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Bond No9 So New York - review

Launch: 2003
Perfumer: Laurent le Guernec
Olfactive Notes: Bergamot, Osmanthus, Mirabelle plum, coffee expresso, Patchouli, warm milk, Lilly of the Valley, Peony, precious woods, Tonka beans, cocoa powder, musk.
Inspiration: The love for chocolate & lattes New Yorkers have.
Description: Gourmet, rich, flowery, urban.
Rating: ✪✪✪✪
and gourmand fragrances...
(magnet wisdom)
Although all Bond No9 Fragrances relate to New York City inspirations, coffee & chocolates are international addictions! So you don't have to live in New York to be curious about this perfume.
I love Euphoria by Calvin Klein, and somehow I think this perfume has something similar to So New York. If you research on olfactive notes of both perfumes, you won't find much in common. But once you smell them, there is something to it. They are both fruity, gourmet, rich, creamy, plummy fragrances.
Mirabelle plums
Bond No9 So New York starts with a whiff of bergamot combined with Mirabelle plums and Osmanthus.
Notes of sparkling freshness are pressed and blended with fruity sweet- acid plums and deep, mysterious, dark Osmanthus.
Mirabelle comes from the word Mirabel and it means Beautiful & Marvelous. And this is exactly how they smell! I was lucky to have them in Israel. Never seen them in Brazil...but maybe we do have them. Fruity notes are not exactly my thing, unless they are very well blended. And here they are mastered so well, that I needed to smell a few times to "separate" the aromas from the accord.
Osmanthus is to me a bang on the head note. It knocks my senses so deeply that either I get a major headache or I shout uh-ha! Here is a mix of both, uh ha! subtle pain on the forehead. But I learned not to breath so deeply.
If the perfumer got the inspirations of New Yorkers lattes, I would say the opening accord is an alarm clock ringing for them to wake up, engage in their early routine of shower - dress - get going. Strong to the senses, it is a "rise and shine" kind of opening.
So they left the house, bathed, groomed and in a rush to the next stop - coffee shop!
fresh coffee
If you ask any working urban creature what is a must-have in the morning to get the gears started, most of us will answer without thinking twice: coffee!
If you also ask most people to point out an aroma that they love very much, a large number will answer: the smell of freshly grounded roasted coffee.
In perfumery, coffee is so versatile and rich and so appreciated that you will find coffee notes on the top, middle and base notes. Here the coffee has a bitter expresso quality. It is strong, dark, rich and very intense. Combined with patchouli, it becomes creamy and velvety. A frothy milk layer was added to it, so your heart beat will not accelerate to the maximum. Instead, you have the same sensation of a fresh new day, sipping good coffee while reading the morning papers.
cocoa powder
The richness of the gourmet notes of this perfume gets to its pick when milk, coffee, tonka and cocoa powder are mixed. Deliciously spread on the skin,it is hard to take your nose away from it. It feels like eating. It brings all the memories of rich velvety chocolate & coffee cakes to the mind. You can get addicted to it very easily. Than you have the touch of flowers on your morning freshness.
Slightly flowery, the middle notes are harmonious and very different. Lilly of the valley has a green-ish tone and a lemony-rosy touch. It is a lovely flower with a delicate fragrance. Peonies here give only a rosy touch to the perfume but combined with coffee they are very subtle (which I liked this way).
The woody and muskier undertones are covered by flavor, but they are there.
Bond No9 So New York was rated as a 4 stars perfume. I could have given it a 5, if there wasn't for a surprisingly smell of plastic that you find between top and middle notes. Where it is coming from? Maybe from the plastic coffee cups and spoons?? I have no idea...
So, Michael and I would prefer to have Jake Gyllenhaal naked and bathed in fresh cologne for breakfast...but meanwhile we've settled for a good cup of coffee and nice Bond No9 fragrances! (private joke here...)
✪✪✪✪✪ - Brazilian expo quality blend
✪✪✪✪ - Santo Grão special
✪✪✪ - Starbucks
✪✪ - filter?
✪ - is that fresh?
You can find this perfume at Essenza Nobile by clicking HERE.
Sample provided by Essenza Nobile staff...probably waiting/expecting to get in return any Brazilian Blend coffee package from me LOLOL!


Henrique said...

Obrigada pela deliciosa resenha Simone!
Perfumes com café são uma das minhas fixações, estou sempre procurando perfumes que satisfaçam esse meu desejo. Confesso que fiquei mais curioso agora depois da sua resenha, já que adoro cheiro de ameixas também.
Dois perfumes com café que eu recomendo são o Amen Pure Coffee, um café mais seco, verde, menos torrado, e Bell Antonio da Hilde Soliani, onde o café encontra o tabaco para um ato denso torrado e especiado.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Vamos trocar nossas amostras???
Podemos combinar um dia pra tomar um café e mergulhar de cabeça nos perfumes, um do outro! ;-)
Quer escrever no meu blog tb? Me manda um e-mail para podermos conversar melhor!!

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