Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nez à Nez fragrances and spirits! Part one

NEZ à NEZ collection
Christa Patout and Stéphane Humbert in the process of creating the fragrances for the brand NEZ à NEZ, combine their own experiences with photographs, the collection of fragrances gathered in many years, Humbert's paintings and choices of colors, Christa's trips and knowledge of anthropology.
For them the sense of smell is based on primitive feelings, they "express and talk" themselves humanly without imposing a body.
Every fragrance is an experience, a story told with the nose, a spirit and a mood.
Note of Rhum, Cognac, Black Grape, Cade, Leaves of Patchouli, Roots of Vetiver, Raspberry, Tobacco, coffe beans and vanilla you will find yourself in an Atelier d'Artiste
You will go up the stairs made of stones. There you will find a leather coach, canvases, books, pencils, a paint brush, a glass of raspberry wine, a candle, the muse and her painter.
Notes of Fresh herbals, Fig tree leafs, Petit grain, Fig, Kiwi, Cedar, Sandalwood and Musks will invite you to scape barriers, will challenge you to have fun, to up bring thoughts, to collide with the buffalo. Be loud, animate, influence crowds, be spontaneous!
The leaves are rustling in the wind...
Enter to a forest with notes of Grapefruit, Licorice, Halzelnut, Cedar, Cinnamon, Chlorophyll, Ambar, leather and Vanilla.
Be attracted to nature, smell the woods, observe...
Engage in a +Q Perfume quest!
Find out a new brand, indulge your senses, live a new experience, taste a different dish, talk to a different type of person than you, try a new shampoo, kiss different lips or kiss the same lips with a different bold, be curious, be alive!!!!
Photo credits: NEZ à NEZ


Foquinha! said...

Parabéns, aquí se encontra mais que o aroma e sim, beleza em tudo!!! Bjs marítmos, vim me perfumar, amo seus cremes!!!

+Q Perfume said...

Que bom saber que você gosta do meu espaço!!!

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