Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The stinky dark side of Perfumery

"Put the trash where it belongs. In the trash can!!!"

After six months of trial, former Dior designer, a man called john galliano was found guilty of racism and being anti-Semitic, based on public insults towards persons, on the basis of their religion and origin, despite trying to present himself as a person suffering from triple addiction of valium, alcohol and sleeping pills. Although galliano's laywers tried to prove that his racist and anti-Semitic rampant were not to be considered public, the video that Sun posted of the same man not only saying that he loves hitler, but people like the one's he was fighting with would be dead, in what was considered a very public racist rant.
Yes my dear readers, the man who is considered a genius wished people to be gassed. He only forgot one detail: by being a homosexual that he is, he would stand in the same line with all the Jews (that he hate so much) to be gassed just like them. As we all know (and apparently the genius had very bad scholar education), nazis send Jews, homosexuals, gipsies, communists, or anyone that they considered a threat to nazi Germany to concentration camps, and later to the showers. So Dior ran fast to fire the designer in order not to be involved in his racist war against Jews. Dior knows who their real clients are. The thing is, this fashion house belongs to the portfolio of International group LVMH, that coincidentally is also involved with nazis. Seems that louis vuitton has collaborated with them during the German occupation of France.
Stephanie Bonvici has researched many historical documents about the brand and the family, and in her book she exposed the link of louis vuitton with the Vichy regime led by phillipe petain, who ruled France during the period of WWII, and openly collaborated with the nazi occupation of the country. LVMH never contested the contents of Bonvici's book.
If we go back in time my dear readers, we will have to narrow our fragrance or fashion options if we do not wish to purchase products coming from racists bastards such as galliano.
It is a fact that the beloved hugo boss was a member of the nazi party in 1931 sponsoring nothing less than the SS. By being a nazi he went from bankrupted to a very successful man, and his sales increased from 38,260 RM in 1932 to 3,300.000RM in 1941. He became an official licensed supplier of nazi uniforms. How he ran his factory - by using Jews as slaves.
After a long lawsuit filed against the group, on the behalf of the survivals of the families who worked as slaves in Hugo Boss factories during the war, an agreement was settled between both German and American governments, the Jewish groups and the brand.
According to German historian Henning Kober, not only the designer worshiped the leader of the nazis, but also had a huge photo were he was posing with him, in the center of his living room.
If that made you want to vomit, let's go back in time to present the most famous World War French whore - Miss gabrielle (born) charnel - aka coco chanel.
This woman slept her way to the International jet set, and between fashion shows, she took millions from dumb rich men who were willing to pay a fortune to sleep with her. Till now we can't judge her, she does with her body what she wishes to, right? So what about sleeping with the enemies of your country???
Well, the lady who was venerated in France, turned her back to her own country, and collaborated with nazis during the occupation of France. With the excuse that she wanted to bring a relative back home from the battle, she did nothing less than to associate with a nazi spy called at the time spatz, and the nazi elite. As my dad says " whores do not choose their clients" Bulshit! Even whores know the difference between right and wrong. Most of them are in this profession because they have no other option. In chanel's case - she was addicted to prostitution, she was rich, she did it because she had no moral filter at all.
Her excuses were very weak, mostly proven because after the relative was returned safely home, and years later in exile in Switzerland, the prostitute financed the medical treatment of one walter schellenberg - former right arm of himmler. After being declared a war criminal and sent to exile, walter schellenberg had all his expenses paid by the same prostitute till the day he died.
chanel tried to send her Jewish business associates - the Wertheimer family to concentration camps - but they had already escaped to the USA. She also tried to steal the property of the same Jewish family (the shares of their participation in the company) in a process called Aryanization. In fact, she was a Jew hater and also had a severe problem with homosexuals. In many confirmed occasions she said terrible things about them, denying her own homosexuality. It is also a proven fact that this lady was bisexual, having many lesbian affairs with women. Confused? Me too! She proclaimed to be an independent woman, but had to have men financing her, all her life. She proclaimed that she hated homosexuals, but she was one too. She proclaimed that she had disgust for people who did not behave properly, but she lead a very strange life geared by many shots of morphine and other drugs. A prostitute, a drug addicted (heard that somewhere else? maybe galliano worshiped her?), a anti-Semitic disgusting woman who not only DID NOT CREATE THE CHANEL Nº5, but was ASSOCIATED TO JEWS AND HOMOSEXUALS when convenient. In fact, she never had friends, she used and manipulated people. She financed them according to her own interests. If you have any doubt about what I am saying here, there are two recently historical books  about it - all facts confirmed with documents. I recommend the book "Sleeping with the enemy - coco chanel's secret war by Hal Vaughan. The truth about her is no longer avoided.
So far all that does not concern you? You are not homosexual, you are not Jewish?
French Perfume House Guerlain also faced legal suits due to racism. This time the victims are "black people" or "niggers" as jean paul guerlain calls people who are not white.
The 73 yrs old perfumer, already retired, had to come to the public to explain what he meant, and again the group LVMH had to come forward to give statements against racism. He comes from an era were white folks were better than others, and the rest were to be considered slaves.

So here you have it. The perfumery industry develops many fragrant dreams that we run to buy as soon as they are launched. Perfumers like jean paul guerlain have brilliant skills to create beauty. But the main problem of this industry is: THEY DON'T CREATE FRAGRANCES FOR PEOPLE. Because they don't understand the concept of humanity. They create fragrances for what nazis considered humans.

All that said, I leave you to think if it is ok to buy their products. If it is ok to live in denial. 
We live in a world today app.80 years after nazis were proclaiming their ideology out loud. But did we get rid of them? Did we get rid of people like miss chanel, who criticized and judged people by their sexual preferences? Did we get rid of Extremists? Fundamentalists?

I think these people stink. I think that brands like hugo boss should be banned and vanish from this planet. But that's me and my notion of morality.

That does not concern you? The anti-Semites, the racists of the past and present, will be the Muslim haters of tomorrow. They will be the ones to claim that their religion is better than yours. Their color is to be considered normal, not yours ...just wait and watch! Extremists change their target, not their behavior.

P.S.: all the names cited here do not start with uppercase letters because these are not to be considered people. They are to be considered trash. Stinky trash.

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