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Felanilla EDP by Parfumerie Générale - fragrance review

To Magnifiscent, who needs to find a gourmet fragrance that he enjoys...


Felanilla EDP - Fragrance Review
Origin: France
Perfumer: Pierre Guillaume
Launch: 2008
Olfactive family: Spicy oriental soft
Olfactive Notes: vanilla absolute, saffron, Florence iris, banana wood, hay absolute and amber. (I smell a tobacco note too)
Description by the brand: "Ferociously luxurious/A feline vanilla".
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: IRIS DELIGHT, The non fruity fruity perfume, LUXURIOUS DELICIOUS
Fragrance Bottle: PG's standard Sleek rectangular, transparent glass with black and white label, numbered 21. 
Gender: M, but can be whiff on the ladies too.
Silage: Great
Fixation: Great - lasts more than 12 hours.
Could pair to: NOTHING AT ALL!!
When to wear: Any time, any place.
Range: 3,38, 1,69 or 1,01 fl oz. 
Where to find: Parfumerie Générale
Rating: ☆☆☆☆
☆☆☆☆☆ - I went bananas!
☆☆☆☆ - As good as Woody Allen Bananas' quotes!
☆☆☆ - I trade a Banana Chocolate fudge for it.
☆☆ - I would stick to the Banana Chocolate Fudge!
- Rotten banana peel.

Felanilla is a game of 2 words - feline and vanilla. It is indeed a very distinguished vanilla perfume. The overall idea is a gentle oriental fragrance, with a spicy coating of saffron, a woody note combined with a very powerful iris, resulting in a pencil styled scent (the Faber Castell note that I mention sometimes), with hints of banana peal. It also comes with the masculine touch of tobacco, and a base that unveils slowly a very soft amber-y vanilla.
One wonders if banana could smell as sexy as its shape. The answer was no... till Pierre Guillaume came along with his straightforward creations.
The funniest thing about scents is that they change according to perspectives. I read in Luca Turin's Perfume Guide that this fragrance had an iris with a potato-rooty aspect. "An astringent aspect to slightly unripe bananas". So I sprayed on my arm expecting to find a different iris that would stand out for creativity, from the 1000s I have already tried. NOTHING happened. I could not sense this fragrance by Luca's perspectives. To me it was just a tobacco - iris fragrance...

Very frustrated I went to the kitchen and took a half green-half ripe banana, peeled it and put my nose very close to the flesh. Hummm, delicious I thought. Nose back to my wrist and BINGO! There it was, a hidden unripe banana note, covered by layers of woody pencils. That said, the ultra sweet, fruity, sticky, tropical scent of banana is not there. It is not dancing on the head of Carmen Miranda. It is hidden under woodsy notes, to result into a tropical, happy, sunny vibe of Brazilian summers. It brings a sensuality that needs to be discovered. You need to peel that banana to get to the core of the sensuality proposed by oriental fragrances. It is a fruity - non fruity fragrance - which I love!
The dry down is also very sensual. The amber notes melt on vanilla, and the beige yellowish woody pastel becomes a deep dark caramel brown scent.
It is indeed a luxurious delicious perfume with the aura of Copacabana palace in its golden years.

And now, a bit of Chiquita Banana for you. 
This video that contains a bit of the aura of this fragrance!

P.s.: Felanilla in my opinion means Felatio + vanilla. I have seen PG's photos around, and he seems to be much naughtier than a naive Feline + vanilla... IMO!


Juraj said...

I love this scent!! Maybe it isn't extraordinary but it's pleasent and nice! It smells sweet on my skin....but I never liked that type of a perfume! ;)

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

I loved it too. I bet smells great on you !! :-)

Juraj said... :-) Of that type I would rather choose Etro Paisley ;)

+ Q Perfume Blog said...


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