Saturday, July 11, 2009

TOME I - La Pureté by Zadig & Voltaire

To Dimitri, the angel...
TOME I - La Pureté
Rock n' Roll Angel
Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi are the co-founders of LE LABO, a brand that has been around in the market and in this blog for quite a while (they were the first brand interviewed in the blog, and the first supporters of my project a year ago- click here for the interview). Together with Thierry Gillier they created a fragrance-concept called TOME I - La Pureté for the brand Zadig & Voltaire.
The first fragrance of the brand is inspired by a story of a fallen angel, the messenger of utopia, a rock n' roll symbol loved by the brand.
The fragrance-concept has a white bottle, the symbol of purity and heavenly dreams and the packing is a white book with a Thomas Kempis quotation:
"Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all the temporary nature".
The idea is to go beyond the fragrance itself and tell a story, an olfactive story.
The bottle
With Blends of milky notes,
Patchouli oil,
Orange Blossom,
Jasmin Tea,
Tonka beans,
Sandalwood and vanilla.
It promises to bring inverted commas, nursery rhymes, purity, vitality, simplicity, extravagance and impertinence.
Spiritual, it brings heart and soul together in a delightful and innocent whirl.
I can't wait to put my hands on the bottle!
The movie has a nice movie that you can watch by pressing here.
The same style of the new campaign for Calvin Klein's CK One I may say...
Zadig & Voltaire has a Rock n' Roll, androgynous and cozy and punk, trendy cool style at the same time. It is fun, natural and the cashmeres are a must!
Extravagant Hot Angels
Photo credits: Fragrance - Zadig & Voltaire


Parfum said...

I am in love with the white bottle for the Zadig & Voltaire parfum!! I must track it down !!

Have you smelled it? If not... first person to smell it must tell the other their thoughts ;)

+Q Perfume said...

Hello sugar!!! long time since we have spoken! Glad you are here! I simple fell in love for this idea too!
haven't tried yet but I am in the pursue, let me know!!!

Anonymous said...

I've smelt it and it is gorgeous - warm, sexy and somehow comforting too. Definitely one I'll be saving up for!

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