Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Encre Noire pour Elle, Jewish girls, wedding cakes - review

The best was saved for last.
New Year's count down!
Encre Noire pour Elle by Lalique
A JAP kinky fragrance.
Encre Noire pour Elle by Lalique follows a previous successful woody, mysterious, dark vetiver fragrance - Encre Noire, launched in 2006.
Do notice: Encre Noire pour Elle does not resemble the masculine version of the perfume.
With notes of Sicilian Bergamot, ambrette seed, freesia, osmanthus, sunflower, Turkish rose, vetiver, cedar wood, white woods and kephalis. The opening hits you like a bat on the head. Notes of Sicilian bergamot are mixed with Ambrette seeds and Osmanthus. It is very strong. Very fruity and very hypnotic.
Ambrette seeds come from Abelmoschus moschatus, (a yellow hibiscus) and it is used in perfumery to replace musk notes due to the fact that it has a musky fragrance. Ambrette seeds are also added to coffee in Middle Eastern cultures, added to tobacco blends, also to herbal liqueurs, such as Bénédictine, and to ice-creams and cakes.
Here, they are combined with osmanthus, commonly known as "cinnamon flower" by the Chinese. A note that has the scent of ripe peaches and dried apricots.
Osmanthus gives me headaches just like Ylang Ylang. Osmanthus has a ylang ylang and gardenia undertones! Sometimes it brings milkiness to the perfume, sometimes it brings a major headache. (Did I smell that in one of the Narciso Rodriguez perfumes or am I dreaming?).
It is an strident Fran Descher accord, if you know what I mean! Extremely sweet, loud & high nasal pitched and yet glorious and sexy.
So, what started with a fragrance of peaches, apricots, musks and bergamots, became a soapy, creamy and "round" perfume. Clean and kinky.
And that reminded me of an article I read the other day. Sexist but somehow funny:
In the December issue of Details magazine Christopher Noxon points out the raise of interest in Jewish girls, named by him as girls of the tribe. And I quote "It seems that America can't get enough smoking-hot Semitic tush lately".
Where did he get this information? In a recent poll from a porn blog called Fleshbot, where the women of the tribe ranked second among the kinks.
According to Noxon's article, the old stereotype of frigid JAPs (Jewish American Princesses) was replaced by the ethnic fetish du jour.
Well, he mentioned a list of Jewish hotties. Among them, Fran Descher.
(To read all the article click here.)
Bingo! There it is! I knew I had the feeling I knew that smell, but I couldn't figure out where I have already smelled it, till Noxon pointed out to me: Encre Noire Pour Elle has the smell of Jewish gals. The wealthy, loud and naughty ones! (but don't tell the tribe!!!).
Photo credit: Details magazine/Matt Gunther
Turquish Roses and freesias are also there, and these ones are very jasmine-like with a touch of violets and berries. Pastry cake material.
Again, Jewish icons are conspiring here. Why not a cake made by Jewish finest artist Ron ben Israel? He-llo!
Ron ben Israel
Photo credit: Michael Keel & Ron ben Israel
Ugah is cake in Hebrew!
Of course we all know him, but if you don't, he is a former dancer who found his real talent and passion creating amazing artistic cakes in his studio in New York City.
Fran Descher, Ron's cakes and kinky Jewish girls are the very essence of Lalique's perfume.
Shocked? Well, my reviews are personal and related to my very own memories!!
Notes of kephali is also mentioned by the brand. Asking yourself what the hell is that??? I explain: it is also called by perfumers woody cyclohexanone. A rich and warm fragrance, with woody, ambery, tobaccco-like subnotes. Sometimes they also have a honey like touch.
White musks, cedar wood and vetiver is a good base accord for creamy flowery Jewish fragrant bombs.
I see bubbling Fran getting married in "The Nanny" show wearing Encre Noire pour Elle. In a beautiful white dress, huge bouquet, and a sparkling smile wrapped by the silkness of Encre Noire pour Elle, holding hands with extremely wealthy, classy and sexy and very British Maxwell Sheffield...
Because this is also a bride's perfume. Yes my friends, Jewish girls can be kinky, but they will drag you to the altar. And contrary to the media, we good jewish girls haven't gone bad...not yet!
And...not to be critized by wine critics that seem to know about perfume more than us:
(this comment relates to the last discussions in Dr. Avery Gilbert's blog - First Nerve - The Pendock Paradox, interesting to read, controversial, annoying at one point).
The fragrance is rated by this blog as a 4 stars perfume, where:
5 stars means: Love at first sight. I have to have it!
4 stars means: Lovely, I might introduce to my relatives and friends next Hannukah.
3 stars means: Sex was great, but is it marriage material?
2 stars means: One date and that is all you are getting my friend!
1 star means: OMG!
Cost X Benefit - although it is not a cheap perfume, it last for hours. One tiny drop does the trick. You don't need to spray more than once a day like most of the fragrances launched in the market these days.
Trail or diffusion: It leaves miles of a scented trail after you. That is why sparkling personalities will love it.
And you will find it in my beloved site Essenza Nobile. Click here to get more details, such as price, shipments etc...
Also click here to find your jewish kinky princess.
LOL, Kidding!!!!!!!!!!


Sjörn said...

Awesome article! I love it. I like how you close the curve between the scent, jewish girls and a wedding cake (especially since we talked about some fragments before).

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

yeap! it had to do with that...

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