Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Bvlgari - review

photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog personal files
Perfumer: Annick Ménardo IFF
Inspiration: Big metropolitan centers like Tokyo, Berlin, Hong Kong...
Description by Brand: It is a monolithic fragrance composed of black tea
Olfactive family: woody
Gender: Unisex
Olfactive Notes: Bergamot, black tea, jasmine, cedar wood, sandal, leather, amber, musk, vanilla.
Sillage: close to the skin kind of fragrance
Fixation: great
Technical improvement: composed with no olfactive pyramid
photo credit: + Q Perfume Blog personal files
✪✪✪✪✪♥ - I hit the road with no end with the Porsche Panamera by TechArt
✪✪✪✪✪ - if it was a car, it would be Porsche Panamera by TechArt
✪✪✪✪ - if it was a chair, it would be a Lobster Chair by Lundman & Paarmann
✪✪✪ - if it was a wallet, it would be Nero Intrecciatto by Bottega Veneto
✪✪ - men's rubber jewelry?
✪ - NIKE rubber band?
Where to find this fragrance: Perfume stores near you!

Official press release by TECHART, introducing the new 2010 concept study for the Porsche Panamera, to be presented at Geneva Auto Show in March.
Black rubber, glass... my favorite materials of all times! If the cap was made of brushed stainless steel (inox steel)...I would probably think I am in Heaven!
When I first saw Black Bvlgari's perfume bottle I knew I would find an amazing fragrance in it. And it was definitely love at first sight. A woody smokey powdery flowery fragrance that would bring a huge smile to my face till today. I can spray this perfume on myself, and continuously smell my skin over and over again, and thank Mrs. Annick Ménardo for her existence in this world.
The fragrance is considered unisex. The truth is, one cannot really decide if it is a feminine perfume with a masculine touch; or a masculine fragrance with a powdery-flowery touch. It fits both, but still, you always find yourself wondering...
It is a very discrete perfume. One has to come closer to appreciate it better. Which also makes me wonder again...is it a good thing that someone has to come really close to you to realize that you smell heavenly? You won't leave that fragrant trace when you pass by... men/women will not follow you, or turn their heads towards you by wearing this perfume. It is not a seductive fragrance. But it is sexy as hell. Because once this person who CAN come close to your neck will touch his/her nose on your skin....I doubt that he/she will be able to control himself/herself from kissing it. So maybe it is a good thing after all...to bring someone you desire, close to you.
The urban concept is brought by the combination of cedar rubbery notes, leather and powdery jasmine. You think of tall concrete, steel and glass buildings, you think of pavement. You distance yourself from idillic places, and you jump into the center of a financial complex center of a pulsating town.
Soundhouse - University of Sheffield - a building covered by black rubber
Somehow it reminds me the concept of a British architectural building - "the Soundhouse" - with gray bricks, stainless steel and glass windows and rubber, a full layer of dark, impermeable black rubber.
Many notes bring smokiness to fragrances: olibanum, birch tar, guaiacol, cade oil, incense etc... The smokiness of this fragrance comes from toasted black tea notes (camellia sinensis).
According to tea expert Alex Probyn, black teas also have a rubbery flavor.
So, smokiness and rubbery notes coming from a wild combination of toasted black tea and cedar, with a touch of leather, sinks into the skin. Brings a whiff of masculine sensuality to the fragrance. Makes me dream of siting inside a magnificent Panamera Porsche and pass the hand on the leather seats, get amazed by its exclusive design, the power of the engines...

James Bond once was referred to this fragrance in LT's extinct blog - I cannot imagine another Bond than Daniel Graig (my favorite above all Bonds), driving the Panamera Porsche, in a tux, wearing Black Bvlgari, taking me for a ride....
The woody notes are simply soft and not overwhelming. The powdery touch is clean, comforting, seductively feminine.
Bond, James Bond
The amber, musk and vanilla bring softness to the blend. Caressing the skin and making one wonder why to purchase other fragrances when you have the best in hand already:
Craig, Panamera and.... Bvlgari - Black Bvlgari.
P.S. to LT: I know a former agent who is crazy about Black Bvlgari
The Lobster Chair by Lundman & Paarmann...in case you don't know what I was talking about!
... and click HERE to watch another agent in action!


Anonymous said...

Dear + Q Thanks for the wonderful article lots of imagination , hum i am going to put it on my skin and go white my Fiat 87 (sorry that i don't have Porsche) to find my love,
but what if my love used the same perfume black bvlgary ...?
this is perfect much or ... ?

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dear Anonymous,

If your love also wears Black Bvlgari...
SAY NO MORE! what are you waiting for?
Besides, I heard that some people invest in fast/expensive/big cars to compensate a body disadvantage.... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
so I heard. Fiat 87 is ok.LOLOL

pheromone advantage said...

Cool! this is the first time I head about BLACK BVLGARY EDT perfume. I want to try it. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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