoi, and yet it smells very American.
Mango is not exactly my favorite fruit to eat, and also not a fragrance that I look for (unless if it is green like the one found in PC01 by Biehl or Jardin sur le Nil by Hermés). Ripe mangoes have this finishing touch of fermented decomposing stench that I can't bare. So, it may be the Queen of Tropical fruits, but I am not very found of it. At least here it was used the blossom of the tree and not the fruit.
The blue plum note is a treat for my senses - less sweet, more acid.
Jasmine and rose will give the prettiness expected in this fragrance. But one could expect something louder to call it a pretty in pink perfume, but Varvatos describes the lady of his inspiration as a natural beauty with a quiet intensity. Narcissus here is also caressing the skin with subtle presence. Lillies make me dream. Absolutely feminine and close to the skin bouquet. Somehow the migration from middle to base notes is different than expected. The notes vanishes momentarily - maybe high altitude flower notes made me out of breath? The lack of oxygen comprised my senses? I really did not understand it...
The base is rather think with resins such as Tolu, Styrax and deep notes of oak moss and patchouli. It would make me happier if the oak moss notes would be stronger. What we get is a dense patchouli, combined with honey giving a tobacco kind of effect to the accord. Styrax and Tolu could be more intense, but they just blend in. The hibiscus seeds are the last ones to show up - very nice.
Very chypre with hesperidic notes on top, rose-jasmine in the middle and moss and patchouli in the base. (Modern chypres can present a fruity accord, as we find here).
John Varvatos EDP is pink, charming, American, with a Audrey Hepburn kind of style. But I would prefer an updated Miss pretty, as shown here, walking on the catwalk wearing Valentino.
Audrey and her long cigarette holder
You find John Varvatos Fragrances at Essenza Nobile.
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