Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas has arrived

Christmas Eve in Brazil (Sao Paulo) is always very different from what I have seen in other countries.  Snow flakes, snowmen, and all the cute things related to winter & Christmas are just for decoration. Here we are enjoying summer time. It feels a bit strange to think of hot coco or apple sider, warm cookies, eggnogs and fire places when it is 30ºC outside. To complete the weirdness of the holidays, this year it is simple raining cats & dogs.
If you ask any Brazilian  how was his Christmas, probably 60% will say they had fun at the beach and a great dinner at midnight around the pool. But here in São Paulo the atmosphere is completely different. It was steaming hot all day. The city is empty. No traffic jam, which is a miracle in this crazy town. But I managed to find the crowd in the supermarket. Seems that everyone forgot something, and went to the same place to make the last minute purchase of Christmas dishes ingredients. Fine. I survived...
Usually young paulistas go to Christmas parties in night clubs after their dinners. They are very cool dancing parties. Everybody hugging and kissing each other...a perfect time for single people to mingle. Me? I have already found my love many Christmases ago.
My plans for this evening are pretty much the same as every year. Spend quality time with my child (husbbie will not be joining us today - sadly, he has to work so others can go home to their families, which is a mitzva that he does, since we are Jewish). 
We have some family rules for Christmas which are:

A Christmas films marathon - the same movies every year!
Bikini during the day, PJs after 16:00.
Make a fancy dinner.

So, here I am, smelling the wet dry grass of my yard, the tropical summer rain shower, the fantastic Elo fragrance "Like This - Tilda Swinton", that came today in a package - broken into tiny pieces, placed beside my Mac....wondering what to cook for dinner and who to curse in the postal service office...

I will not post about perfumes this year and I am really sorry. I didn't have enough time due to my work, and the last minute list of things that have to be done before leaving. These last couple of days were a bit overwhelming to me. I know you are used to my fragrant posts this time of the year.

I will end this post by wishing you all a magical evening, full of joy, love and peace.

Merry Christmas!

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