Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fragrance trend for a world in transition

"Love looks forward, hate looks back, anxiety has eyes all over its head".  
(Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960)

Understanding the world nowadays seems almost impossible. Every morning we wake up thinking today is going to be a better day. We have our matutinal bath to freshen up and feel energized. By the time we sit to have breakfast reality strikes us, folded at the door, conspiring against our appetite and inner peace. The daily newspaper, loaded with pages and pages of environmental, religious, social, financial and political chaotic news.  To say that we face unprecedented or unimaginable crisis, means denial of pages and pages of registered world history. Let's face it, as the past has shown to us, turmoil leads to changes. For better or for worst, we are facing today the result of decades of our own desire to change.
This instability, this inner conflict that we are living day by day, this desperate desire to adjustment, to reconciliation, to peace, this constant quest for answers and for changes is leading us to stress. Chaos is making us vulnerable, frustrated and very unhappy. We are today, in a constant state of worry. 
Try to remember when was the last time that things were simpler, happier...when you didn't have to pay for your mortgage, tuition, credit cards, Medicare or any health care plan, etc etc etc... Most of us will go back to our childhood, when our concerns were a math test, how many more days we had till summer holidays, or even if it was ok to kiss with braces :-)

Scientists have been studying for quite a while now the intimate connection between olfaction and its power to evoke memories (olfactory flashbacks). In fact, sweet fragrances do evoke recollections of our childhood, but simply because they were pleasant. If you did not have a happy childhood, how could you still make this link? Because although not all childhoods were pleasant, the sweet treats we all had as children were. Chocolate birthday cakes and sunday treats, ice creams during summer holidays or after a movie with an uncle or friends. Grandparents visits along with boxes of chocolates...all brought to us a sense of caring, warmth, comfort and pleasure.
Vanilla is one of the most popular among many sweet scents, due to the fact that it is unconsciously related to simplicity and purity. It is recognized in many researches as universally pleasant, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. 
The thing is, vanilla calms you down!
So, if you were wondering why we have so many gourmet fragrances being launched recently, you have the answer. Gourmet fragrances has acquired popularity because our society today is in desperate need to feel less stressed. We want comfort & warmth. We want our lives to be simpler again! We want vanilla based scents!

We want to be indulged by the sweet crunchiness of a brioche French toast with honey on top. We want to bring a whiff of sticky woody caramelized maple syrup with soothing notes of butter to the fastidious commute to work, in order to extend the breakfast time joy. Commuting hours and major traffic jams add just one more twist to the stressful routine. And than you ask yourself...why all this effort to get to a job that does not even pay my bills? A whiff of a spiced oriental perfume would give this journey a more positive vibe. Feeling more confident, more desirable, who knows...meeting a charmer in the train, subway, bus.

Finally you got to work. By lunch time you are already overwhelmed by surreal performance goals your boss demanded from you, by the lack of perspective of a raise in your salary in the near future, or again, by the new wave of violence and terrorism announced by online news papers. You are concerned and it shows on all those new expression lines you have in your forehead. You have no money for one more shot of Botox, you have no money to have your hair done, or a quick pump on the sisters to move the attention to another area. Sadly, you are definitely looking older!! But you are not alone. 1000s of men just like your boss are also looking at the mirror. Stress made their hair line go up 02 inches more. And they came with more bad news: grey hair on the chest and shoulders. The belly got bigger, but the savings, got thinner and thinner...
How to feel desired when you look like shit? The answer is gourmet fragrances. They can produce the olfactive sensation of being younger. And if we can combine edible with sensual... wow! We have created a real magical potion! An elixir for youth! Tempted already? Fragrances are promising you success, power, sexual appeal! Apply a sexy perfume and what you have seen in the mirror vanishes in a whiff! You are the man of the hour! You are the lady who looks always young and desired. You are the princess, the diva, the lover. But what if today, all men need is a friendly smile? Someone who will make him feel secure & loved, and most of all, relaxed? What if he misses mom??

A whiff of savory pralines, macaroons and recently baked cookies will make him run to your arms. Once in your arms, the perfume will reveal sensual flowers and animalic notes. "Come to momma and I will show you how different I am from your mom" kind of fragrance! Gourmet fragrances are always coming with implied sensual seduction. Edible, yes, but also seductive. 
Today gourmet perfumes have a refinement touch. They are not so obviously tutti-fruitti or chocolate melting temptations. They come with rich sandalwood notes, with expensive ambergris or exclusive orris. 

This is the first article about gourmet fragrances. Find in my next article, gourmet fragrances that are more daring, more complexed. 

You will be tempted to lick, to give a will be addicted...

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