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South African Style - Frazer Parfums

The best was saved for last
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Frazer Parfum - South Africa
Exclusive flacons
Frazer Parfum is an exclusive niche brand by perfumer Tammy Frazer, located in Cape Town.
Choosing only natural and organic raw materials, her perfumes are presented in hand blown glass flacons by glass artist David Reed.
The collection of fragrances are called Chapters and inspired by Tammy's expeditions in search of the raw materials.
The art of creation came with the genes, as Tammy's grandfather, the chemist and inventor Graham Wulff was the owner and creator of Oil of Olay. Her dad worked for Givaudan and while Tammy was growing up, her family was pioneering development of Homeopathy in South Africa.
In 2008 Tammy Frazer created her own brand. To her, the philosophy of olfaction is as important as the scents themselves. She also researches the history of the raw materials she works with, she researches the horticulture and the location for context.
always interested in biodiversity and worried with the impact of the agricultural activities on the environment, her priority is to protect ecology, preservation and rehabilitation of indigenous vegetation an the responsibility of using the available land with conscience.
In her palette, only rare absolutes, concretes and resins, coupled with chemotyped essential oils, petals, woods, roots, grass and zest.
Luxury to her is not about fashion or purchases on a whim, but longevity. It is also not about disposability or throwing away, but cherishing, nurturing workmanship, beauty and traditions.
Frazer Parfum is a classic luxury, unique and exclusive with an exquisite artistic design.
The brand offers 9 Chapters:
Chapter 01 - Nutmeg and Jasmine.
Inspired by India, this fragrance is very spicy to start and dense throughtout. A floral perfume with notes of sandalwood, vanilla and more woods. Very feminine and intoxicating.
Chapter 02 - Ylang and Narcisse.
Inspired by Madagascar, this fragrance has a dry start of black pepper, lime and bitter orange zests. It develops a floral accord with yellow flowers, including a sensual tropical Ylang, with a dense narcissus and spices. the dry down is sandy and herbaceous with katrafay wood and resinous vetivers.
Chapter 03 - Coffee and orange blossom.
Inspired by Australia, this fragrance is resinuos to start, with fresh notes of orange, light and clean, contradicting notes, dense, feminine, with dry down of orris butter and sandalwood.
Chapter 04 - Corsica Everlasting.
Inspired by Corsica, this fragrance is still in development. With notes of salt to be discovered yet...
Chapter 05 - Swiss Stone.
This fragrance is also in development and it will be inspired by Switzerland. As Tammy describes it:
"Anzère this summer was abundant with tiny flowers reminiscent of the Cape Floral Kingdom. But what effected me profoundly on my daily walks through the fur trees following the bisse was the sheer rocks and the pebbles being run over by water melted from the snow caps. I shall capture this chemical reaction in a scent, a cool stony scent hidden in the dark earth and rich soil."
Chapter 06 - Mint and Patchouli.
Inspired by the Spice Route, it is a chypre fragrance with tea tannins and mint to create a champhorated cool effect. Followed by frangipani flowers and steam distilled earthy fresh ginger. Also with notes of Ylang Ylang flowers and patchouli leaves and notes of moss.
Chapter 07 - Rose and Tuberose.
Inspired by India, this fragrance has notes of tuberose absolute and honeyed rose. Intense and feminine, not too sweet and steady, with reminiscent scent of peonies honey and tea.
Chapter 08 - Oakmoss and violet leaf.
Inspired by England, it is a masculine fragrance, with leathery notes and lavender. Green with wood undertones, mossy dark earth and bark.
Chapter 09 - Ruby grapefruit and frankincense.
Fragrance inspired by Pakistan, bigarde zest and vetiver. A burst of ruby grapefruit, citrusy notes combined with frankincense and oakmoss absolute, a rare lichen that grows on the trunk of deciduous oak trees in Bulgaria. woody, sharp and slightly sweet.
The brand is so sophisticated, so committed and so exclusive that captured my heart and soul. The images of her site are so amazing that make us want to travel to those places and smell the scents in the nature. It is not a secret that I prefer fragrances with chemicals involved, but this is something beyond perfumes with the smell of Hindu products, incense and all the hippie stuff we find out in the market.
Frazer Parfum also offers solid perfumes and candles.
P.S.: did I mentioned that I love Oil of Olay?


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FELIZ ANO NOVO! Beijocas de Elisabeth

Designer Perfumes said...

Frazer Parfum is a small perfume house based Cape Town. ... best of what we have in South Africa to an international audience while at the same time..

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