Sunday, July 12, 2009

Biehl Parfumkunstwerke - olfactive passports!

Thorsten Biehl is a traveller. In his bag, the culture of 60 different countries, a career in market positioning and development strategies for perfumes, marketing and evaluation and successful achievement as an entrepreneur.
His olfactive gallery as he calls his business, is a place where perfumers create art.
The concept of the fragrances is Art in a Flacon.
Exclusive and unusual fragrances for individuals, not for the masses.
Every fragrance is a limited edition with lot number. Exclusiveness is a matter of quality for this brand.
No models, no complicated packaging and design, minimalism is the motto (less is best).
The collection was design by 6 different perfumers, of six different countries:
Henning Biehl, Mark Buxton, Patricia Choux, Egon Oelkers, Arturetto Landi and Geza Schön.
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Dimi3 said...

I love that "simplistic" & "minimalistic" packaging and that each has no.
Hope that we can colaborate on something looking as "clean" and "pure", sometimes in the future.

+Q Perfume said...

one clean sweet kiss to you, minimalistic way to say you are dear to me!

Dimi3 said...

I am melting here, like a North Pole!! Thank you...I think we will call it, if ever happend, that line or perfume - SIMONE!

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