Thursday, December 25, 2008

Outstanding Luxurios Gifts for the Holidays

These are outstanding luxurious gifts for the Holidays. Someone asked me if I was going to make a Christmas Shopping List - which I didn't because I was at the beach doing nothing but relaxing... But if I was to choose products and brands I was definitely including these. New Year's parties are around the corner and you still have a chance to get to know my list and indulge someone you love! P.S: I was lucky to receive one!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Simone,

a few words in german ...

Liebe Gruesse aus Berlin, bleib schoen gesund und gluecklich.

A happy new year & ein glueckliches neues Jahr.

Dein Paeckchen with the Schokobade is on the way.

Liebe Gruesse,
Dein Erik

Anonymous said...

You are such a dear!!!!
To you too sweety!

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