Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scented Tip of the month – special

Soothing lights with kinetic effects to match moods, a tree house, walls build with planks of cypress wood, huge leather lounge sofas, aromatherapy, Feng Shui, exquisite menu…

It could be a description taken from a spa guide, but actually it is a nightclub!

Yes, I found out that there is a nightclub/lounge in New York City called The Ultra NYC

Design to indulge all 5 senses - a perfect place where holistic concepts were applied.

Owned by Tommy Tardie, it has a 8X100 feet projection wall displaying logos and photomontages, snow machines to create visual effects, dynamic lightening to create color schemes and match moods, V.I.P. tree house with real trees from floor to ceiling. (A visual paraphernalia to stimulate the Sight).

And State-of -Art Studio, wireless Microphones and elevated DJ/Vj Booth to offer the best there is in terms of sound technology. After all it is a nightclub!

If you like to indulge the taste, they offer creative menus.

All that you might say you have seen in other nightclubs, but what about a place planned with different materials that were used in order to indulge the touch? Sofas are made with rich leathers, the bar top is made of marble and the place has real trees inside.

And the most amazing idea: In order to indulge the sense of smell, to give the place a sense of well being and to create a special atmosphere, they have a scent production technology releasing up to 100 different scents in the lounge!!!

A dream-come-true place to offer a party, if you are a fragrance lover.

Can you image a nightclub without the smell sweat, cigarettes or smoke of any kind?

If you wonder how I found out about this place if I am living in Brazil, I tell you:

This nightclub is in a book that gathered the most amazing bars all over the world.

I saw the book in a bookstore, and because I am very curious about things, I checked every page of it. Ultra was described there as a Zen Bar and it caught my attention because of the scent machine and the beautiful lightning.

I thought this was going to be an amazing tip to my readers, so I asked the owner to send me some pictures to publish in the blog.

Next time you plan a party in the NYC area this must be an amazing idea!!!

Photo credits: All pictures belong to Ultra NYC and cannot be used in anyway without their previous consent.


Unknown said...

Hi this is Tommy, the owner of Ultra. Can you send me the name of the book that we were in? I would love to see it. My email is Thanks

Anonymous said...

Of course it will be my pleasure!!!
Best wishes, Simone.

Anonymous said...

Extreme Bars from Tectum Publishing

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