Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog´s Summer Fragrances best choices

Our dearest perfumer and blogger Ayala Sender invited us to join an expontaneous project of bringing together a list of fragrances for this summer.
although here is still winter, I really enjoyed the gathegories proposed.
You can click on the links to check the other fragrances chosen by other participants.
Have a happy summer time!
+Q Perfume Blog Summer Fragrant Pleasures:
1. Summer night in the big city A fragrance inspired by the color of a nightfall - the blue indigo. A mysteriously warm and vibrant perfume for a woman searching for fun on a summer night: L’Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo par Famme EDT The new fragrance by Kenzo Vibrant, sunny and mysteriously sexy. Nightly notes of bergamot, mandarine, Sambac jasmine, Ylang, Orange blossom, ambar and Tonka beans.
2. International travel/jet-setting Travelling to India is trendy these days in Brazil, so I couldn’t think of something else than a fragrance inspired by an exotic trip such as the new flanker of Dior. Prepare your passport to the next stop: Escale à Pondychéri EDT by Dior A citrus - aromatic blend that is fresh for summer with a pinch of spices. Notes of tealeaves, cardamom, jasmine and sandalwood. 3. Going sailing That is tricky for me because I have motion sickness and sailing is a challenge to me, although I love the sea! The only thing that helps me feel better from seasickness is a good jump on cold salty waters. So, I could not think of something else than the best product for summer sports such our traditional Nivea Sunscreen. I just love the fragrance! Smelling good and protecting the skin to keep our youthful look is a must: NIVEA SUN invisible Protection 4. Drive-In Fragrance: catching a movie in the drive-in theater Drive-ins are open spaces, so we can be bold this summer and try something more dense than just a splash or a cologne! I would go for something that complements the atmosphere: Infusion de Fleur D’Oranger EDT by Prada Fresh floral with powdery notes. Notes of Mandarin, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine, serenolide and powdery notes. 5. Summer siesta Although mint has an uplifting and waking up effect, hot summer days can be taught. In order to cut the head-in-the-oven sensation I think that I found a great fragrance: Menthe Fraîche by Heely Subtle and refreshing, the fragrance brings notes of mint leafs, Sicilian bergamot, mate, green tea, lotus leafs and white cedar. If you succeed to sleep with mint, this could be a good choice. If not try: Patyka Hespéridé by Patyka With citrus and lavander notes. Fresh and relaxing! 6. Garden - something you'll wear while tending to your summer garden From the collection Natura Águas (Natura Waters). A body splash inspired in brazilian yards, gardens and fruit plantations. Fresh and flowery, this fragrance brings creamy white flowers with fresh citrusy-fruity notes. Delicate as flowers, comforting as a sunny day and fresh for daily use: Natura Côlonia Orquídea by Natura Fragrant path: Bergamot, mandarin, cyclamen and neroli, muguet, orange flower blossom, rose and orchid, musk, cedar, heliotrope and sandalwood 7. Beach scent I love to take a walk at the beach in the afternoon to watch the sundown. The sea breeze and warm winds are so romantic. The scents of the seashore are amazingly relaxing. I thought of a fragrance that has an Italian summer accent: Acqua Viva by Profumum Roma A fragrance with fresh and clean notes of lemons, drops of sugar and woody notes. It has a touch of the Mediterranean seashore and Italian romance. Notes of Amalfi lemons, Sicilian broom flowers, cypress and cedar. 8. Bar-B-Q A fresh scent to cut the greasy smells of burning meat and melting fat and fresh salads! Careful or someone might take a bite of you too: Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone EDT Fresh and clean, this citrus-aromatic fragrance brings notes of limes and mandarins spiced up by basil and white thyme. 9. Best fruit salad scent I thought of lichees and kiwis or Harajuku collection…but than I remembered something very interesting about the green-ish flacon of Dior’s new flanker that feels fresh for summer: Miss Dior Chérie L’Eau EDT by Dior Fruity and sparkling interesting, the fragrance is young and joyful. The gardenia trend is here again and the touch of dry woods is interesting. Woody notes are too heavy for me during summer time, but here they are simply involving the fruity-floral notes. Notes of Bigarade orange, Fruity notes, gardenia, floral notes, white musk, patchouli, caramel and dry woods.
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Abigail said...

ooooo I've been curious about the scent you chose for a summer siesta lately: Menthe Fraîche by Heely

I'm going to give that one a try.

And I like that you will wear Nivea sunscreen sailing! That's the safest choice - you get SO MUCH sun while out on a boat :0)

Ayala Moriel said...

Thank you for contributing to this summer blogging project!
We both share the love of evening stroll along the beach. A day without that feels incomplete. I feel so fortunate to live walking distance from the waterfront!

I love your post and your summer list, and yet again there are so many scents there that I've never heard of or smelled. The Brazilian Natura line sounds really interesting, and so are the new scents from Dior and Kenzo. I'm really intrigued by the l'Eau Indigo and hope that Escale a Pondichery won't disappoint. Heeley's Menthe Fraiche is really well done.
Hope to have you in more blogging projects like this!

+Q Perfume said...

Dear Abigail, I was bold by choosing mint to rest but this is me...

+Q Perfume said...

Dearest Ayala,
I really enjoyed the project!!!
Kisses with lots of lavanders

Perfumeshrine said...

Simone, dearest, I hope we didn't really bring you out of the climate zone with this! :-)
Your choices are lovely and I am especially interested in the Acqua Viva and Heeley now. What fun!! Thanks for making this so interesting.

FragranceLover said...

My husband lives by Kenzo. By far one of his favorite designer perfumes

Katherine said...

Very very interesting blog. I read this blog. Thank you for making this blog...

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