Thursday, December 11, 2008

When Japan meets Israel/Quando o Japão encontra Israel

Ovni Perfume by Kenzo /Perfume Ovni de Kenzo
Photo from/foto de: The Scented Salamander perfume blog
My favorite/minha favorita - the Ripple Chair
Photo from/foto de: Bonluxat
Ron Arad is an Israeli industrial, designer, architect and artist, born in Tel -Aviv in 1951, and internationally known for the quality of his work and his creativity. He always amazed me by the way he works metals (such as nickel, stainless steel, etc...), propylene, wood and different materials, transforming them into furniture that are really art objects.
And now I am delighted to know that he designed a perfume bottle for Kenzo, called OVNI perfume.
The project is a venture of Kenzo brand, French perfumer Aurélien Guichard and Ron Arad.
It will be a perfume-object, not just a fragrance.
Although The Scented Salamander mistakenly gave Ron Arad a different nationality, he is Israeli all right, it posted an article about the perfume back in November 6th, telling that the scent was composed from the scent of the skin of his mother and the shape was design to resemble a human thumb.
His work can be seen at Centre Georges Pompidou - Paris - France till march 2009.
Ron Arad é um designer industrial, arquiteto e artista, nascido em 1951 em Tel-Aviv - Israel.
Reconhecido mundialmente pela qualidade e criatividade de seu trabalho, que sempre me encantou pelas maneiras diversas com que ele trabalha vários materiais como a madeira, metais e propileno, tranformando suas mobílias em verdadeiros objetos de arte.
E agora eu estou feliz em saber que ele criou para Kenzo uma garrafa de perfume que também é um objeto de arte, chamado de Ovni Pefume.
É um projeto conjunto feito com a marca Kenzo e o perfumista Aurélien Guichard.
Será um perfume-objeto e não uma simples fragrância.
Em forma de dedo humano e com uma fragrância de pele humana, o perfume é criativo, diferente e instigante.
un-cut limited edition piece from 1999.
peça não cortada - edição limitade de 1999.
Photo/Foto: Bonluxat
It is easy to recognize Arad's style because it reminds me of his Tom Vac chair and the un-cut limited edition piece from 1999.
É fácil reconhecer o estilo de Arad no perfume porque me lembra duas peças incríveis dele: A cadeira Tom Vac e uma peça de edição limitada chamada de un-cut (não cortada) de 1999.
Tom Vac chair by Ron Arad
Cadeira Tom Vac de Ron Arad
To get to know Ron Arad's work you can enter to his site or if you are in Paris, take some time to check the exhibtion.
Os trabalhos do artista poderão ser vistos até março de 2009 no Centre Georges Pompidou, em Paris, na França.
Ou no site do artista:


duftarchiv said...

Hi there Simone,
beautiful design, moreover I really admire Ron "endless circles" Arad. But I'm not sure, if I like to wear somebody's (grand)mother's skinscent. Seem to me a bit too "private".
kisses and have a nice day

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes Dufty, really a weird idea but it is a concept fragrance, so I think it is really something different!
Thanks G it is a skin scent and not other private area´s scent


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, I will be delighted to receive it, please do send me!!!!

Thank you so much for being here!

tania said...

Hello, Ron Arad is Fantastic. I'm a Design lover, and i think you
will also enjoy this brand, or

Unknown said...


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