Monday, December 1, 2008

+Q Perfume celebrates half a year anniversary!

Dearest reader, perfume bloggers, friends and perfume passionados:
December is a very special month.
+Q Perfume Blog is celebrating 6 months on-line.
I have accomplished all my goals for 2008 and I can't wait to see what will come next!
In order to make this month special, all my entries will be carefully designed with a special touch.
Everyone entering comments to the posting will enter the special competition:
The person entering the largest number of comments till the end of December will get a special gift from me. (minimum of 10 enterings to start counting).
The gift consists in Brazilian Brand Perfume Sample or bottle!
Please enter your name a a comment every chance you have and win your very own Brazilian perfume!
Cake photo: Pink Cake Box


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your blog is wonderful. :-)

Parfum said...


Thanks for your constructive criticism, I have thought it over and have realized that my initial description may seem a bit condescending, so I have changed it. I have however, not altered it 100% - as I feel that it is important that I can differentiate my blog from others in my description in a clear and concise manner, so that a first time visitor will know right off the bat that this is not a news blog. As I said in my description, I do not feel that news blogs are in any way inferior, in fact I don't believe I even have the talent or resources to write well enough in english prose and constantly update with news to do one myself. The history of my blog starts with the fact that there have been many times that I have searched for information on a fragrance, and have found nothing, simply because the fragrance was not released in the niche rush of the past 3 years. It seems as though most people concentrate on reviewing those newer releases (and the classics) - So I will take a different approach - maybe it will be of help to a minority of people instead of a majority, but I think thats how I will be able to write best.

About LT, yes, I do agree that lately he has been not explaining himself as much as usual, I think its just a phase, you cannot blame him as every one of us may become affected by the fame. For a time, famous people may not feel the need to explain themselves. Although I do believe he is still very talented and although I may not agree with him on Djedi's drydown, I still think he is 1000 times more knowledgable than I am! I have learned much from him and I look up to him of course!

Now about the vintage/scarce perfumes, yes I suppose I am a bit of an Indiana Jones type, certainly alot of my pocket change goes not to ice cream and movies but to rare perfumes and materials lol. It is also not uncommon for me to spend hours a day for months or years tracking down things I am interested in (perfume or otherwise). If there is anything at all that I talk about on my blog that you are interested in trying, please let me know and I will make some samples for you :)

Thanks again for the support and communication it really means alot to me that someone is reading my blog and enjoying it

- Matt

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tara, it is so important to have feedback from readers!!!
P.S.: you never told what you got in the end...from Brazil...

Dear Indy,
Yeap It is hard to find reviews about scarce/vintage perfumes...but I always find after digging deeper....

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