Tuesday, December 23, 2008

X-Mas/Hannuka greetings!!!

With Christmas and Hanukkah holidays approaching, I can’t stop thinking about the sensorial indulgements of the season.
Colorful ornaments, garlands of all sorts hanging on doors, beautifully decorated Christmas pine trees, mistletoes, foliage decorations in evergreen, white and red colors, toys and gifts displayed everywhere… Nature also plays an interesting part by painting the landscape in shades of white.
Hannukah is the Feast of Lights. The sight of many ancient Hannukiots (menorah candelabrums) with lighted candles displayed outside the windows at nightfall is also a feast for the eyes and it warms the heart.
Christmas carols and children’s Hanukkah songs are melodies dancing in our ears all the season. They have an incredible power to cheer and make us really embrace the Holiday and most of all, they teach our kids our rituals and family traditions.
It is also a season of working with the hands, kneading dough, choosing special papers to wrap presents, feeling the soft touch of wool scarves, leather gloves, cashmere sweaters, feeling the gentle touch of hugging arms and sweet lips. After all, this is the time of the year that we hug and kiss the most!
It is time to bring tasty memories of our childhood: Hot coco with melted marshmallows, ginger bread cookies, spicy fruitcakes, crispy potato latkes, sweet and soft sufganiot (Jewish Hannukah donuts) and festive meals with family and friends.
Smell -
To me, and probably to all fragrance passionate, it is the season that brings the most wonderful scented indulgements. The house is involved with natural and delicious gourmet scents of spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper. Also Vanilla and chocolate fragrances are everywhere tempting us. Buttery caramel and sugary notes coming from the kitchen makes us feel safe and fulfilled.
This is the season of woody green notes such as cedar, pine, juniper and fir needle. The smell of a fresh Christmas tree is always amazing!
The sweet scent of burning olive oil, melting candle wax and old praying books is a must during Hannukah. Those are the scents of the Jewish tradition.
It is most of all, the season of perfumes. I cannot think of a better gift!

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